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  1. All my sequences and music are still there. Just no LOR software.
  2. I had my desk top upgraded over the summer. Today I re-upped my LOR LIC and upgraded to Standard. I attempted to download and my heart sank. No LOR on my PC. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. TedL254

    Megatree lights

    Hey guys, Getting back into LOR after a little hiatus. I'm going old school and putting up a 20' megatree. I have one LOR controller devoted. I'm going with green and warm white LEDs. How many strings should I use per channel? Thanks
  4. Hi everyone!! I've been away for a couple of years due to some personal issues. But IM BAAACK!! I had (Have) leaping arches, but am now looking to switch to a 15' Megatree. I have 16 channels. And can leaping arch sequence be converted to megatree? I have LOR 4.2.12. OK one more question...how does one make the tree animation on the animation grid?
  5. TedL254

    Losing power

    So far so good! I'll reset tonite to run for tomorrow and keep my fingers crossed. Thanks for the help
  6. TedL254

    Losing power

    Im going to try it w/ the SSB putting a few sequences in and seeing if the lights will stay lite for 1/2 after the show.
  7. TedL254

    Losing power

    Just the LOR is having issues.
  8. TedL254

    Losing power

    In the control panel "adjust power settings/advanced power settings/USB selective suspend. I did selected never to suspend and High performance power setting.
  9. TedL254

    Losing power

    My PC had the Comm port selective suspend "on". I just shut it off. Do you think that was the issue. I have Wndws 7. New comp. not too familiar with it.
  10. TedL254

    Losing power

    I keep loosing connection with my usb ports, no matter which one of the eight I try. I have ferrite beads at either end of the cable connected to the SB485. Any suggestions would be a huge help.
  11. The 3.1.4 upgrade is supposed to fix the lockup issue. I'm still having issues, but then again I still consider myself a noob.
  12. All is well w/ the PC. Must have been some sort of conflict. I downloaded 3.1.4 and am still having freeze ups. " LOR tray not responding". I'm using SSB w/ the one hour between shows lights on mode. The show will end and two mins. later all is off and that's when I get the LOR tray warning. If I run a continuous show, no issue. I only have 14 sequences. I'm afraid the neighbors will be singing Christmas carols until August if I do continuous. I'm going to Radio Shack today and get some ferrite bead clips and put them on the other cables near the light controller cable. I hope this will solve the issue.
  13. yes but this is year two for me and I went with another (2nd) controller and building light arches this year. Last year was perfect. Not an issue. This year I've yet to have a complete show run. Been trying since end of November. Soooooo yes, a show time director is most definitely in my future. at this point....no more upgrades till I figure out what I'm doing wrong with what I've already got.
  14. New Issue!! My Show stops. If I Use the SSB my show will run if I leave it on continuous. If I try to use the hour between shows delay (only 15 sequences) the lights stay on for around 2 min. after the last sequence and everything stops. I get the "Not Responding" warning in when i go to the tray. Here's the kicker...I unplug the USB cable, plug it back in and the whole thing starts (not all sequences only six songs) without haveng to reload the LOR. The only thing is my sequences are not in the order I had put them. I do have 3.1.4 installed.
  15. Thanks guys, I just deleted the previous downloaded sequences rebooted and all is fine. I have Webroot. And I just got back from Staples with a flash drive. That scared the S**t out of me. I'd hate to have to start from scratch. Oh yeah, And I'm doing mu own sequencing. What I don't get done this year will be a new one for next year...That's called glass half full.lol
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