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  1. Problem solved! It appears that there is a slight path change from the shows created in S2, or and change occured while upgrading. I simply created new shows using the S3 upgrade instead of the ones created in S2, and it WORKED. I dont know why, but.... Thanks for the input:dude:
  2. jimswinder wrote: LOL, Bob's older. He's got bifocals. Nothing has changed. everthing is in the same folders. I'll try and see what the log says. Shouldnt have upgraded yet i guess!
  3. Didnt look. Is there a backup log or should I just watch it again. I got frustrated and didnt think about that. The only thing I did after shutting down the show last year is upgrade to S3. Everything's the same which leads me to believe that it was merely the upgrade that has caused the problem. Maybe it changed a file association or something.
  4. I've been a LOR user for 5-6 years with no problems. I recently upgraded to S3 and had no problems to report, UNTIL.... I started the show named "Christmas Best Of 2011". When the show came on it played some, but not all of the songs in the show. I renamed the show to refresh it, but had the same problem. I've used the show editor for years and it has worked fine. All the sequences work fine individually. Any known software glithes with the show editor? HELP:shock:
  5. Your right JB, they do work great. Have a good Christmas!
  6. JB & Paul, Gottem fixed! I went to the hardware untility and changed the channel. Then reset them. All is well, and the show goes on. Thanks for the input. I didnt even know that they had LEDS in them. Thanks:D
  7. JB, First of all thanks for the reply. The transmitting ELL (my side) has r5 blinking steady, r6 blinking like an ethernet light (erratic and rapid), r7 is off. The recieveing ELL has r5 blinking steady, r6, r7 off. Thx
  8. Anyone had an ELL go out in the middle of the show? I send a signal via ELL to the house across the street that powers 3 other houses. For no appearent reason those houses went dark. I checked the boxes and they are getting power, but no sync. My side of the street (3 houses) works, so it must be the ELL's. Had them for 3 years and never had a problem. There are no "line of sight" issues. Anyone had this problem? Do they just go bad? Thx
  9. My farthest ELL is about a 750' ,with an obstructed line of site, from the other. It works great. The issued that I mentioned above only happened 1 time in 3 years. I think it was just a glitch. It certainly was'nt signal strength. LOR says it should work up to 4000' (probably with an unobstructed line of site). I believe it! I recommend the ELL. They are'nt cheap, but well worth it.
  10. [align=left]Thanks to all! It started up fine tonight. Hopefuly it was merely an ANOMALY![/align]
  11. Tonight one of the houses that I run with my computer using the ELL to cross the road wasn't working. I have 3 houses hooked up. I have 10 controllers on my house, linked to 3 controllers across the street, to 3 controllers next door to them. After I checked his power and determined that the boxes were working, I mearly un-plugged my ELL from the cat5 and then plugged it back in. IT WORKED! I thought that maybe it was just a bad connection with my cat5, but the other neighbors was working fine. Anyone else had this issue? They have worked great for 3 years. I hope they are not going bad at a 150 bucks a pop!
  12. This morning (in South Florida) I was sitting on the porch drinking coffee at about 5am. There was a cool front coming in and I noticed an occasional flash, but no thunder. When I walked down the driveway and looked back for lightning I noticed a strobe fired off. A short while later it did it again. I have about 20 strobes around the yard, but the same one fired about 3 more times, none of the others did. They are all on the same channel. Is this caused by static electricity? There was a storm approaching.:shock:
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