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  1. Hi James, Thanks for sharing. Please send me a copy. rodger dot richey at q dot com
  2. I read in the user's guide that a servodog should work with DMX input. However, when I run DMX into it, it does not output correctly. If I use the LOR USB dongle it works fine. I have the latest firmware and checked that it is configured properly for my application, which is all digital outputs. I output a 8-bit code using 8 channels which tells me which song is being played. Any ideas? i have tried to different DMX sources. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  3. doubleeaz

    iDMX issues

    I have two iDMX1000s. One is in the middle of a string of CTB16PC controllers and one is at the end of the same string. Attached to each of the iDMX1000s are four of the RGB Luminaries. I have five shows a night. One intro, three regular shows and a closing show. The iDMX in the middle of the string of controllers works perfectly all the time. The one at the end of the string will randomly stop working at the beginning of one of the shows. The RGB Luminaries no longer are blinking. At first, the iDMX was powered by a CTB16PC controller that has a 12 inch CAT5 cable in between. I have now tried running it off the 12V power that runs the RGB Luminaries and it has the same issue. The way that I correct the issue is to completely power down the iDMX1000 and then back up. It seems like I have to wait for the currently running sequence to end and then it starts working on the start of the next sequence. Anyone have any issues like this before? I am going to try and reprogram the iDMX1000 after my shows tonight and see if that makes a difference. Thanks in advance for any help provided.
  4. Went back to my labtop with Windows XP, opened hardware panel, selected firmware and open and there it is. 4.32. On that machine it is in Documents and Settings/All Users/Application Data/Light-O-Rama/Firmware. I can't find this directory on my Windows 7 machine so don't know what is going on.
  5. Already checked there. Did not find it. I went back and checked the last CTB16PC that I programmed and it has v4.32. All I have is 4.30 in the firmware folder. I have searched everywhere and can't find 4.32.
  6. I have LOR S3 software. Was updating the firmware on all my controllers. In the hardware control panel, I was initially able to find v4.32. I switched to check ELLs, and iDMX1000. Now back with CTB16PC and I can't find v4.32. I can only find v4.30 which I downloaded. Where is the v4.32 firmware stored?
  7. You need a min of 3 strands multiplexed together to give the chasing a direction. You then have each strand on three channels. You toggle through the channels to make them chase. I use this in my yard outline using C7 bulbs.
  8. Thanks for everyone's suggestions. I will be doing some further testing in the next few months to see if I can find anything.
  9. So, the story gets even stranger. We had a big storm in Arizona for a couple of days so I turned off all the breakers to my controllers. When everything dried up (and the controllers were powered down for a couple days), the controller in question now works perfectly. When the controller was not working before, I had opened the case and checked for condensation or any other water intrusions but found none. I had also tried unplugging the loads one channel at a time and it did not fix the problem. Maybe Santa was reading the forum and replaced my controller as a gift!
  10. The status led flickers all the time, regardless of whether or not a show is running. Anytime the lights should be off, the lights on all 16 channels are dimly lit. Very faint but visible, especially at night. Tomorrow I will unplug and plug things back in. The thing that really bugs me is that it was working when I put the display up this year. My wife reminded me that it started acting up after we had a big rain. I had powered off all my controllers and also opened up the box to make sure nothing happened like condensation.
  11. I have already tried this several times. Did not change anything.
  12. This controller has 300 mini lights on each channel. I have used it without issues for the last three years on the same lighting setup. I only started this latest behavior in the last week. Display has been up since Thanksgiving.
  13. Thanks for the suggestion. Tried plugging the controller into a different circuit and same operation as before.
  14. All my controllers were running fine and all of a sudden one of my CTB16PC controllers is acting up. It has a wireless unit connected to one input and then has 6-7 units downstream. The LED is flickering very, very fast. Not something documented in the manual. Also, the outputs seem to be slightly on as my lights are on very dim. Strangely, my show runs fine. This controller runs as if nothing is wrong except that when all the channels are supposed to be off, they are on very dim. I have tried swapping the PIC between controllers and the problem stays with the box. Tried connecting it directly instead of through RF and no change. Tried disconnecting all units downstream and still the same. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  15. I am currently using a labtop to control my display but I use an X10 controller to turn power on/off to my FM transmitter and receiver that plays music in my display. I was considering to change to the MP3 director as this seems to be a simpler approach. I was wondering what, if anything, can be done to control X-10 devices? Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
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