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  1. would love to get them as well, thx rvankuijk@aol.com would leve them as well rvankuijk@aol.com
  2. Thanks for all info. Will try the options tonight and will report back.
  3. I downloaded existing sequences from other members so I can learn (1st year). Got the MP3 and created the .lms to save. So far so good. If a sequence has too many channels ( I only have 16) can I just delete the channels that I borrowed from others? What if I want to add channels to existing sequence...? I tried to do this but the lights will not come on... What do I do wrong? Thx
  4. So let me get this straight.....backing up huh? Thanks for all info. Will do that after transferring to other PC.
  5. My laptop is dying and I want to know if/how I can transfer all LOR files to another laptop so I do not have to start over.
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