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  1. I seem to be having issues getting the visualizer to start using Windows 10. S4 3.18
  2. nope, that wasn't checked. I uninstalled and reinstalled the program. Seems to have worked. So weird, that's never happened before. Especially, since nothing had changed.
  3. Hi everyone, This is the first and only issue that I'm having this year. My show is running on my show computer, which has been turned off since the last show from last year. I turned it on, loaded my sequences, added a show, and they are playing randomly. I did not turn on this function. nHonestly, I didn't know it even existed. How do I turned this off, so the show will run in the order I choose when I created the show using the simple show builder?
  4. David Rise

    RGB Nodes

    I am using similiar nodes for my window frames, using the LOR DC24 controller. They work great. The ones I bought are 12v and resin filled where the wires go in.
  5. Me too please. somthinsup@yahoo.com Thanks so much in advance
  6. I've been hearing a few folks talking about the lights are lagging behind the music. I did notice some lag issues last year towards the end of the season. Didn't really think about it much. Just rebooted my pc and kept on going. This year, I'm up to 10 pc controllers, a 24 channel DC controller, and 4 CCR's. Just wondering, if I should divide them up and put them on separate networks?
  7. Absolutely. The DIY stuff is getting much easier.
  8. Ok, after some playing around. I found my problem. Use the CMB16D, then change the channels to RGB. My problem was that I connected my plug to channels 10,11, 12 and I was programming 1, 2, and 3....DOH! Homer Simpson moment. I was looking at the wrong numbers on the board. Can't wait to get the rest of my ribbons in.
  9. So just treat it like a regular controller and change the channels to RGB? Interesting. I'll give it a try. Thanks
  10. I got my controller, configured it and successfully tested using HU. I made a test sequence, but I don't see anywhere in the sequence editor an option for this card, all I see is the CMB16. Am I missing something?
  11. David Rise

    Length of show

    My show is about an hour. Most of my visitors only stay for one or two songs, then they're off to see other lights. But we have a local website that shows a map of all the decent light shows in the whole county. So folks drive from one show to the next trying to see them all in one night. I do have people return on different nights to see other songs.
  12. I was totally confused at first. I couldn't figure out a way to make a mini tree easy to collapse or why you would want to take something as simple as a tomato cage and make it so difficult. The pictures of it all put together, it all makes sense now. I don't use those type of trees in my display. But this looks like a good alternative to the standard stick tree.
  13. I had an unusually high failure rate this past season with the Blue and Green strings. Most of my LED's are 2yrs old now. All pro grade. I bought the LED light keeper pro and fixed them all. I think it was Earle that said that lowering the power on the controller to 80% worked for him. I've set all of mine now, so hopefully I won't have as many failures this year. We'll see. But definitely buy the LED light keeper. It works like a champ. Sacrificed one string of blue and one of green, but well worth it.
  14. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Florida-Planet-Christmas/233759653343533
  15. Where in Central Florida are you? There's a mini (get together) coming in March. Can't find the link right now
  16. Haven't had any issues with my Gen 3 boards (knock on wood). 3 of my Gen2 boards have/had triac issues. No biggie. i bought extra triacs and can replace them easily enough. I'm slowly replacing my Gen2 boards anyhow. Can't say enough good things about the Gen3 boards. not sure what more improvements can be made. At least not for the average user.
  17. 86% is the lowest setting on the controller.
  18. Anyone ever come up with a solution to this? I also tried to set the max intensity on the controller to 86%. Once i set it, press update. But when i go back in to look, it shows 100% again. I tried this on both Gen2 and Gen3 controllers, 9 controllers in all. It doesn't take on any of them, even though it says accepted. Is this a glitch in the HU that needs to be fixed? i don't understand why that function is there, if it doesn't work. BTW... I used google search to find this, because the forum search couldn't find anything.
  19. It probably wouldn't be appropriate to post a link. So I'll just name a couple and hope that it's ok. WLC Ventures DIY LED Express
  20. Like Jim, Mine were from the top vendors that come highly recommended. Not the vendors fault, but too much of a coincidence that it's just the blue and green.
  21. I know Denise Brunner mentioned that she had a bunch of her blue LEDs go out as well. I see 3 of us now that have had issues with the blue and now green strings. I think that there's something to this. I hope that anyone else having issues with their LEDs will chime in. I've purchased lights from the big 4, so it's not a company issue. But I hear that they all get their lights from the same manufacturer. That really doesn't surprise me, since my wife works in retail, I think most folks would be surprised to know that most of their brand name items are made by the same manufacturer and then they put whose ever logo on the product. I purchased all new M5 LEDs 2 years ago (RGBW). 1st year, I only had one green string go out. This past season, I had 15 strings go out on me. I'd say probably 10 green and 5 blue. Since they are all pro grade, I am pretty disappointed that they didn't even through 2 seasons of use. Don't get me wrong, I love my LED strings. Very bright and no fading issues like the incans. I just think for the money that I spend to get the pro grade, they should last longer than 2 seasons. The good news is that I purchased the LED light keeper and have repaired all of them. I sacraficed one blue and one green string and used the bulbs to fix the other strings. For $24, it has paid for itself and then some. I strongly suggest if you do not have the LED light keeper, to make the purchase, and repair them. Simple and easy to use. Find the bad bulb, cut it out, and replace it with one that works. Thanks to that little tool, I only purchase a few individual strings this year and those will be used to make more super strings for spares. My red and white strings, as well as, all of my icicle lights have not had any issues.
  22. The fireworks were friggin INCREDIBLE! Great job!
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