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  1. Vince I sent you the whole shebang. I thought it was going to Greg but I picked up your email from his quoting you. If you can use it great. enjoy.
  2. It is a custom prop. I can send you the Prop file. and I can send you a preview with just that prop. The eyes are a little tricky to work because each node is a smart node so when the eyes are open normal the nodes that make the angry eyes are off and when they blink a large portion are not on. what I could do is send you the Scary Christmas sequence with just the singing tree preview, then you could look at it in S5. The Physical Prop is a Holidaycoro RGB pixel tree. I run the mouth channels with a CMB24 and the outline of the tree uses a CCP I. I only use 96 pixels for the outline. the eyes are a little more tricky. I use a CCP 1 but only one string. each eye uses 48 nodes for a total of 96 for both eyes. I do all my own lip syncing using Papagayu so there are no generic sequences out there for this prop. I'll send the file to your email now. Kenny Jure My email Is kwjure@gmail.com
  3. let's try this one. this shows the happy tree and Angry tree. I can also make it blink or wink.
  4. I made a pixel singing tree that uses 6 mouth positions and smart pixels for the eyes and outline. Here is a short video I hope will play showing some of the effects I can do. This was the test I did with S5.
  5. No not newer. I guess I haven't updated my profile oops. I have 5,3,14
  6. No doubt you have found a big bug and the LOR people will fix it. I had a bug develop in the early version of S5 in Windows 7 just before I started running my Halloween show in 2019. I was in panic mode. LOR seem to take forever to find a work around or a fix so I went back to S4 for Halloween. The show went off without a hitch in S4. Soon after the show started they released 5.3.14 that had the fix. S5 ran my 2019 Christmas show with no issues in Windows 7. I was very frustrated as you are. Take a break. The LOR people got this. This bug is a big one and will get fixed soon. I know. I know. Yesterday was not soon enough. 😉
  7. I don't think you understand how the copy and paste feature works. When you select copy in the drop down menu it places all the selected data in the clipboard. by default the std clipboard.LCB, the extension .LCB is the standard LOR clipboard extension use byall versions of SE. when you use the paste feature in the dropdown menu you are pasting the data that is in the std clipboard.LCB file to the sequence. This is why we keep referencing the clipboard.Every time you cut and paste or copy and paste you are using the clipboard.
  8. yes the std clipboard is the file that copy/paste feature uses. I think your issue might have to do with the attempt to retrieve old data is S5 with CTL Z. I know when S5 first came out it had some Clipboard issues and the ability to Contrl Z Might be one that has not been fixed yet. I have never used the Ctl Z feature so it is not a problem for me. Hope the LOR people are reading this thread.
  9. are you saving the flipped data from BobO's flipper as a new file or are you overwriting the Std clipboard?
  10. Are you locking the clipboards you have saved. The Std Clipboard.lcb is Your default clipboard. it should not be locked. If you do not lock your saved clipboards they can be overwritten by mistake very easy. When this happens all previously saved data in that clipboard file is lost and over written by the copy feature. make sure you use the copy and paste feature with the Std Cliboard. and lock all other specialty clipboards. You may of overloaded the std clipboard so yes try deleting it and S5 should create a new one. that might fix your problem.
  11. Hi Eric I tried to duplicate what you are describing and had no success in the R.G.B. channel level in S5 but I was able to duplicate the effect you mentioned using the Motion effect feature in S5. and I must say this effect is quite awesome for eye effects... I used 2 motion effects Channels assigned to the Prop fixture that controls the eyes. On my eye fixture I use 20 smart pixels per eye. 40 total pixels are controlled by the 2 motion effects channels. effect 1 is set to a color wash effect of solid red. Effect channel 2 is set to the standard white shimmer. this produces the same effect you describe above. I guess this does not solve your issue but is a back up plan if the old way of creating the effect is lost. one positive thing about using motion effects is you can stack as many effects on top of each other as you want. there is no limit to the number of effects channels us use. hope this helps a little.
  12. Thanks Alan. I have done this since I recorded the video. I watched it after I posted it and thought maybe I should name the Motion effects channels the same name used by Papagayo.
  13. I understand what you are asking now. I was thinking about doing the same thing with one of my CMB24 to make 2 faces with pixels from the one I am using now. Papagayo to LOR from BobO is what I am using. You should not need 2 computers. The Papagyo to LOR works fine in creating clipboards that work in S5.
  14. I forgot..... That version of Papagayo you are using does work with S5. That's the version I use.
  15. Ok so Papagayo to LOR has a selection for dumb RGB lights. Just save the created clipboards using the RGB selection to the main LOR Clipboard folder. Or do as I did and create a sub folder in the Clipboard folder with the songs name on it. then when I want to import a copy to the main folder I don't have to worry about overriding it by mistake. . After you set up the singing RGB prop in S5 change the default clipboard file to the clipboard file you wish to import to the song. if you have multiple clipboards saved for one song then you will have to change the default clipboard every time you need the new section of the song. also remember to lock your saved Papagayo clipboards in S5 or you might over ride it by mistake. I have used Papagayo to sequence 40 animated pictures using the Picture motion effect. I also have a 6 mouth position dumb RGB face that I used Papagayo and Papagayo to LOR on. If you already have S4 sequences that you want to convert to S5 just load them in to the S5 sequencer and start working with S5. I have done Mouth sequences both Manually and with Papagayo and for me Papagayo is way easier. especially when doing a Matrix. here is a video I did on how I found a way to use pictures to animation using Papayo to LOR and thje S5 Picture Motion effect.
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