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  1. Hi I've got a customer who sent me a number of CTB32LD boards for repair. These appear to me that they've gone out with 110V spec resistors for the input voltage optocouplers. The resistors in question are R75 and R76 for left channels and R78 and R79 for the right channel. The 2 boards both have 15k resistors installed and both the SMD and the axial resistors have got hot to the point of damaging the boards and in 1 case falling off the board. Can anyone give me the correct value that should be used for 240V spec boards
  2. Hi dibblejr I created a number of these to put onto a P10 matrix. As I couldn't work out how to import or export lms files from/to xlights so that I could put them on my matrix I didn't end up using them. With xlights you could create a single voice singing sequence in about an hour. I'm not entirely happy with the lipsync that I ended up with but as my singing face was 4 years into progress I am happy enough. Toy sack is the only song where I used 2 "voices" and I just swapped images. I can share the xlights lyrics/timing tracks if anyone is interested in the roughies I created and knows how to get from that back to LOR.
  3. Thanks Bill I will let you know if I have any luck with any of the others.
  4. Hi I am working on doing some tree faces this year and was hoping that if anyone has any of the following songs done with trees/faces that they could share them with me. Some of the songs I'm only after 1 face but for a couple I might have to do 3. Email is hanselec&gmail.com . Just replace the & with @ Thanks in advance. Alan Police Stop My Car - Bob Rivers Decorations - Bob Rivers Toy Sack - Bob Rivers Wreck The Malls - Bob Rivers Penguin James Penguin - Brad Paisley Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree - Alvin and the Chipmunks The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late) - Chipmunks Santa Claus Lane - Hilary Duff Jingle Bell Rock - Hilary Duff Snoopy and the Red Baron Christmas Dominick The Donkey - Lou Monte
  5. I'm wondering if perhaps what you've said below is the problem. From what I've read it sounds like you have both the usb dongle and e1.31 output set as universe 1. Techinically there's probably nothing really wrong with having a dongle and a e1.31 dmx output both assigned to the 1 universe but I'd be betting that LOR doesn't like it.
  6. Shell is a legend. I got 1 of the things that I wanted for Christmas. I finally got information that LOR wouldn't have a new release this year. I was really hoping for some good news but a reply, finally, is at least a reply and I now know that I will continue to slog away with what I've got with the anticipation of some more LOR goodness in the New Year. Thanks to all who are developing the new update and hoping to see it soon.
  7. I convertered my channel list to an xls file so I could spreadsheet everything. I think I printed to a pdf using cutepdf and then did a bit of processing to get from the pdf to a comma separated values (CSV) format that Excel would import. Once I had it in Excel I can print out whatever bits I need.
  8. I'd be looking to make sure that you don't have lor channels assigned and no adaptor and the same with dmx channels. As a quick check save a channel template from a good sequence and import it into the problem 1 (after making sure it's saved elsewhere) and see if that resolves the problem.
  9. Is it ironic that the last words of Dans post some 3 months ago during his last "every Friday" "Light O Rama Software Development Updates" topic were "I am looking forward to the new software we will see coming from our development team: Bob, Mike, Brian and Matt !"
  10. I missed the 1 month anniversary of this topic It's coming up on the 3 month anniversary since anyone related to LOR posted info on what is happening so maybe that will be a significant time. I was so looking forward to the updates every Friday so imagine my disappointment in missing the last 10(?) Fridays. I must just get so engrossed in work that I must just miss them.
  11. Almost 2 months since the last LOR announcement, and that was just for the sale, and several weeks into this thread and still not a boo with regards to when/if we will see anything at all this year.
  12. All the other tools that I have seen work on the xml files that LOR uses or the clipboard files. Any development that you're willing to do would be great and as it seems we are never going to hear what is happening with Dans weekly updates. I keep living in hope and checking back here every day or so. LOR has been historically so much easier to use than LSP, HLS or Vixen but it seems that this year LOR is determined to drive people away through completely ignoring the fact that within a month most people will either be fully sequenced or will be so entrenched in sequencing that they won't want to risk having a crash and burn that close to Christmas. I am completely and utterly disgusted that not 1 person form the ranks of LOR has deigned to let the rank and file LOR users know what is going on.
  13. None of the forum, developer or beta gurus know enough to share or has there been a gag order so those who to know about an upgrade are left in the dark. I really hate some of the stuff that Vixen 3 does but unless LOR comes to the party in the next couple of weeks I'll have to drop it after about 8 years
  14. I've searched to forum briefly for an answer and have popped back quite regularly to check on Dan's regular (sic) updates on http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/31584-light-o-rama-software-development-updates/ . With the prospect of regular updates from Dan and the news that Matt Brown of xlights fame is on the job I've held off from sequencing the extra few thousand channels I've added this year or from jumping ship to LSP or Vixen 3. I'm likely to use my copy of LSP just after I have both my eyes poked out and have my fingers removed. Vixen however looked like it had come a long way from it's earlier horrendousness when I saw it demoed a few months ago. Whilst I have been procrastinating over the last few days I have had a play with Vixen 3. Some of the stuff it does it brilliant. A whole hell of a lot I think "why couldn't that be done as easy as lor". Anyway to the crux of the question which I expect will be dodged by the people could actually answer it. Is LOR coming out with an upgrade to S3 anytime real soon and if so how soon? I really don't want to change the most important part of my ACL signature file.
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