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      Fire at LOR in Glens Falls, NY   01/17/2018

      A fire has broken out in the same building that houses the main LOR offices.  More information can be found in 'Important Announcements'.  


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  1. Fredericksburg VA - 32 ch rings

    Wish you were in Alberta 😳
  2. Glad you sold it. Sad too cause I really wanted those floods. Oh well. 👍
  3. RGB ribbons ,ctb16 ,1602 ,cmb24 all for sale.

    i was thinking of doing a 16 string pixie node tree for next year DYI LOR and Ray Wu. . But like the lazer crispness of ribbons. What were you thinking price wise. Im in Canada so i would pay shipping and boarder fees. aholzli@yahoo.ca. Lights on Lawton
  4. Easy Linkers up for grabs

    PM sent
  5. 5pm to 9pm 10 pm on Halloween Night
  6. To My Fellow Canadian LOR users

    I saw it, great job, very moving.
  7. Other Uses

    I used mine for a Wedding, did a 20 foot wall, sequenced to the 1st dance and then on a shifting pattern thru the night.
  8. TrackSkull (VSA) to LOR

    Wasn't on sale but grabbed one anyways, Look forward to trying your conversion program.
  9. TrackSkull (VSA) to LOR

    Thanks Jim. If the servo dog is on sale I'm going to grab one.
  10. To My Fellow Canadian LOR users

    As lightzilla says, go for it. It has a nice flow to it. your red white would look good. And someone has to do it first. Then join us on the Canadian Forum www.christmaslights.ca
  11. Computer Processor CPU recommends

    got it 23" also
  12. Computer Processor CPU recommends

    Wow, forgot about this thread, LOL. I picked up an older Dell E1705 Dual Core 2, 2.3 ghz xp pro 64 bit, 4 gig ram. Direct Media version surround sound built in subwoofer, 6 usb ports, and about every other port you can think of, thing is loaded, 17" screen.
  13. Animatronics

    If you have found an interface between LOR and MonkeyBasic I would be very interested. I would love a copy of your program.
  14. Animatronics

    I'm pretty sure that TrackSkull will not work with LOR. Heck even the LOR partners say it would be a pain to do Skelly's with LOR. For that reason I went VSA. I will also run about 90 channels off LOR.
  15. Animatronics

    TJ Hvasta wrote: If its all in VSA now, (looks amazing btw) why not use LOR to trigger VSA, We were discussing this at one of the halloween forums. http://www.hauntforum.com/showthread.php?t=29860