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  1. I have changed the color of the fire effect with the Hue adjustment.
  2. I had the same issue with Show files in Widows 7. I went 5.3.8 so So I reinstalled 5,2,x and ran my Halloween program just fine. after i read the bug fix for that issue in 5.3.10 I updated. I just set up a show and ran Show on Demand. The first song took 6 minutes to start playing then a 10 minute pause before the second son played.. I have been waiting now 20 minutes a still no 3rd song yet. I only put 5 songs in the show to test it. I wish they would give you the option of creating the show yourself like early 5.2.x versions or you can let the software do it on the fly like 5,3, x (oh wait it just came on song 3 came on at 25 minutes after number 2 ended.) Not Acceptable. My next fix is going to be upgrading my show computer to windows 10, well as I am typing the 4th song came right on with just a few seconds delay between. I'm going to keep it running through for 2 or 3 times and see what happens. This is so stupid. This close to show time and still chasing software bugs. and after well over a year with S5 being out,
  3. Now that's funny. Lights to scary. I have one word for this lady. BUTTHEAD.
  4. I have a little different angle here. It might not be popular but here it is........ Let the Kid go. I'm going to have to side with the kids here. If we expect to have what appears to kids to be a large carnival going on in our yards then we better be prepare to have kids (and some times parents) wanting to investigate the caravel. I think for kids it is like a Moth to a candle. At some point we have to remember that Halloween is for the Kids. Not for us. Of course if the kids are using Thor's hammer on the display I would hope the parents would restrain the kid. My suggestion is to Thor Proof the display by securing the props and cables. If a kid wonders off into my yard I don't worry because my props and lights are secure and not going to get damaged. I make sure all fragile props are not out on Halloween night. This lady was a little rude and That's unfortunate but at some point we have to remember This Is Halloween... it's for the Kids. If we're afraid someone will destroy all or part of our Halloween display then maybe we need to down size the props just on Halloween night. I have never had a single issue in my 10 years of doing a Halloween display including fire pits and fog machines. And have Kids cut through the prop filled yard all the time. Kids will be kids and they love a carn-evil. and Parents will be Buttheads sometimes. God bless all. Now lets get to setting up for Christmas and Remember this is for fun.
  5. Hello friends. I was just wondering if there are RGB LED lights (CCP, CCB, CCC etc.) that are manufactured in the USA? If so, who are they. Thanks..
  6. I was using windows 7 with 5.3.6 and never could get the Show On Demand to create the playback files. I switched back to 5.2.4 and problem solved. I too will upgrade again as soon ass this issue is corrected.
  7. Sam. Just wondering, what version of Windows are you using?
  8. It is really simple in S5. Create a new preview then download the prop from the Add Item menu by clicking on the Boyosco props. select your snowflake and create a preview that's it.
  9. Thanks Phil I tried that and still didn't work. I still got errors. I did read another post that you were in that help. I am running Windows 7 on my show computer in the garage. This seems to be a problem for 5.3.6 so I unloaded it and went back to 5.2.4 Problem solved. I just had to convert the new S5 sequences to playback files. I had 12 songs and that took all of 15 minutes. I think being in control of the converting process is more user friendly then waiting 2 hours for the the show on demand to finish. that's just my thought. any ways happy Halloween.
  10. Well it seems the log really means nothing. I used the Verifier to figure out that the .lms file is not loading. Because there is no .lms file. I went into my file explorer and noticed that all my .lms files from 2018 are still there but all the new one saved for this years show using S5 are no where to be found. I guess when I save the newly created sequence in S5 it saves as an .loredit file. I tried to load the .loredit file into the verifier and it did not see these files in the folder I have them. How do I get the .loredit files converted to .lms files in less then 3 hours?
  11. I am using the latest S5 version and and none of my show files play back my musical sequences. According to the log they all loaded but no playback. All sequences play back perfect when I use the sequence editor to control my lights. I set up a one song show file to test with and nothing the log says everything is loading. the choices for disabling the show are highlighted so light O Rama player is recognizing that the show file loaded but nothing to the lights and sound. Maybe one of you out there can help. Here is the last log after loading the one song test show. log.bmp
  12. wMatt Thanks Matt it worked but I still like the old S4 way of being able to access multi level folders straight from the clipboard loading menu..
  13. Matt So what you are saying is there's no way to use sub folders in the clipboard folder. I like using sub folders for organizing my saved clipboards. I have a large number of them. in S4 all my saved clipboards were sorted in sub folders that are in the clipboard folder. I had no problem finding them in the S4 version. I have a lot duplicate clipboard file names in each folder so I guess I will need to rename all these files and move them to the root clipboard folder. This feature is a step backwards in my opinion and the ability to use folders in the clipboard manager is kinda lacking, Thanks Matt I'll try this.
  14. I did this and I got a dialog box titled Clipboard Management. No where in this Box is there a load clipboard option. the options are : ADD NEW, RENAME, DELETE, LOCK AND UNLOCK. There is no choice for load clip
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