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  1. Wait, your 1600's only have 1 plug? I thought I had a 1600 and a 1602, but they're output/inputs are the same (2 in, 16 out). One has an LED screen that shows the assigned number, the other doesn't have a screen. Maybe just different generations??
  2. My display is 90% CDI mini bright 5 MM LEDS and has been since 2011. Really good customer service, does recalls if he sees a problem with a product and easy exchanges if you have a problem with anything you purchased that season. Pre-sale is going on now.
  3. So is there a way to use the mini director where you can have static (or a loop) until someone presses a button/sets off motion detector?
  4. What's the difference between the two? 1602 and 1600?
  5. We've had 2 controllers running a few songs on schedule for the past 4-5 years. First couple of years we used my hubby's old PC, then once that died, I got parallels and have been running it from my Mac since then. I've been toying with the idea of getting a show time director so we can use the computer during Christmas time. We get hardly any viewing traffic (not many lights in the neighborhood and we are off of the main road, so mainly friends and family who come by). It looks like I have two options the big ShowTime Director ($$$) that would be able to keep up with the schedule or get the Mini Director ($) and we would have to add a button or motion detector. Any pros or cons between the two?
  6. Okay, then how big are the discounts then?
  7. How big are the discounts during the After Christmas Light O Rama Sale?
  8. All the lights go out if the computer goes to "sleep" or screensaver mode. Any fix other than adjusting it to not "sleep"?
  9. I have scads of those safety plug things, so I'll try that first, once it dries up here. If that fails we'll go channel by channel to find the bug. We have the controllers plugged into a couple of electric power safety strips (outdoor rated but under the porch), but it's always the house circuit that trips. I guess it is the GFCI type. That's what you install in a bathroom, right? It isn't that kind of socket outside, but ALL of our outside sockets are on one circuit. Thanks!
  10. Almost every time it rains here it trips the circuit breaker and out go the lights. We have 2 controllers, plugged into our outside house outlets. The controllers are under the porch and protected. We use LED lights from CDI. We've tried taping them at the plug intersections (one string to another). It works to keep them on during a light rain, but then if we get a heavy rain we have to go unwrap them all and let them dry before it will run. Most are off the ground just by where they are located (tree lights, arches, etc). We can't really afford to have a dedicated circuit installed right now, and I don't know that that would help anyway (right now our deep freezer and dog hotwire are on the same circuit that trips off. Any ideas?
  11. Anybody out there using Parallels to run Light O Rama on their Mac? Where did you set up your LOR home folder to save to (psf or C)? Have you run into any snags specific to Parallels/Macs? Our PC finally croaked so now I have a last minute learning curve to switch all the saved files over and get our show up and running!
  12. It's still damp outside. Is it water getting in the lights or the extension cords or what should I be looking for? Yes, the "red/black button" I referred to is the gfci--I couldn't remember the name. Err uh, can you translate that last part? What does "triac going bad" mean? What do I do about it? What is a "snubber" ? Thanks!
  13. We left tonight after watching one of our songs and when we returned no lights were on. The breaker had tripped (actually that little red/black button on the wall socket) on that house circuit. We've had the show up and running for a couple of weeks with no recent changes. We have the LOR controllers (2) plugged into two 4-plug circuit breaker boxes that each plug into the outlets. We reset the house circuit and restarted the show, but a few minutes later it was off (house circuit tripped) again. The circuit breaker boxes are not tripped (they are 15 amp each). Any idea what could be causing this or how to fix it? The only thing we could possibly think might be causing it is a light issue. One of our CDI LED blue net lights stopped working completely (middle in a string of three, with the other two working fine). This went out last week. I tried changing the fuse in it and it worked dimly/intermittently. A replacement is on the way. We noticed tonight that one of our CDI LED warm white strings on an arch wasn't going out completely. It comes on full like it should, but when it is "off" it is on at around 10-25% with flickering. The rest of our blue net lights (5 CDI LEDs) have always faded more slowly than anything else (they also don't go off evenly-they are patchy in how they fad). The fade is most noticeable when everything else goes "hard off" but they have a kind of "after glow". The bushes (net lights) have done this since we got them. The white string just started. We did recently get a whole bunch of hard rain. Here's what we have plugged in: (each channel uses green outdoor extension cords (13 amp?) -2 speakers -1 40 watt bulb connected to daylight sensor -Controller 1: Channel 1: 2 white LED strings Channel 2: 2 spotlights (50 watt floodlight bulbs, halogen) Channel 3: 3 white net lights (LED) Channel 4: 5-8 blue LED strings Channel 5: 3 blue net lights (LED) Channel 6: ~50 ft blue rope light Channel 7: 3 white LED strings Channel 8: 2 strings incandescent icicle lights - Channel 9: 1 spotlight (50 watt spotlight bulb, halogen) Channel 10: 1 spotlight (50 watt spotlight bulb, halogen) Channel 11: 1 white LED string Channel 12: 1 white LED string Channel 13: 1 white LED string Channel 14: 1 white LED string Channel 15: 1 white LED string Channel 16: 1 white LED string -Controller 2: Channel 1 (17): 1 white LED string Channel 2 (18): ~50 ft blue rope light Channel 3 (19): 2 spotlights (50 watt floodlight bulbs, halogen) Channel 4 (20): 3 blue LED strings Channel 5 (21): 3 blue LED bushes Channel 6 (22): 1 white LED string Channel 7 (23): 1 blue LED string Channel 8 (24): 1 white LED string - Channel 9 (25): 1-2 strings incandescent icicle lights Channel 10 (26): 1 white LED string Channel 11 (27): 1 white LED string Channel 12 (28): 1 white LED string Channel 13 (29): 1 white LED string Channel 14 (30): 1 white LED string Channel 15 (31): 1 white LED string Channel 16 (32): 1 white LED string Also on the same house circuit: -electric dog fence (low voltage) -mini fridge -small plant light on timer -shed light (overhead) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I know that might have been a lot of needless info, but we are flummoxed! Any help or advice is appreciated!
  14. So we tried to do our show and Houston we have a problem! The set of lights in the first controller 1.X come on fine and in sequence. However, the set of lights in the second controller follow the first controller's channels' sequences. They don't come on at all for their own commands. I did (and redid) the Hardware utility (both comm port and controller selection). The first controller we got last year in late December, the second we just got a few days ago and they look different. They are both ShowTime Pro LOR1602W Lighting Controllers. They are connected via a Cat5 cable. Obviously they are communicating, but it's treating both of them like they are controller #1. How do I fix it? Thanks!
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