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  1. I have a drum set that was given to me from a friend and I was thinking of using a couple of the individual drums as RGB props. If anyone has done this or has pictures of a real drum made up in Christmas lights could you please post some pictures. Thanks.
  2. Along with changing to all smart Pixels this year, I built two, 200 channel Pixel palm trees and they were a hit.
  3. Thanks Jim. That one downloaded fine in S5. I was hoping some one had the 3 ring star. since this is for next year I'll edit the 6 ring after the first of the year.
  4. Need a little help here with a prop set up. I bought all 3 sized ChromaGlow presents and one Chromaglow 36" 3 ring star from Boscoyo studios. When I went into the add item menu in the preview designer for S5 to import/download the props for these items, all went well with one exception. The Chromastar failed to download. I'm guessing there is a problem at the Boscoyo end. Does anyone have a spread sheet setup or the prop I could use for the Boscoyo Chromastar 36" 3 ring star. My email address is kwjure@gmail.com. Thanks a bunch Kenny
  5. I have two 9 year old first generation CCR controllers who's RGB strips have failed. I have converted all other RGB stuff in my display to nodes. I perfer pixel Nodes rather than strips. Is there a set of pixel nodes i can use instead of strips With the CCR controller?
  6. After looking at all the links and trying everything I could think of and then some, I could not get the CCP to work in the right direction for the first 19 pixels and when I did get it going correctly the other pixels would go back wards so I did what was recommended I saved my original preview before and then reloaded it and figured I would try one last thing. So here is what finally fixed it. I replaced the older CCP with A new CCP-II Pivie 2 and guess what? Problem solved. the first Tine I tested it with the original preview it worked perfect. I spent hours testing flipping and re-flipping the start location. the orientation the prop type and with one simple hardware change problem solved. All I could do was get the older CCP to Chase around the window no matter what Bar effect I used. Up,Down Left right, it did matter it only would chase around the window while everything else worked as intended. Fortunately I had a back up CCP-II with 2 100 string Pixels so That was a good thing. The show looks good now. thanks for the help guys.
  7. You explained this perfectly. in a nutshell I should Get the local prop direction working correctly within it's local group then add it to the whole display group. Group within a group. This makes sense now because I have one string in my display of 19 pixels that are a part of a 100 pixel string that has another prop with 65 of those pixels The 65 pixels are a window and the 19 pixels are a vertical line edge of the house. At the window the sequencer was running the Bar effect side ways. left and right was up and down. So I changes the starting point and it fixed the issue with the window. With my current issue it is a couple up and down strings that are running backwards So I thought I had tried everything to correct it but after reading this thread I realized I didn't isolate the strings and make sure they function correctly alone. Because my show was running last night when I got home I looked at a preview on my inside computer to see how my working props were set up. What I found surprised me. what I did was look at the string that I mentioned earlier and found that the 19 pixel portion was an unconnected line prop which was set horizontally and not vertically and it works correctly. I expected it to be orientated vertically because the actual prop is a vertical pixel string. So I'm guessing if I go out today and mess with the orientation and starting point in it's own string group I will find the Issue. Alan if I don't resolve the issue today I'll send you a copy of the preview. Thanks so much for your help.
  8. Alan. I tried flipping everything including redrawing the prop. I have all the controllers and circuits are correct and the start location I have flipped and re flipped and lights still don't move correctly. I've tried everything I can and every time the animation shows it working correct but the lights are not. I will email you a copy of the preview and let you have a go at it. It will be latter today or maybe even tomorrow. Working Out of town today. thanks again Alan.
  9. I love the S5 software. It's so easy to use and most Issues I have been having has been with my older controllers. I seem to have resolved all issues the with one last issue. I have 2 CCPs with dual 50 pixel strings and they are being used with window and door props. I used the prop creator and set up the window or door correctly in the preview where they function correctly. when I watch my real show play these props are not working correctly on the house. when I use motion effects like the Bar effect these props work correctly on the side to side effects but when i use the up or Down effect one side is going in the opposite direction to the other side. So what happens on the house is when all the pixels are chasing in an up-word direction there are 3 sections that are going down at the windows and doors with these 2 CCPs. the 2 CCP-IIs work fine on the windows they are on. I have tried everything in the prop setup from changing to a different network, updating the firmware on the controllers and changing pixel strings and I can't seem to get these 2 CCP controllers to play back correctly. I'm open to any help. I have a feeling these older CCPs will need to be replaced CCP-IIs. any Ideas are welcome.
  10. Success. I got them working. TheDucks dude you where correct. I just set up my third network at 115k non enhanced and they work fine. No need for a firmware update. now all my singing trees are singing again. thank you very much for your help Guys.
  11. My Network is set up for S5. Here's what I got. the current Firmware loaded on these controllers is Version 16PC-G3Ver1.04. LOR web page says the new version is CTB16PCG3-V1.09 It will not load on any of my controllers. I got the whole show working except these 3 controllers. I know it's gotta be something simple.
  12. I have 3 CTB16 controllers and I am converting to S5 to control them. They control my singing coro trees. I find all three in The HU and they all work fine using the Control consul in the HU. When I play a sequence in S5 they do not work. all my other controllers work fine. I had the same problem with my old CCRs and a firmware upgrade fixed these controller. So I am attempting to upgrade the firmware on the CTB16 one at a time and I go through all three steps in the HU. Select controller, select file and hit the Download and nothing Happens. the status says "starting Load" and the activity says "grabbing Unit". Nothing is happening. when I updated my CCRs the status bar moved right away and the down load took just a few seconds. I have left the update going now for 30 minutes and nothing is happening. what am I doing wrong?
  13. Updating the firmware fix it .The CC Ribbons are working but after 8 years one of the ribbons finally failed. well only the last half of the ribbon fail. I thought I'll just go to the Light O Rama store and buy me a replacement Ribbon. Holy Molly....why are they so expensive. $150 for just the ribbon. ....... I might as well put that towards a New Pixie 2 for $170 and get an included controller and room to add 100 more pixels well what I ended up doing is cutting off the bad half of the ribbon and now instead of having four 8 foot arches I have Three. Thanks Jim for the heads up on the firmware.
  14. I am running enhanced and I'm going to update the firmware today. These CCRs are 9 years old and I have never had to upgrade. they have always worked fine in every version until now with the S5.
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