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  1. DevMike, I got the visualizer to work but have a problem but may know the answer. When I import and .sup file the file is set for CCR controllers at bottom, then CCRs in visualizer are lit upside down. Possible answer: I drew CCR and shows pixel #1 at top. Would I have to just rotate CCR so pixel #1 in on bottom or do I have to redraw. I started drawing CCR at top and went to bottom. Will rotating do the trick or do I need to redraw and start at bottom and go up? In my display the CCR controllers WILL be on the bottom. Thanks for any help and advice. Bill
  2. DevMike, You are the greatest. That seems to have fixed the other errors also. I will keep working on the lee file and get back if I have any other porblems. Thanks again, Bill
  3. DevMike, The lee file is below. My zip program had expired. The file is not zipped. Hope you can still help. It is really small. Thanks for helping. show time is so near and I am so behind. Another question: can you import lee file into superstar and let superstar do a complete instant sequence? Thanks again, Bill 2012 Master.lee
  4. DevMike, I added the CCR using CCR wizard and told all to start at pixel 1 but error said needed to be 51 on 2 different CCRs. Don't understand why since all show pixel 1 and all different ID numbers. Please help explain, if possible. thanks, Bill
  5. Guys, I am trying to,make a new S3 visualizer file. I want to put my 12 CCR in but when I do (using CCR wizard) and then go to simulation I get errors like CCR5 says starting pixel of 1 by should be 51 or pixels not continous check child CCR. What am I doing wrong. These errors wont let vis go into simulate mode. Bill
  6. mike, I try to put CCRs in the visualizer but get errors when going to simplation that pixels on certain should be 51 not 1 or pixels are not continous chech "child" pixels. What did I do wrong? Thnaks for any help. Bill
  7. Jeff, That is very very interesting. Can you tell me where I cna find out more about e1.31. I think that would be much greater bandwidth than radios. Any suggestions to any software that may be available now. Thanks Bill
  8. Klb I donD't know what the e1.31 etc. Is. Can you elaborate. Bill
  9. Anyone, I have several radios that transmit RS323 over spread sprctrum at as much as 115200 baud. I was hopinf to use them to communicate with my new CCRs wirelessly. Can anyone verify that if i convert UEB to RS323, fee into radio, take RS323 out of other radio, convert to USA and feed network converter, then fee CCRs, WILL it work? Or would I need to go form USB to network adpater then convert the RS485 to RS232 snde over the radio and the reconvert at other ent to feed the CCRs? DOes any of that make sense. I was told that the ELLs would not handle the data transfer rate to the CCRs at the high speed of 57200. Can any confirm or deny that. Does/hasd anyone ran CCRs on ELLs yet? Thanks for future comments. Bill
  10. JD They make ty-wrap bases that are screwed or nailed into wood or whatewev the ty-wrap would go through the base loops and around the CCRs. The ty-wrap base can be left all year or painted, or removed. The typwrap bases can usually be found at electrical stores. Bill
  11. Mikeosf, That's what I was hoping to hear. I've been doing LOR for 6 years now. 16 controllers and 4 ELLs last year. No problem equipment or communication yet. Thanks for the info. Bill
  12. Thanks k6ccc, That's all I can too. Looks like ELL speed is fast as needed. I dud see the different channel too. Thanks again
  13. I plan on adding a 12 CCR tree this year and need to run the 2 networks for the CCRs by radio. Does anyone have any comments as to "Will it work" or not? I really don't have a convent way to get direct cable connections. Any suggestions will be a great help. Bill
  14. Guys, I run Win7 on all my LOR machines. I just got 2 USB485 Iso adapters and the drivers loaded and worked the first time with no problem. Your problem my be a security issue in Win7 Bill
  15. Don, Do you know of any plans about building the tree frame to hold the CCRs like you see in the videos? I need a good starting place. I reall appreciate all this help. I know I will be asking more. Bill
  16. Don, I have one network for the basic lor controllers. Are you saying that it would be better to have the ccrs on at least 2 additional network?
  17. Jeff Can you share a source For the DMX rebbons
  18. But how do you send your sequence to the ccr controller and have it stay in sync with the rest of the show
  19. I was hoping to add a 12 ccr tree to my setup for 2012. I plan to also buy more lor controllers. I was trying to find out how many controllers or channels the 12ccrs will require. Thank for any direction to read or other help.
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