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  1. Hi, I'm not sure if anybody is still reading this thread... Last year I had built 8 shamrocks; I bought 3/16" steel rods and bent/welded them together. I wrapped lights around them and stuck the ends of the rods into the ground. My display worked fine last year, never a tripping problem. I have a 6 ga line running to a subpanel; 2 15amp breakers leading to two GFCI outlets; the controller (I only have one so far) has the two power cords split between each GFCI. So when I went to turn my display on tonight for the first time, the GFCI immediately tripped. Plugged/unplugged lights, and it seems when I read 4 shamrocks (I have 4 on each 'side' of the controller) the controller trips. After finding/reading this thread, I'm thinking I need to a) get the child safety plugs for each string of lights figure out a way to isolate the metal-framed shamrocks. Maybe pound 1/2" pvc into the ground, and put the shamrocks into those. Does this sound to all like I'm on the right track? Thanks for any help.
  2. Thanks Paul. The reason you gave on your website, for your son, is hands-down the best reason I've heard for putting up a light show.
  3. You're correct DaleJ, 16 channels. Hopefully I'll have 32 by Halloween and Christmas.
  4. The link is posted in this thread: http://lightorama.mywowbb.com/forum82/26079.html Definitely an amateur effort, but I'm happy for my first time.
  5. Okay, so it's not a Christmas display, but I just bought my first controller in January and decided to do a St. Patricks Day show. Video isn't the best; I'm still playing around with it, but here's my first one.
  6. Thank you Brad and Surfing4Dough... Surfing, I'll definitely try reshooting tonight, especially the autofocus!
  7. Hello all. I'm sorry if this is a repeat question; I've searched the forums but have not found the info I was looking for. I purchased my first 16 channel controller in January and immediately decided I was going to do a St. Patricks Day show. It's a small show; only about 5k lights and 16 channels (hopefully this will be increased for Halloween and Christmas), but I wanted to get a video of it. (The songs I sequenced were Cmon Eileen, Wild Rover, Rocky Road to Dublin, and The Minstrel Boy). Definitely an amateur's result, but hey... practice makes perfect I set up a Sony HDR-XR100 on a tripod and took the video of one of my songs. Then, using AVS, I combined the song and the audio. My problem, however, is that portions of my video are out of focus; apparently the XR100 loses focus during portions of the sequence when most of the lights are out, so when the lights come back on the video is blurry for 3-4 seconds. The quality also doesn't seem anywhere near what I've seen on some of the forums here. So... short of buying a new camcorder (I'd rather save my money for lights and controllers ;-), does anybody have any good tips on how to take good quality videos of their shows? I'd appreciate any advice I can get. Thanks in advance. Dale
  8. Lester Stone wrote: trust me the adding more channels happens quite a bit. 80 channels for first year, 80 more this year.. yeah, I can believe that. I've started planning for a St. Patrick's Day show; I'm already thinking "well, if I had 32 channels instead of 16..."
  9. Don wrote: Nope. Not a stupid question at all. You are correct. (You can even build multiple shows and schedule them at different times in the scheduler.) Great, thanks for the info.
  10. Don wrote: Don... a possibly-stupid question: We build sequences (animation-only or music+animation) in the sequencer, then combine sequences into a 'show', then run the show via scheduler... correct?
  11. One other thing... I bought the basic plus software (extra $18); cause I plan on adding more channels in the future.
  12. Sorry, I should've noted... you need to by the LOR software also. this package http://store.lightorama.com/spk800.html should give you the software and adapter you need. The only thing you may need to add is a longer Cat5 cable (depending on the distance between the computer and the LOR controller). But please... someone else correct me if I'm wrong ;-)
  13. Michael Mcdowell wrote: Michael, I'm another newbie (so take my thoughts with a grain of salt), but I ordered this yesterday: http://store.lightorama.com/ctascpa.html No soldering, seems pretty reasonable in price, and from my investigation, and what others have said on here, it's going to do what I want... and it sounds like it'll meet your needs also... hook it up to a computer, load some sequences on the computer (via the LOR software) and you're off and running.
  14. And.... It's ordered (I ordered the DIY PC-CTB16PC-COMPLETE). Now if you'll excuse me, I going to stand out by the mailbox, waiting impatiently for my LOR to get here ;-)
  15. Hello all, Setting my xmas display to music is something I've wanted to do for a long time, and I've finally made the decision to implement it. Looking through the LOR site, I see two possible avenues to take... the Showtime 16ch starter package (ST-SP-16) for $377 or the PC-CTB16PC-COMPLETE and the Basic-Plus software for $267. So what's the difference between the two packages? From what I can tell, the only thing I have to do is put together the strain relief and plug the wires in... Is that the only difference? Thanks for the help, and I'm excited to finally be a part of the LOR culture
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