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  1. In my LO1602 controller you know you have those 2 panel mounted fuses on the front panel next to the switch. These the the ones where you screw in the cap to hold the fuse into place. Well one of mine broken and I need a replacement. I looked on Radio Shack, they have something close, it is a panel mount fuse holder, but not quite the same as LOR. Theirs has solder on lugs at the back of the fuse holder, but LOR had crimp lugs. I'd rather use the same part number LOR uses. Anyone know the part number?
  2. Eric, the timers cut power to the controllers at the end of the evening. That's why the power is removed from the controllers. When the timers turn on again the next night, the power is applied to the controllers and they are supposed to start up.
  3. yes, when I program the card, I use the LOR Hardware program to select all the sequences, and it programs them into the SD card. The SD card is then plugged into the SD card slot on the DC-MP3 daughter card in the 1602 controller. I don't see what this has to do with anything, the card is programmed correctly, and already programmed just fine. It sits in the controller all week long, and fires up perfectly almost every day, but usually about every 5 days or so, it just wont power up unless I slide out the card and push it back in. It just seems like something in the hardware of the MP3 card is not waking up until interrupted by the pushing pack in of the SD card. Maybe that somehow sets and interrupt that really waked up the MP3 card. We've been over this before in years past, and I use the recommended SD cards, we've beaten that possible path to death. The card that's in there now is a Lexar 2GB 60x card. This problem has occurred over a few brands, and sizes and speeds of cards, indicating the problem is not the cards, but the MP3 hardware itself, or the firmware that tells the MP3 hey wake up, power is on, time to get to work.
  4. I've had this problem since I bought this 1602 with the DC-MP3 Director 5 years ago. PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: About 25% of the time, this main controller will not initialize when the power turns on from the timers. I know the controller is getting power, that is not the issue. So I will often cycle power 3 to 4 times and still nothing, it just sits there. HOW i GET IT TO WORK: While THE CONTROLLER is just sitting there ALL POWERED UP, BUT NOT DOING ITS JOB, I slide out the SD card and slide it back in and a couple of seconds later, it starts the sequence perfectly. So why will the unit not bootstrap itself, but yet just sliding out the card and back in makes it work? Very frustrating, and what if it happens when I'm not there to see it fail. Faulire is not an option.
  5. I have soldered a triac before, and while soldering a new one is easy, it's getting to it that is a real pain, you have to take everything apart, and it's on the bottom side of the PCB.
  6. Quick update, I just ran a test on it with regular incandescent lights, and the output still does not shut off, I measured that the voltage drops from 120 v to 60v on this stuck channel 15. it just drops to about 50% dim. You could see that with LEds because as long as there is some voltage the LEDS will stay on, but with older lights, a lower voltage will just dim them. So it is trying to shut off, just something in the circuit board appears to no be able to shut the voltage all the way downto 0.
  7. I put my controllers away last year and they worked fine. This year I pulled out my MP3 LOR1602W main controller and set it up and everything works well on it accept for channel 15, which when it goes on, it stays on, will not fade, shut off or anything else. In LOR Hardware program I try to single it out and set it on, and it comes on, but I can't get it to fade to 0%, or shut off. If I tell it to twinkle, it sort of flickers but that's it. I have the 4.32 version of bios that I had upgraded to last year, and it worked fine then. There is no moisture anywhere, it has no rained for a week, and I keep a box over all my lor controllers which are already in the heavy duty metal boxes anyway. Has anyone dealt with this issue and what did you do to fix it? I am hoping I don't have to go in and solder another triac, it's a major deal taking apart the whole controller to get at the triacs.
  8. PROBLEM SOLVED! PROBLEM SOLVED! PROBLEM SOLVED! That fixed it dudes! Dan you are correct, in October at your suggestion, I did download the 3.2 bios into my DCMP3 card, and that did not fix the synching problem at that time. I had no idea that 2 weeks later you released another bios version 3.3 that did fix the issue. So I downloaded it tonight at your advice once again, took me all of 30 seconds, and AMEN BROTHERS, all my songs are in sync now! Praise God! I do however have a small complaint about the Lightorama support page. When you guys add new firmware, you should put a date next to it and the version number on the support page. Sites like Microsoft and Dell list dates next to their versions so we know what to get. You should do the same. Takes 2 seconds. Also, when I click on the firmware file to see the comments section, it does not tell me the version, it simply says this: ############################################################################## # # # Light-O-Rama # # # # Download Version 0.00 for the LOR MP3 Player. Any alterations to # # this file will most likely render light controllers inoperative # # # # # See what I mean? I highly doubt what I downloaded tonight was Version 0.0! LOL! Also, the harware controller program doest not display the bios version of the DCMP3, only the controllers. So I have to try to figure out some cryptic series of blinks on the LEDs and can never seem to get it right. NOW..... onto my next problem, now that this one is solved. Dan, sometimes, about 1 in 20 times or so, when my 1602WMP3 controller powers up, it does not start playing, it just sits there, with the status LED blinking, waiting for instructions from the MP3 player that never come. Sometimes I will then cycle power a couple of times, and it works, sometimes it just won't jumpstart itself. Sometimes I solve it by pulling out the SD card and sliding it back in. Then it jumpstarts and begins playing. I can't have this, what if I'm not around to jumpstart it when it fails to start up on it's own? Any ideas on what causes this? This has always done this to me since the day I bought it, and no bios version to data has apparently solved this issue. But it does seem to be an issue of the MP3 card not sending the instructions to the main card. I've tried numerous SD cards, all reocmmended brands, formatted properly, can't be anything I'm doing wrong, because the card worked last night, shut down with the timer, then would not power back up tonight.
  9. Why do I keep hearing "do not check lock step" from some people while others say you must check it off? Either way I have tried both lock step and without lockstep in the past and it makes no difference. Besides hardware controller software says it's recommended, so why would you not use something that LOR tells you to use?
  10. I already mentioned earlier I have already upgraded the bios. I can't send it in for repair, I need a swapout. I think the MP3 card is bad, because when I play it through the PC to the controller it works perfectly. I can't use my PC to run the show permenantly, I have to use the SD card, I have ot ge tthis resovled now. What do I do?
  11. All my units were upgraded to the latest bios this week. Most were already at 4.1 anyway, I just brought them all up to the same level. To my knoweledge, I have not seen any comments from Lightorama about this fixing that particular issue. Where did you read that?
  12. Dan: After sending my sequence files from my LOR1602WMP3 Show Director controller to a few other guys who have the same controller but purchased this year or last year, (i.e. newer than my 2006 model) no one else can duplicate the 1 second delay issue I'm seeing on 5 of my 30 songs. I think it's because my controller is old from 2006, it has a BLUE circuit board controller, with a green MP3 card. The newer controllers have green boards, so maybe the hardware is of a better design revision, not sure. All I know is that all 5 of my shorter songs, which are less than 2 minutes long, start off with a 1 second delay, and it corrects itself about a minute into the song. My longer 5 minute songs which are more complex have no issue! So I emailed guys at Lightorama 2 days ago at the support@lightorama.com address, to inquire how to take advantage of the trade up policy which gives us 60% discount and they send us a new unit, and we send the old one back to them. I have not heard back from them yet. Does Anyone know how to take advantage of this program? Maybe someone has already done this and knows what to do. I need to get a new LOR1602WMP3 controller in my yard ASAP! ...
  13. I upgraded the firmware on the controller to 4.32 and verified the version with hardware controller software. I also updated the mp3 card firmware, still no help. How can I verify the MP3 card got the firmware, I don't see a field in hardware controller to read it out.
  14. I just tried it again with the new processed audio file from LOR. Did not work, so tomorrow I will try to upgrade my controller to the latest firmware.
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