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  1. How do I pull my prop that was created in the pixel editor into my sequence editor so that when I play it back in sequence editor I can play/see it with the view animation? I am running v4.3.24. Thanks, Dwayne
  2. Imagine Dragons - Believer

    May I have a copy too? Thanks in advanced......Dwayne! d_wayne67@yahoo.com
  3. Ring Christmas bells

    May I have a copy too? Thanks,Dwayne d_wayne67@yahoo.com
  4. Faith Hill - Where Are You Christmas

    I would appreciate a copy as well. Thanks, Dwayne d_wayne67@yahoo.com
  5. Hey James, Do you mind sending me Hallelujah? Greatly appreciated. d_wayne67@yaho.com
  6. Up for grabs....Michael Buble - Cold December Night

    May I have copy? Thanks, Dwayne d_wayne67@yahoo.com
  7. I would appreciate a copy too. Thanks, Dwayne d_wayne67@yahoo.com
  8. My Christmas List from 2014 For Sharing

    May I have 36, 50, & 60? Thanks, Dwayne d_wayne67@yahoo.com
  9. Mannheim Steamroller- Deck the Halls

    I would greatly appreciate if I could get a copy too. Thanks, Dwayne d_wayne67@yahoo.com
  10. Tennessee ++ Spring Mini

    It was nice meeting everyone and thanks to everyone's involvement. I appreciate all the wisdom & knowledge that everyone shared. And a special thanks for Doug & his wife for the hospitality.
  11. Tennessee ++ Spring Mini

    I am planning on attending as well and looking forward to it. Thanks, Dwayne
  12. tso's winter palace

    Hey Joe, Hope you had a great Christmas. When you get a chance could you send me the files also? Thanks, Dwayne d_wayne67@yahoo.com
  13. Network connection drops during show

    I just powered mine up this evening and having the same problem. I have 7 CTB16, 1 CCR, and 1 CMB24. I tried checking from different controllers with laptop and my desktop is doing the same thing. My desktop has a different USB485 then my laptop also. I was just getting ready to start a ticket to see if LOR had any suggestions. What to do?
  14. Sequence beggars

    My take: This is my 4th year and it does seem to be a lot more people wanting/needing sequences. I personally have asked for sequences from others and thanked them I hope in the process. I still spend quit of bit of time in adapting them into my display. Also, I am not very good at breaking down the timing with all the different channels and I know there are people who are a whole let better than me. I will admit, I do wait late in the season to do my sequencing, but I am getting a little better. I believe that most of the people who are involved with this hobby and participate on this forum have good hearts and intentions or they wouldn't be doing this. My thought is that if someone has already invented the wheel why try to reinvent it? This allows me more time to spend on other parts of my display which I probably enjoy a little more. If I had a great sequence I wouldn't mind sharing it with anyone, but I don't think it exists. :-) On another note: I have a neighbor/friend now that has one of the largest static displays around southern Indiana. This year we have bonded and I helped them out with setting up their display and in return I have borrowed their bucket truck to hang lights. This made it so nice! Big thanks to the Adams! With that being said....if it weren't for people sharing their sequence of other stuff I wouldn't have had the extra time to make new friends and pay it forward. In the end: Caleb's idea would help out tremendously! I know there is a lot of you that share your sequence & I think I can say for everyone THANK YOU in making it possible to put these shows on for the kids & the kids in us. Even though some people may feel entitled, I feel most of us do appreciate it. Happy Holidays! ~Dwayne
  15. The Season's Upon Us by Dropkick Murphy

    Can you include me too? Thanks, Dwayne d_wayne67@yahoo.com