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  1. The distance (3 houses on left and right) is just fine for my LOR show. Thanks for the info. Elizabeth
  2. Thanks for letting me know about the modulator at Walmart. I bought the Ramsey 25B for $175.00 on ebay. It works great, but It only transmits to 3 houses on the left of my house and 3 houses on the right of my house. Which is not very far! Elizabeth
  3. Tim Fischer, I did what you said and it is STILL WORKING! I was afraid to change anything since it was working, but now it is nice to be able to adjust the volume. Before I had the 25b plugged into the headphone jack on the front of my computer. Now I have it plugged into the speaker jack on the back of my computer and the speakers plugged into the out on the 25b. I am so happy it is working. I tried to figure it out for 7 hours yesterday. Thanks again for helping me. IT'S WORKING!!!!!! Elizabeth
  4. To: Tim Fischer, HBomb341, and SBontempo, Thank you all for helping me. It is working!!! It ended up being the sound coming from my computers speakers. When I turned them down there was no more static and the sound of my music was clear on the radio. Thank you so so so so so much!!! Elizabeth
  5. I bought it on ebay. It was assembled and tested. This is the only transmitter I have. I have tried listening on other radios in the house as well as in my car and they are all very noisy with very low music in background. Should I try a new frequency? Thanks again. Elizabeth
  6. Yes volume is enabled in windows Yes I get sound out of the headphones just fine. There is so much static you can barely hear the music when I plug in the fm25b. Thanks for helping me. Elizabeth
  7. Yes I hear loud static noise with low music in back ground.
  8. Yes I get sound from the speakers on the computer. The 25b is set to 92.3
  9. I did it and it still does not work. All I get is white noise on the FM radio station. What am I doing wrong? I appreciate you helping me. Elizabeth
  10. How do you hook up a FM transmitter to the computer? I worked on it for 7 hours and still can't figure it out. I need it in kindergarten language to understand exactly where the cords go. I am trying to put up a Halloween light show I got from LOR. I bought the Ramsey FM25B. I need step by step instructions. If anyone can help me, I would greatly appreciate it. Elizabeth Perrone joeelo@surewest.net or (916) 283-4553
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