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  1. Hi all, does anyone have a sequence for Thunderstruck ac/dc or anything similar that they would share. I don't need ccr's or singing faces, Thanks in advance my email is dr.daft@btinternet.com Lee
  2. All working now I updated the firmware on everything and it now works
  3. Thanks DevMike, i have now done the firmware update and only have 2 networks in my sequences but it still not working
  4. Thanks a gain, i shall try it all again and see what happens. I'm guessing it is operator error lol
  5. Thanks wbaker4, I have set the controllers (ccr's) to aux a but i havent set an adrees to aux a. My regulare network is set as comm 3. Do you think this might be the problem?
  6. I have used the hardware utility and told it that i was using the new G3 and told it to communicate at 500k but still nothing, in fact all that happens is a few lights just hang. Do i need to address the aux a network in the sequence editor?
  7. Hi all, I have a G3-MP3 director and 12 CCR's which were new for this season, i cannot get the aux a network to do its thing. I have set the show using the hardware utility but still nothing. It all works fine on one network (although the ccr's lag on certain sequences) I am sure it must be something i've done or not done in the settings ! I have 6 of the CCR's set to aux A in the sequences and channel config. I must be missing something. Do i need the dongle attached when placing the show on to the sd card? I have used the simple show builder without the dongle attached and written to the sd card but this only supports one network. I put up with the lag but now that it's fresh in my mind i'd like to get it sorted. Many thanks in advance for any ideas, advice Happy new year Lee
  8. Light-o-rama has now confirmed it is ok to install an extra jumper and use the boards now to find jumpers !! Yes i did specifythat i wanted 110v Tim has hit the nail on the head, i posted on here out of sheer frustration with the whole situation. I have had to wait a couple of days to hear from the support desk in the past. My original post wasn't just about the wrong voltage controllers, It was also about waiting almost 4 months for them to arrive as well. Being in the UK, i have to wait up to 2 weeks for deliveries, so if these controllers couldn't have been used that could have turned out the lights for my first show. As light-o-rama users, we invest a lot of time and money in this hobby, so when, after waiting a long time for the controllers to arrive only to think they were wrong, please understand that i went into orbit at the thought of not having a show. Having said that, Light-o-rama support have answered my question straight away and i can use the controllers so no harm done. An apology for sending the wrong controllers in the first place would have been nice but i will settle for the fact that the show can go on. Thanks for everyones help and support in this matter
  9. Thanks Tim, I am going to wait until it's confirmed Thanks William I hope it's all resolved soon as well. And Karma had better catch up with DIM before anyone he has ripped off does !!
  10. I hope this is the answer David but the sticker says 240 only and i'm not sure what ghost loads are !! I will wait to hear from lor to be on the safe side. Full set up will just have to be delayed until i hear from them.
  11. My frustration is at a critical level! I ordered ctc16pc controllers at the begining of august in the tryforfree if you can wait up to 8 weeks promo. I specified 110v controllers even though i am in the uk.. They turned up today, almost 16 weeks later and the day before set up. Talk about cutting it fine but to my horrer they have sent 240v controllers which state on the boxes 240v only! To make matters worse in my eyes , 2 of the controllers were the controllers that i had already paid displays in motion for (when he was a certified light-orama partner i hasten to add) but he ripped me off for $400. Can anyone tell me if the jumper on the board can be moved to 110v safely and cause me no issues or invalidate my warranty? I have a ticket opened with the help desk, but i was hoping to set up today so could do with knowing if i am going to have a light show this year as soon as possible. I know that light-o-rama are really busy this time of the year, and that it was my choice to opt for the tryforfree but wait for ages, i know that i shouldn't have used displays in motion and i know that light-o-rama didn't send me the wrong controllers on purpose but i really want my lights to be lit up this year. Any help would be greatly appreciated. P.S. if anyone reading this can tell light-o-rama dan that as a customer, being on the end of a very lengthy delay from the tryforfree promo with very little comunication from his team isn't much fun !
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