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  1. I own SS 24 CCR and am at the point I don't use it at all anymore. You don't always get what you pay for. I can tell you have never tried NC to make a funny post like this. Try it and see for yourself- It won't take hours.
  2. All of mine just unscrewed where the clear part met the base. They used a small amount of silicone glue.
  3. George- the cheap capacitors used in the strobes don't charge as quick when they get older causing them to flash slower. I have also taken a few of my broken strobes apart and found the solder traces either pull off the board or they have cold solder joints- I have been able to fix about half of my broken units. I can take pictures of what I am talking about if you want. Most of my strobes are from WOW Lights or CDI and look identical to each other. -Logan
  4. Looks great! How heavy is it? Is this going on the house?
  5. Many of the Epson projectors can be set to power on when plugged in and don't have a cool down time. Worked great for me on a basic light timer last year.
  6. Maybe they are going to announce it with the next iPhone.
  7. I failed English and studied Pig Latin instead.
  8. I have the same laser. Arrived 2 1/2 weeks after I ordered it. Not bad for the price.
  9. I have my LOR system up and running again- I doubt it was a malware infection- This system has not been on the network for months now and I have not been connecting external media. Thanks for the help. Hey William- Hope you are doing well! -Logan
  10. Thanks for the help- I am restoring my hard drive to Jan 5th- Who knows what happened.
  11. The application will not open- Error comes up and no other window opens.
  12. I am using Avast AV. I have now tried removing it rebooting and tested again- same error.
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