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  1. I had the same issue, had to shell out the $50.00 to upgrade to Pro to get the motion effects window back.
  2. Fully aware. Doesnt work in advanced version. You have pro, so yes i look like an idiot with my advanced beta, I upgraded to pro and all was back as shown. 👍
  3. In the latest beta I'm only in advanced. Previous betas were pro. Is it that advanced beta is blocking me seeing the motion effects window and the option to select it?
  4. Matt remember it was a thumbnail effects window in the upper right corner that's missing. Or at least i misplaced it.
  5. Pixel Tree or CCR Tree

    I debated this also. Ribbon or bullets. As much a I love the laser crispness of the ribbon. I went with pixels and white Boscoyo strips on 2" centers. 50x16. And purchased and extra string off bullets for repairs. My choice was based ease of repairs and durability. But still like the look of ribbons more.
  6. Sorry Matt. Appears I have rocks in my head. For some reason i remember PE and The visulaizer docked at the top or a quick select of effects in the upper right corner. Your right of course I reloaded .16 and it was the same as .18. Guess I was away from the 5.0 series for too long. But i could have sworn there was 3 windows at one time. Visualizer top left. Effects top right. And bottom was the sequencer. Thanks for your quick reply.
  7. Functionality of .16 was way better than .18 the EG wont dock, if EG window is open you cant work in the SE, no play back controls in the visualizer. no recent used effects memory, quick select effects is gone, when i import a sequence and select a preview for it, I still end up having to group, and install props that should have automatically dropped into the SE, the new system I pretty much have to build the configuration each time, not good, .18 is like a whole new relearn and more difficult to use than .16 Not sure what you were trying to accomplish with .18 but you made the UI way worse. Go back to the .16 UI IMO you went way backwards with .18, go back to .16 please it worked!
  8. So in messing around I undocked the visualizer and effects screen. And cannot get them to redock back into the main window. There has to be a simple thing Im missing. Will be going to 2 monitors soon but would still like to dock and undock the 3 swindows as needed from the main SE window 😞
  9. LOR equipment to Canada

    I dont remember it being too bad. Generally about 5% last time via post. Lor will reach out to you with shipping costs prior to charging you. Go Post. Cheaper in the long run.
  10. AutoFlip clipboard tool for S5

    Thanks Bob for updating this awesomr tool. I agree with George LOR should buy your clipboard and intergrate it directly into thier sovftware. 👍
  11. No problem. Totally understand.
  12. Thats pretty sweet. If you can wait a couple weeks till pay day, and willing to send it up to Canada. Id be interested. 😆
  13. WTB Pixie 16

    Found a Pixcon for a great price. Thanks
  14. WTB Pixie 16

    Just thought I'd check and see if anyone was selling a Pixie 16 board or complete. Andy. In Canada our willing to ship to Canada.
  15. Wow stuffs moving. 👍