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  1. Newbe here. Also looking for the following: This is Halloween, Ghostbusters, Devil Went Down to Georgia, Werewolves of London, Time Warp I have been trying to load This is Halloween and get the timing, but it is missing the first part. Kimberly_davis73@live.com
  2. Just as an update... I did do a trouble shoot of the lights like Sax suggested. I started the hardware program and ran that controller with all Red's, Green's, and Blue's. I turned out that I did have the Green and Blue wires backwards. I fixed the problem. I've also sequenced a couple of songs using the instant sequencing tool (what a life saver for this late start of the season). It seems like the whole system does ok when running a sequence to music that was created using the instant sequencer. But when I play an animation sequence is when the lagging of the lights start. When I have time this week I will try to separate the whole system onto two networks and see how it runs than. Thanks everyone for the input. Its been invaluable!!
  3. OK... since I was off today I did troubleshoot all channels throughout the network. I DID NOT make sure the lights came on in a particular order but I did make sure that each light showed a red, green, and blue. I guess I could go through each controller and turn on the lights for test (reds, greens, and blues) to make sure each is wired correctly. I looked at them on the CMB24D's and they were correct there at least. My lights do flicker... when I set the lights up on a morph so that they actually fad up or fade down..... Lets say I start the group of lights out black and I want to fade up to any color. The first few seconds when the lights start fading up they blink as if I told them to twinkle or shimmer. Than when they get bright enough they stop twinkling and go to a solid on color. The same happens when they fade down. Power cord to close to the CAT5? Does that affect the lights, lol??? Also, what were you mentioning about morphs being to fast on a short period. Yes, my CCR's are on their own power supply. That's why I don't understand why they are flickering as well. It's when there are just two of them morphing from one end to another or if I have half the house fading up/down. I do all the sequencing and things on one laptop. Do I need to compress the files? Like you mentioned, will it start to play smother after I play the sequence a few times? SAX: you have quite a post and I appreciate you taking the time to type it all up. I will keep you posted. You are only 3hrs away though!!
  4. OK... so after running a simple light display tonight on the 500K network speed. Nothing sequenced with music, just a simple light sequence. The one bush is still lighting a different color than the rest of the bushes. Its starting to be obvious that a lot of the lights that around the house aren't turning the colors they are suppose to. It doesn't matter if its a RGB Ribbon or CCR. Is this a power issue or do I need to separate everything onto two networks?
  5. Ooooh no... I don't have all 40 on one power supply. You are right. That's crazy. So I have 5 CMB24D's. Each has their own 200W power supply from LOR. I have 3 of the CMB24D's plugged into a multi-strip with one CCR controller by the front door. I have another CMB24D plugged in upstairs by itself. Than another in the garage that is on a multi-strip also with 3 CCR controllers. Nothing is paralleled or end-to-end. I am using the 24 channels on each CMB24D like I'm suppose to. I attached a picture of one of the bushes displaying a different picture to the very first post. It should be the same color as the other bushes but it isn't. And this goes on for this bush specifically. The ribbon in other bushes has several lights throughout the ribbon that display different variances of color. I'm running everything off of one USB485 which I was told should be fine (on 500k). I'm going see how they run tonight at that speed. I do have another USB485 though. If needed I will split them up. It'll require more learning but I'm sure that will solve the problem. I'll post again tonight if the problem is fixed or not. Thanks everyone for the input!!
  6. Dennis: Yes the controllers are new. Just bought everything a few months ago. Wbaker: I am running everything at normal intensity which I am assuming is 100. I will change things to run at about 64 like you said this evening when the sun goes down. If the LOR 220W power supply has around 16amps on it and each RGB Dumb strip runs 6amps. That's suffice to say that each power strip can power no more than 2.5 strips? Why would LOR say that the power supply is the recommended to use for the CMB24D that can run 8 strips (24 channels) of either dumb strips or 10W flood lights? I did talk with LOR today. He recommended that I increase the speed of the network. I have been running it on the recommended setting of 57.6K which is the default. They suggested I bump it up to the 500K and that should be enough to run what I have off of one network.
  7. wbaker4: Yes, each RGB Ribbon is about 16ft long. I am powering the controller with the LOR 12VDC 200 Watt Power Supply (PS-LED-12V-200W). They say it is efficient enough to power 8 RGB 10W floods on the CMB24D. I do have 4 10W floods powered into one of mine now. But the floods aren't on all the time during the problem. I have check the wires at the CMB24D to make sure I have plugged them in correctly. I have. Steve: I have 20 controllers going off of one network. I am using the high speed USB485 to power them. In total, I have 16 CCR's and 5 CMB24D's running on the one USB485
  8. So I have several problems going on with my display. I don't even know where to start. I have a mix of 40 RGB Dumb Ribbons and 16 CCR's that are all displayed along the contours of the house/bushes/windows. I finally have the entire display up (first year). I've made a couple shows without any music just to show things like changing of colors, morphing and things like that. I play the LOR hardware utility and everyone acts fine on its own. But when I play the show that's when everything looks hokey!! First I have some RGB Dumb ribbons in the small in bushes. when I light them up, on some of the strands I can see individual lights that light up completely different colors than what it is suppose to be. On others, there is a mix of colors. Most of them don't show the same color, especially when fading from one color to the next. Secondly, lets say during a morph from one side of the house to the other. I obviously hit every strand eventually. The CCR's start that light up are not smooth transitioning. I get one color (some times red or green) than a whole group of lights with light up than a next. Its not a smooth morph from one side to another. And it kinda pops when it does it. The first 15(estimated) will light for 2 seconds than the next 20 for 3 seconds and than another. Even during the show I have just two CCR's to a morph from one side to another it is completely chopped up. Almost like there is a lag, process delay, or something. I don't have anything run at extreme limits. I actually have a really small front yard. The longest extension I have is maybe an RGB Dumb Ribbon with 3 extensions on it. That's not nearly close to the 50ft they claim on LOR. Thirdly, back to the bushes. I have one bush with a Dumb Ribbon that when it is suppose to light up with the others (one color) it doesn't. It lights up a color of its own. Completely different. I am really stuck here guys. Hope someone takes the time to read all this and can help out.
  9. I have two pillars on my porch. Each pillar has 3 CCR wrapped (loosely) around the pillow. I have had the CCR's up for about a week or so now and tested them frequently. Just last night I was putting up lights in a completely different area when the CCR in the middle of one pillars came on. Only the last 69 lights turned on (red, green, and blue on each). So the last 69 lights are bright white. Than the three light just before that are green. They is no power from the controller. They are just plugged in, that's it. I can unplug them but the second I plug them back in they turn back on. When I run a sequence they seem to act just fine though. They seem to just stay on when there isn't any signal from the controller or LOR. Any one have any suggestions here?
  10. That's what I am trying to figure out. I'm not the savvy electrician and I just attended Chucks LOR Seminar where he talked a lot of specifics about it. It just totally blew me away. I want to plug in 3-6 CCR's on one extension cord. Is that possible or would I be going over the "controller circuit amps"?
  11. I have the "knock-out" style also. The question though, is there a limit to how many plugs you can put on one extension cord? I understand to keep them spaced out and have some "wiggle-room" between them.
  12. Thanks Sax.... I splurged and got the little giant xtreme 26 ..... I'm sure it'll reach. I just wish it gave me an option to have it overnighted. Now I have to wait for it to arrive!!! UGH
  13. I have 3 CCR's on a pillar. The boxes are stacked on top of each other. instead of running three extensions out to each one. I was hoping I could create one extension cable with three plugs fixed on it. One on the end (of course) than two more plugs installed somewhere along the extension cord for the other two CCR's. I do have two pillars on the front porch. Each has 3 CCR's. Could I run long extension cord across all 6 CCR's so I only have one plug going to them? That would be awesome!!! Any electrical savvy types out there??
  14. I've bought spool of the SPT2 cable and some vampire plugs. Everyone is right, that is a lot more convenient to make your own extensions as you go along. Quick question... I'm not very electrical savvy. So I'm curious if I am able to make an extension cable with a couple "slider" plugs on it for some CCR's? So, I would be plugging 3 CCR's onto one extension cable. If I am, is there a recommended distance between each plug that you put on the SPT2 cable?
  15. hey guys.. I don't think I would dismiss the idea of putting a ladder on the lower roof if someone was holding it. The eaves are to high for me to reach from the lower roof. In fact, the top of the middle window is six feet above the lower roof alone. I'm guessing to reach the eaves or the circular vent in the middle, I would need a 20ft ladder to reach from the ground. Still working the issue. I know I could put a small 6footer or something on top of the roof on the left and that would get me to the top but I still wouldn't be able to get under and reach the eaves from there. I'm pretty daring but not hanging/reaching that far from the top. Thanks sax for the ideas. I'm looking for ladders now and will check into the little giant ladders. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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