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  1. Box on Rails

    Singing trees

    I use CMB 24 for 6 mouth positions and 144 pixels on the outline and eyes. This gives me the opportunity to use effects on the outline. in addition the pixels on the eyes let me do 3 position of Eyes open, eyes closed and evil eyes. Here is a video showing the way I use this set up. I have changed the eye open pixels just a bit to look better but this gives you the Idea of what smart and dumb pixels can do together.
  2. Box on Rails

    200 Pixel Palm Tree

    I just finished a test run of my conversion from rope lights to pixels on my 7 foot tall palm trees. I have 2 of these I have been using for the past 6 years and both had sections were the rope lights went bad. Since I have been converting all my props to RGB, this was the next indicated step. I think it came out well. what do you all think?
  3. Box on Rails

    Singing Face design

    I tried the RGb strips on the wire frames and was not happy with all the bends and kinks so I got a Coro tree. I used smart RGB pixels for the outline and Eyes and Dumb pixels for the mouth movements. I like the smart pixels for the outline because I use it for some good effects. Also the smart pixels for the eyes allows me to make the tree go from happy to sad to angry with just a few tweaks. here is a test run from 2016 Christmas. This might help you see some of the possibilities you can implement.
  4. Box on Rails

    Vocal vs. Instrumental?

    Don hit the nail on the head. It's all about time and Timing no matter what parts of a song has a prop associated with it. Before I added singing elements to my show, I always had at least one prop that loosely followed the vocal line. George your poles are perfect for adding the vocal effect. I love it. I would ask one question to myself. How much work do I want to put into the sequence? Getting vocals in good timing takes a bit of work because vocals some time are free flowing and don't have a strict timing. In SE this leads to a lot of added work. That's where the tap wizard comes in handy.
  5. Box on Rails

    Papagayo issues. BobO help

    I Yes that is true but after the phrase disappears I can hit the breakdown button and it comes back. the real problem is It won't let me stretch or move any of the phrases to line them up. I can still stretch the word blocks. Ihave another computer I will load the program onto later today and see what happens. more to come.
  6. Box on Rails

    Papagayo issues. BobO help

    I am having issues with the Papagayo program. When I try to drag a phrase by clicking and holding the left mouse button the phrase gets erased as soon as I move the mouse to drag it. anyone else had this happen? BobO what do you think????
  7. Box on Rails

    Small singing faces

    My little faces are on the ground under my arches. check it out. the video is not good but you can get the Idea of the fit in the show. They are attached to re-bar on each side. The re-bar is hammered into the ground. I do not have them framed with anything. just the coro zip tied to the rebar.
  8. Box on Rails

    Singing Faces HELP

    I use Incandescent rope lights for my singing pumpkins and they look great at 110 volts. in this video there is 3 pumkin faces with rope lights and i evil coro tree with incandescent mini lights.
  9. Box on Rails

    So Cal Mini Get together

    I might be able to make it on the 21st.
  10. Box on Rails

    Singing Faces using smart pixels

    I tried it and was not happy with the end result. When you widen out the mini holes to fit the pixels they run into each other and the coro loses stability and sages a bit. So to make it work you need to skip every other hole or skip 2 holes depending on what mouth part you are changing. They didn't look good to me.... I got fed up and just bought a pixel tree. The pixel tree comes with 2 pieces of coro for stability and with the weight of the pixels that works fine. there is a big difference between the pixel tree and the mini light tree.
  11. Box on Rails

    Questions about Pixie 16

    No Problem. Thanks again for the Info.
  12. Box on Rails

    Questions about Pixie 16

    I knew that but I'm not getting the Pixicon I'm looking at the Pixie 16 http://store.lightorama.com/pismpico2.html It appears that the basic software and one network will run the controller but I was hoping someone who has used this had some solid info on it.
  13. Box on Rails

    Questions about Pixie 16

    I knew that but I'm not getting the Pixicon I'm looking at the Pixie 16 http://store.lightorama.com/pismpico2.html It appears that the basic software and one network will run the controller but I was hoping someone who has used this had some solid info on it.
  14. Box on Rails

    Questions about Pixie 16

    Mr. P, Thank you sir. From my experience with Visualizer's CCP/CCB/CCR simulation only allows for 50 pixels per unit ID so I will probably keep each unit to 50 or less and forgo the Power inject. 16 units at 50 pixels will give me 800 pixels and I do have the advanced license. Will one USB485B adapter be sufficient to run the network for the 800 channels?
  15. Box on Rails

    Questions about Pixie 16

    Hi friends. I am looking at getting the Pixie 16 and based on what I have read, it can control a total of 1600 pixels. 100 per channel. what I want to do is convert my vertical dumb strips on my house to smart pixels for better effects and I have 750 dumb pixels to convert. Question 1, Will the Pixie 16 control 1600 Pixels? Question 2, If yes to Q1 will I need to use multiple networks to control all 4800 channels? Question 3, If I run each unit at 100 pixels will I be able to create a 100 pixel string in the Visualizer or will I have to start using the Pixel editor? I have been doing all my house effects with CCP strings going horizontal and dumb strings running Vertical which makes for great left and right chases. now I want to be able to make up and down effects in addition to left and right. I have been using Visualizer for so long I have been hesitant to dive into the Pixel editor but I have a feeling with the purchase of the Pixie 16 There will be no choice. Correct me if I'm wrong but I have a feeling that with the addition of the Pixie 16 the house now being all smart pixels will become a Matrix? Thanks for the help.