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  1. I had to install LOR S3 on a system that does not have a working network connection and I need to get it operational ASAP. Problem is the only other system I can connect to the Internet with is my Mac and no one is home at LOR to give me the off-line license key until Monday. I really cannot loose almost 4 days to get this online. I don't understand why this cannot be done using the WEB instead of having to talk to a warm body. HELP!
  2. I did a quick test using strip inside of 3/4 shark bite tubing and I really like the look. This was done in the bright Home Depot lights and it's still bright so it should look very good at night. The strip I used for the test is Ray's WS2811 imbedded 5050 60/meter. The 30/meter should look almost as good but I like the brighter 60/meter. The controller can reduce the channel count to a manageable level.
  3. I noticed that the URL were not complete so I fixed them and posted the pictures below. I see that Rudolf is not the same as the others, who made him. I know how to get the set from the new manufacture but I like him being different so where did he originate from?
  4. I still wish the diming curves could be changed so the LEDs could dim down to zero.
  5. I've been trying to figure out how to do a twinkle or shimmer that goes from say 50% to 100% rather then 0% to 100%. I just want the lights to lightly shimmer. Is there any way to do this? So far I've had no joy. Thanks
  6. No need to send it back, just call Dell and tell them you want Windows 7 or you sending it back. They will ship it to you and you can wipe out Windows 8. BTW, Windows 7 is a build option and will be for many years. Business IT departments hate it and are telling MS so.
  7. It would be great if LOR would build recoding directly into the Viz. The advantage is speed since you don't have to display it on the screen while recording which removed that extra process.
  8. Like what you did with sequencing the song. I have to admit I was almost expecting you got someone to re-record a few words of the song in protest. Make that last "Stick it to em" and gracefully make an exit. Love it. I still think that your neighbors that want the show back should pack the HOA meeting.
  9. They are half wave but you could make a full wave birder to front end them. I convert them to DC and run them from 48VDC controllers.
  10. You might think about using a 5ghz channel instead of 2.4 as is a much less used frequency.
  11. Come on, where did you come with that? I just said "any good programmer" so one expects LOR to have good programmers so they could add it quickly if the were allowed to.
  12. Make sure you put a 1N4004 diode accross each valve to counteract the back EMF so you don't blow out the MOSFETS. Make sure the cathode is connected to the common +V and that the diode is at the coil.
  13. I've used many programs with autosave and the best save add a suffix to the file so your not saving over your main copy. IMHO, or maybe not so humble, LOR should put a high quality autosave into S3 ASAP. One that will not autosave over your file and also update the normal save with an option to add a revision field which changes on every save and let us decide when to delete the old copies. If we had the latter it would work much like an autosave just not automatically. There really is no excuse for not adding this. Any good programmer could add the revision save in a couple of hours as it's dirt simple to do. Autosave will take a bit longer since you have to make sure your don't slow down the user and have a stable copy while autosaving.
  14. Please go to your video manager and turn off blocking for mobile devices. I'd like to have played this on my iPad.
  15. I think what I have been reading proves my point. If you've never use audio scrubbing you don't see it as being useful or care if it's added. If you have used audio scrubbing then you feel that it really needs to be added to the product and wonder why it hasn't been added yet. I'll bet that you could take anyone that posted in this topic who has said it's no big deal and let them work with scrubbing for a few days and you'd find they would come over to the "It's needed" camp. So I believe that LOR has not added it because no one that's working on S3 has ever used audio scrubbing so they don't see the benefit. I really believe that if someone who is working on S3 had come from an environment that use audio scrubbing we would have seen this feature added long ago. Personally I think they could find the very few hours it would take to add it to S3. I'm still surprised that once LSP had it early on LOR would have added it but then what do I know. My bet, we won't see it till next year at the earliest nd by then I may have switched to HLS.
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