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  1. Great! Thanks all for the replies. I've expressed, diagrammed and skyped with all his confirmation they are 5m in total length, and 10cm between each pixel. I hope!!!
  2. I've been going back and forth with Ray, and maybe we have an language barrier or I'm just not asking correctly. Anyway, was hoping someone here had some info on these pixels: http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/promotion-12mm-RGB-full-LED-pixel-module-WS-2811IC-DC5V-input-50pcs-a-string-IP68-led/701799_564836955.html I really just want to know the overall length of the string and the spacing between pixels. Also, a decent end connector to plug into the E682 to extend the current one. Any help here would be great! Thanks!
  3. Yea all three running from 1 controller. I did find if I inject 12v on the third it does seem to brighten it up and run smoother. However it will run just fine without it. Left all 3 running for three days, each having their own sequence and not an issue!!
  4. I haven't, still only using the 1 usb485. Also, make sure you order all your strips at the same time so they are the same LOT! What fun that was when I found out strip 2 and 3 reversed red/green. Manually going through 300 channels to reverse the dmx addy, your damn right I'm counting this to my channel count next year!!! :shock:
  5. 1. No, as long as the dip switch 10 is off, they are full DMX. Once the sequence stops, the strip stops. I've left it plugged in over night as well and it never came back on. 2. Not that I've figured out. I just converted each 3 channels in LOR to RGB channels with the correct channel number. 3. Yes, it seems to work just fine. But, I sequence in SS, export and copy the timing/sequence into LOR.
  6. http://www.holidaycoro.com/rgb/RGB-Basics.pdf - Good reading here And yes just like a CCR, you will also need to make the RJ45-XLR 3pin adapter shown above. Also if you convert to RGB channel, I found the blue/red are reversed! So 1.1 Blue, 1.2 Green, 1.3 is red.
  7. Thanks Giz. Didn't even get directions! You must have gotten lucky. Took a few tries, but I did get the pinout figured out. Have you tried the 2801 stuff? Are the dimming curves that much better? I've compared my CCR with the 6803 and really don't see a huge difference in the drop off. Not that I dim that much to begin with.
  8. Everything came in today! Thank you for the help, working awesome! Looks/Feels/Programs just like a CCR and half the cost! I see many additions for next year! Thank you again. :]
  9. am having the same issue with two different 1602W. Snubbers are on both. They are helping with the leak a bit, but not resolving it. Worked fine for the past week, now this. *knock on wood* the CTBPC's are working like champs. until of course, I hit the reply button down there I'm sure. I'm a little beyond aggravated.
  10. I had a hell of a hum in mine, then I grounded it. Works like a champ now. Just a thought ...
  11. Thanks! That was simple enough :-) Anything else I need to know before adding to LOR?
  12. That would be great if you could find the pin out or is there an easy way to find it out? Thanks for the help here! Just getting going here and hoping I was on the right track.
  13. trankin79

    DMX RGB etc ..

    Ok, so I've been researching DMX for the past few weeks and want to make sure I'm on the right track here before I get any further. I can use the USB-485B as a DMX dongle? From what I'm reading I use a crossover out, but what's the data+/-, still white/orange orange? How do you connect the cat5 to the LPD6803 dmx controller? (would it just be easier to use the Enttec USB?) Really just wanting to test: http://www.aliexpress.com/product-fm/491662850-5m-DC12V-LPD6803-digital-led-flexible-strip-with-DMX-LPD6803-controller-waterproof-by-silicon-tubing-wholesalers.html Any help/feedback here would be much appreciated.
  14. http://www.lightorama.com/Firmware.html - so the newest firmware (Oct. 2011) listed here is only for the G3 controllers or will it work on the earlier models?
  15. Has there be a resolution to this? I have 4 Rainbow Floods, 1RGB strip that is experiencing behavior like this. DC unit is channel 6, channel 1 which is Flood 1 Red channel never exports. Just curious ... thanks!!
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