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  1. ok I'll take it...702-208-4683 Bart...call me so we can make finalize transaction
  2. Do you still have any FM Broadcasters left?
  3. Posted in wrong area!!! but thanks for the FM broadcast info@
  4. I purchased fm broadcaster from light orama goes about 20' tried multiple stations nothing great...I plugged it directly into my computer and directly into my speakers I know about interfence with electrical and all that stuff so I moved all cords away from it, still no good. I than went to Fry's and bought one of their FM broadcasters same results($79.00), than I went to Radio Shack got a 25' mini jack ran from speakers in garage to edge of sidewalk...worse..than plug directly into computer in garage same ..worse...so my question is what can I do? I dont want a ramsey kit dont have enough time...Can anybody help me with this? Ramsey also has a broadcaster for $267.00 is that my only way to get clear music..Thanks Bartman Las Vegas
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