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  1. Dwayne 20

    Gene Autry - Here Comes Santa Claus

    I would love to have a copy too! Thanks, Dwayne d_wayne67@yahoo.com
  2. I would greatly appreciate a copy as well. Thanks in advanced....Dwayne d_wayne67@yahoo.com
  3. Would anyone be willing to share Santa Claus is coming to town sequence. Thanks, Dwayne
  4. Dwayne 20

    This is for all ACDC Fans

    Hey James, May I have a copy too?....thanks Dwayne d_wayne67@yahoo.com
  5. Dwayne 20

    Pixel Prop

    How do I pull my prop that was created in the pixel editor into my sequence editor so that when I play it back in sequence editor I can play/see it with the view animation? I am running v4.3.24. Thanks, Dwayne
  6. Dwayne 20

    Imagine Dragons - Believer

    May I have a copy too? Thanks in advanced......Dwayne! d_wayne67@yahoo.com
  7. Dwayne 20

    Ring Christmas bells

    May I have a copy too? Thanks,Dwayne d_wayne67@yahoo.com
  8. Dwayne 20

    Faith Hill - Where Are You Christmas

    I would appreciate a copy as well. Thanks, Dwayne d_wayne67@yahoo.com
  9. Hey James, Do you mind sending me Hallelujah? Greatly appreciated. d_wayne67@yaho.com
  10. Dwayne 20

    Up for grabs....Michael Buble - Cold December Night

    May I have copy? Thanks, Dwayne d_wayne67@yahoo.com
  11. I would appreciate a copy too. Thanks, Dwayne d_wayne67@yahoo.com
  12. Dwayne 20

    My Christmas List from 2014 For Sharing

    May I have 36, 50, & 60? Thanks, Dwayne d_wayne67@yahoo.com
  13. Dwayne 20

    Mannheim Steamroller- Deck the Halls

    I would greatly appreciate if I could get a copy too. Thanks, Dwayne d_wayne67@yahoo.com
  14. Dwayne 20

    Tennessee ++ Spring Mini

    It was nice meeting everyone and thanks to everyone's involvement. I appreciate all the wisdom & knowledge that everyone shared. And a special thanks for Doug & his wife for the hospitality.
  15. Dwayne 20

    Tennessee ++ Spring Mini

    I am planning on attending as well and looking forward to it. Thanks, Dwayne