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  1. In SuperStar Sequencer, under Tools is the Macro option - Bob mentioned that it doesn't use Macros - is that option just in there for future use? I want to make sure I'm not missing anything. Thanks!
  2. If anyone would like to share any of their CCR sequences, I would be extremely grateful! This is my first year and everything has snuck up on me. I have 4 CCRs. Was planning on using 2 ribbons for 4 arches and then have 2 going vertically up the front of our house.
  3. Thanks for all the input - for those SkyCraft buyers - can you get the cord in green? I don't see it on the site but you guys surely know more than I. I realize CDI uses SPT-3 (which I believe is SPT-1 + UV protection) but $145/160 vs $100 seems like a HUGE difference. with shipping comparison - I put in 90210 zip code (which is NOT mine) SC: 1000ft SPT-1 (white) = $100 + $29 = $129 CDI: 1000ft SPT-3 (green) sale = $145 +$26.79 = $172 or CDI: 1000ft SPT-3 (green) no-sale = $160 + $26.79 = $187 so $50-65 difference Yes I realize you are all capable of adding but just thought I would include my calculations on the page :-)
  4. shfr26 wrote: I like the idea of less channels but I'm a little confused. If you are only using 14 channels, are you only able to control the "sets" rather than individual arches? Meaning, I assume you can't control all 5 arches separately. (assuming the missing arch is labeled E), you can control A/B/E and C/D but not just B and D. Jeez that might be more confusing ....
  5. As I started to construct my DIY LED arches I began to wonder if this was the best bang for the buck. Wanted to get everyone's thoughts on this.... For this example, I'm going to use: $3.50 (on sale) 70 strand LED lights $205 controller (some assembly required) 15ft Arch 8 channels (from controller) 140 lights (2 strands) per channel (so ... 16 strands total) PVC pipe and pieces and a little zip cord to make it nice - ~$10 LED lights that were on sale - $3.50 x 16 = $56 Using 1/2 the channels of a 16 channel controller $13/channel = $104 Not counting labor we are at $170 and that is for one color. If we switch to something like blue and white, it almost doubles the price. $205 + $108 + $10 = $324 CCR = $250 + 3 channels ($38.40) + 15ft PVC to attach to $10 = $298 To summarize: Single Color Arch = $170 Dual Color Arch = $324 CCR Arch (lots of colors) = $298 When going with a dual color arch, would I be better off with a Cosmic Color Ribbon? If I look back at sales prices - I see the $205 controller "could" be $180 and the CCR $200. At that point, the CCR seems even better of a deal. *** the big kicker is we are now comparing 1,150 leds vs. 150 (but I don't know how "bright" the CCRs are) - this may be where the HUGE difference is. Are my assumptions flawed? Thoughts from the experts ... Thanks!!!
  6. All - I'm getting started in this venture and need to get some SPT cord to start building my arches. I've seen a lot of posts - from someone getting a steal at HD for $15 for 250 feet (which I know is SUPER cheap and not the norm) to others getting it for $100/1000 BUT - as I look around, I'm not finding anything remotely close to these prices. CDI's pre-order-sale price is $145 + shipping - which doesn't seem like a deal at all (at least to me) A couple questions (I have not been to HD/Lowes yet but going today) 1. Are you guys using only green cord (I realize its a preference but just curious)? 2. What is a reasonable price to pay (including shipping)? 3. Is SPT and zip cord the same thing? Thanks All!!
  7. I'm a newbie and have been to CDI's website 50 times but not until this thread did I realize they are in KS (10 minutes from me)!! Anyway, anyone know of any valid codes? of course - now its shipping vs. tax
  8. Jim - thanks for taking the time to respond to my question/assumption and again for going the extra mile of posting a picture of your 4 board unit. I've got to purchase at least 1 controller to play with all these lights (I'm too excited not too) but I will then take the advise to wait for the sales! Does the software go on sale or should i just get that now? Thanks again.
  9. This has been a great thread for a newbie like myself as well. Question to those in the "know" If you purchase the kit to solder yourself, you then need to purchase the enclosure, heat sync, supply and output cordsets (or maybe get them somewhere else at a price that is somewhat comparable?). When that is all said and done - I'm at $204 vs purchasing the no solder option for $205.95. Is this a correct assumption? (I know it was mentioned of putting 4 controllers in one unit which I can see the $ saving) Making sure I'm on the right track. I'm all for saving money just trying to figure out how to actually save it :-) FYI- Jim - thanks for the pdf file link!!
  10. Monoprice is AWESOME for network cables. I second that last comment. 0 channels - crap load of lights and extension cords - 2 excited daughters - 1 supportive wife (until she sees the receipts) - 1 Full House FM Transmitter that smoked after plugging in for the first time
  11. jimswinder wrote: First of all, a big thank you as you just saved me at least $150 but wanted to find out .... Are you suggesting to purchase the $205 kit (where you just put things together - ie. no solder) or the $179 (where you have to solder)? I can't find any instructions but the $179 kit looks like it has 100 pieces or more. I don't mind a few solder points but the picture looks like I'd be building from scratch. I have 0 channels so after reading your comment, I was going to purchase 3 of the $205 PC versions and the "Advanced" software package. Thanks in advance, Randy
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