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  1. So ran S5 for a while and thought it was pretty awesome. But i canned the idea of a bullet pixel tree. And going to stick with standard LEDs and dumb rgb. In the process i rolled back to S4. So I'm selling / trading off my pixel tree stuff. 16x50 build w spare parts. Trade or sell as whole. 350 USD. Or trade plus shipping 1 Pixcon16 17 x 50 5v ws2811 strings 18 boyscoyo 95" strips 1” centers white 1 8 channel distro board for power injection so you only need to use 8 channels on the pixcon16 1 5v.450.watt power supply 1 5v 350 watt power supply All located in Canada
  2. PM sent on cmb24 and floods. Andy H
  3. I'll take the works. PM your info. Shipping to Canada Blackfalds AB T0M0J0
  4. How much $ you looking for. Thanks
  5. As it says looking for dumb pixel strings. Shipping to Canada. Tell me whatchagot Andy
  6. As it says looking for dumb pixel strings. Shipping to Canada. Tell me whatchagot Andy
  7. No most were done with dc vent motors. Have another project on the go with servos. Pretty much all packed away.
  8. Have a pair of Linkers. V4 as stated. $120.00 usd plus shipping. Work great. V4 needs power from AC controllers and or usb485B as 9v power sources. Shipping from AB Canada.
  9. All LOR controllers, 5 Ac 16s, 1Ac 8, 2 cmb24s, dc16, servo dog, and just picked up a Pixcon 16
  10. I had the same issue, had to shell out the $50.00 to upgrade to Pro to get the motion effects window back.
  11. Fully aware. Doesnt work in advanced version. You have pro, so yes i look like an idiot with my advanced beta, I upgraded to pro and all was back as shown. ?
  12. In the latest beta I'm only in advanced. Previous betas were pro. Is it that advanced beta is blocking me seeing the motion effects window and the option to select it?
  13. Matt remember it was a thumbnail effects window in the upper right corner that's missing. Or at least i misplaced it.
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