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  1. I lived there until I TURNED 37 that is.....
  2. Awesome, Thanks Orville! I'll check them out when I get home. The work 'puters are locked down pretty good so I can't even check them out here. I definately know about how it is in Florida. I was born on Ft. Laud and lived there till 37. I miss it, but not that much . Thanks again!
  3. Hey everyone, I'm looking for some sound clips of thunder for this year. Most of the ones that I've found so far have background sounds (rain, howling, etc.). Has anyone out there found some good "clean" clips, and if so where did you get them or can you share? Thanks in advance for whatever help you can give.
  4. Hey hdracer! I also read the forums and manual for a little over a year before my first show this year. This place is an incredible resource and if you get stumped on something, people are really willing to help out. I've always wanted to learn to ride. I've gone 135 in a car....once....I can't see doing that on a bike....
  5. Click Edit/Background Properties. That will bring up the Simulation Properties window. Then just click the "Change Size" button.
  6. You can always check out the sticky in the Newbie section: http://forums.lightorama.com/forum80/26004.html I use that one a lot :cool:
  7. Man, talk about fast response time! That old PC does have S2 running. I have S3 on the laptop that will be running next years shows. Thanks Don!
  8. So I just got my first of 3 addon controllers last night (going from 16 to 64 channels this year!)and tested it out this morning. When I connected it to the PC and ran the hardware utility, it shows up as "Unknown Device" in the "Select Unit to Configure" dialog box. I can change the Unit ID, and it still controls the lights fine (dim, shimmer, and twinkle on all channels) though. Should this be something I need to trouble shoot, or should I just go with it since it does what it's supposed to? Thanks BTW, I don't have any screen shots because the show computer is in the garage and not connected to the interwebs.
  9. That was awesome! I love what you did with the poles in front of the door and window. That was one of the best examples of sequencing that I have seen. I'm just blown away....
  10. I got the trees done and took a video of the 4 shows, but only added Mr. Grinch because the quality is terrible on all of them. This is the best looking quality one. I need to see if I can find someone at work with a better camera, but you guys can get the idea. Let me know what you all think.
  11. All I can say is wow! I love all the color. The lights in the big tree look great. I'm looking at 32 channels next year and doing a facepalm. How do you guys ever get anything else done when you have over 100 channels?? You did an awesome job!
  12. Very nice job! How many channels do you have for the arches? I'm getting another controller for next year and want to make some.
  13. Thanks for the comments so far. George, I will have videos of the 4 songs after I finish making the new trees (see pic). Ken, thanks for the advice, I have changed the filler to add more spice to it. I hope to have the videos added before the weekend. On a side note, I remember that some folks had issues with YouTube removing videos with music. Is anyone still having that problem and if so what did you do to work around that? Thanks again for everything! I love this new addiction Attached files
  14. I've been up and running since 7pm Thanksgiving night. So far everyone that has seen it loves it. I have cars slowing down and even stopping to watch for a little bit. I took a short 20 second teaser with my iPhone of the show filler. When I replace the mini trees i will add videos of the 4 songs that I did this year. 20 Second teaser: Please tell me what you like/dislike so I can make changes accordingly. I think all of us noobs rely on the experience of the pros here
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