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  1. Ok. to begin with I am on 3.11.2. Have been for quite some time. Have several RGBs and 64 Ch of regular lights, and I have ran flawless until now. I have a new Desktop running the show. with I7 processor and 4G memory, and there is nothing else installed on this computer.. Also.. it is NOT connected to the internet in any way. The issue usually shows up in the first couple of songs on a 8-10 song loop. But never at the same song. I cant tell exactly what's happening, but my control panel says "not responding" and the comm listener has closed the window. It may come out of it in 45 seconds to 2 min and then it may not. I can close control panel and start it back and the show carries on. I have rebooted the computer and it doesn't seem to make a difference. Ive been running the show since the day after Thanksgiving and had no issues until a night or so ago when this started. Any Ideas?
  2. Would love to have a copy of these. The adams family The Munsters Ghostbusters HEs a pirate grin grin ghosts Thanks mrbishop02@gmail.com
  3. I would love to have a copy. Thanks For sharing mrbishop02@gmail.com
  4. I would love a copy of all of them. Great job. Thanks for sharing. mrbishop02@gmail.com
  5. Mrbishop02@gmail.com Thanks
  6. Would love a copy Mrbishop02@gmail.com
  7. Would love a copy if you dont mind sharing.. Thank You. mrbishop02@gmail.com
  8. Can you share what the isssue is? I have the same poblem. Thanks
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