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  1. One question-will it be 64bit?
  2. BrownOut

    Super star Lic.

    I own SS 24 CCR and am at the point I don't use it at all anymore. You don't always get what you pay for. I can tell you have never tried NC to make a funny post like this. Try it and see for yourself- It won't take hours.
  3. BrownOut

    Memory leak issues and crashes

    Ditto! -Logan
  4. Why not use a video projector? Have you had any pixel failures?
  5. BrownOut

    Thwacking your strobes

    All of mine just unscrewed where the clear part met the base. They used a small amount of silicone glue.
  6. BrownOut

    Thwacking your strobes

    George- the cheap capacitors used in the strobes don't charge as quick when they get older causing them to flash slower. I have also taken a few of my broken strobes apart and found the solder traces either pull off the board or they have cold solder joints- I have been able to fix about half of my broken units. I can take pictures of what I am talking about if you want. Most of my strobes are from WOW Lights or CDI and look identical to each other. -Logan
  7. BrownOut

    My 2012 Super Star

    Looks great! How heavy is it? Is this going on the house?
  8. BrownOut

    using a Video projector with LOR software

    Many of the Epson projectors can be set to power on when plugged in and don't have a cool down time. Worked great for me on a basic light timer last year.
  9. Maybe they are going to announce it with the next iPhone.
  10. BrownOut

    E1.31 game time

    I failed English and studied Pig Latin instead.
  11. BrownOut

    Cheap Laser

    I have the same laser. Arrived 2 1/2 weeks after I ordered it. Not bad for the price.
  12. I have my LOR system up and running again- I doubt it was a malware infection- This system has not been on the network for months now and I have not been connecting external media. Thanks for the help. Hey William- Hope you are doing well! -Logan
  13. Thanks for the help- I am restoring my hard drive to Jan 5th- Who knows what happened.
  14. The application will not open- Error comes up and no other window opens.
  15. I am using Avast AV. I have now tried removing it rebooting and tested again- same error.