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  1. James, can I get a copy as well? Thanks! jasonells@gmail.com
  2. I'm trying to finish up a large display with CCR leaping arches and vertical CCR poles. Anyone interested in doing some freelance work?! Thanks, Jason
  3. I didn't see a VBR option in Audacity. I did leave it at 128.
  4. I made the conversion using Audacity and Lame and still have the same...lame problem...? Both the visualization and the Channel buttons in the sequencer are off by as much as a second when I start from anywhere but the beginning of the song. I've seen this with several different songs. They came from Amazon. Any other ideas?
  5. Only a mother beagle could love it! :-) Thanks for your help. I guess I'm up to bending some aluminum.
  6. It's a secret! I'll show you if it works. But it will be pushing the upper power limits. Probably around 5 Amps per channel. I realize that doesn't allow me to turn on all 16 at once.
  7. Oh boy. I wondered why they seemed confused when I placed my order and asked how far backordered they were... What a difference a year makes! Any word on where I get heatsinks for these boards?
  8. I received my cards quite quickly. I'm sure all of you have yours now as well.
  9. I don't see the heatsinks for the DC board on the website. How do I order them?
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