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  1. It was the LOR Control Panel not running. I have been doing this for many years and never had to have the control panel running to "control lights" in the sequence editor. It is probably only the pixels that wouldn't run. I learn something new every day
  2. I'm trying to get my e682 to blink some ws2811 pixels. I have set up the e682 using the browser (screen shot attached).. I have also made a quick animation sequence and displayed the channel configuration window (screen shot attached). I also took a screenshot of the network configuration (screen shot attached). I can ping the controller, connect to the controller with the browser, and change the test modes and have the lights do what they are supposed to. I cannot get the LOR software to splay nice with the controller to light up the lights. Any help or insight would be appreciated! Thank you, Gary
  3. Any Halloween 2012 Results yet? Halloween 2013 is almost here!!
  4. I just spotted this! http://www1.lightorama.com/christmas-2012-contest-winners-announced/ I'm still wondering about the 2012 Halloween Contest! I haven't heard anything at all!
  5. It's LOR AC control boards controlling propane valves with a pilot light for ignition.
  6. Now that Christmas setup is done I thought I'd post our Halloween video!!! Better late than never! Let me know what you think? Our neighbors really liked it. "http://player.vimeo....video/51096440
  7. The winder has a gear motor belt drive and cone spindle and torque arm. The opposite side of the spool is supported by a cone with ball bearings. I have a little write up here on my website. http://bazillionlights.com/Tech/LightsTechStorage.html
  8. Max-Paul wrote: The indexing motor is simply a micro switch getting momentarily tripped as the main motor spins the spool. The video was an early trial run. i have dialed in the micro switch so that it winds much more parallel now. So parallel that when winding power cords I had to switch to smaller rolls so I could carry them:shock: The remote control is one that I found at Meijer for $14 it just plugs in. Similar to this http://www.amazon.com/Stanley-31170-3-Outlet-Receptacle-Wireless/dp/B0020ML76M
  9. I wind mine on empty hydraulic hose spools. Hose suppliers just throw them away so they're free if you can find them!!!I have been storing my lights and extension cords like this for years. I use different spools to wrap each color of lights and each length of cords. I have about 15 spools of lights and cords when I am all done. they stack nicely up to 3 tall so you can fit a lot of lights in a small area. I even made an automatic winder! This thing has saved me so much time! I can set it up in the front yard and it wind the lights as I pull them off the roof. It has a remote control to make it easy from up there. Here it is in motion.
  10. I use all green wire because my display is small and there is stuff that needs to show through from behind it. I also used green because that's the lights I was able to come up with and they are easy to find if I have to replace them. Whit strings are a little more difficult to find.
  11. After the Christmas rush and teardown I will be updating my website. One of the things I will be adding will be a how to on how to build a singing face. I would say as a guess I should be done by April or May. Enough time to build one for next year!
  12. Replacing a triac is really easy if you have soldering skills...and a new triac! i haven't had to replace any this year but I keep a few on hand just in case I have issues. Mouser has them for sale.
  13. I bought Sony Vegas HD from Bestbuy last year for $35 It works great.
  14. I don't think it the same issue. Do you have this check box checked? If not that could have been the channel that was left on at the end of the sequence. If this is not the issue then how does it behave in the Hardware Utility?
  15. I guess I didn't look at the pic close enough to see the SMT I just assumed it was thru hole stuff:(
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