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  1. Thanks guys, to maybe take it one step farther.... last year I had 3 pixel trees, each 12 strands, 150 pixels. I want to expand to 16 strands, 150 pixels each. It looks as though a lot of readdressing will need to be done. Thoughts on that? Thanks again! Chris
  2. Hello, I have a saved channel configuration template saved from last year. This year I will be adding a bunch of channels but for some reason cant figure out how to get the template to open so I can modify it. Its definitely in my documents under light o rama, sequences. But when I try to open it its not there. It is a lcc file type and I don't see anywhere to change file types to "find" this file. Thanks for any and all help! Chris
  3. I would like to see you guys do light it up by fall out boys.
  4. If you have recently upgraded to the new software and are trying to launch from an existing desktop shortcut it will not open. Go to start menu, lor , and drag each program onto desktop and select "move and replace". Hopefully this will help!
  5. Brian I just downloaded 3.12 and it says updates to superstar instant sequencer. I believe I read somewhere that you were making changes to make it less "blinky blinky". Does this work for traditional Christmas light instant sequencing(non ccr). Thanks Chris
  6. MAy I have a copy as well? Too late in the season for me to try. Thanks Chris
  7. Brian has there been any updates to the instant sequencer, and do you know when it will be available? Thanks Chris
  8. One more song request............ not a Xmas song at all...... Hail to the King by avenge sevenfold.
  9. I hope you give a multiple sequence discount on ebay cause I will be purchasing every one you create and put up. Chris
  10. Davensj, I have a request, Let it Go, from frozen, disneys movie. 12 CCR version Thanks Chris
  11. Jeff you need to start selling sequences also. Wow! Absolutely incredible. Keep up the great work. And if your interested in sharing I'd be more than willing to accept. Thanks Chris
  12. Could you please pm me with info also. This is very exciting and would be glad to purchase these sequences. Chris
  13. All I can say is WOW! I plan to do 2 of these trees this year with the ws2811"s like Jeff. I will gladly purchase sequences from you! That was amazing. I hope Jeff will help me in the future getting it set up for the j1sys card. Beautiful absolutely beautiful. Chris
  14. Looking to update firmware in my g3 controllers to accept the new 500k speeds. Where do I go about finding this firmware. Thanks Chris
  15. Yes thank you Brian, I did just that along with a copy of receipt. It says order status "shipped".
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