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  1. RIP Robin... Wow, just watched some of the videos, it's been years since I saw them, Great Display!
  2. The fuse holder is shot! I have had many of those fuse holders go bad, the cap holds the fuse too tight and does not allow the spring in the cap to push the fuse down on the bottom of the fuse holder. This creates a loose fit in the holder and arcing occurs causing heat build up and melting the bottom of the holder. Sometimes it melts just enough to cause there to be no connection but I have had one melt completely in two. I have spare holders that LOR sent me years ago for just such an occasion and after going a couple years with no problems I had one melt just last week on our Mega tree. I had it back up and running before the first runthrough of the show was complete!
  3. Chuck is an instigator!
  4. Looks good so far but just wait until your wife goes to use her favorite cutting board!
  5. I have the same issue when using xLights. To control the E681 when it is plugged directly into the computers ethernet port I have to disable my wireless card first. I was hoping it was just an xLights thing.... I too, will be watching and waiting for a solution.
  6. Denise Brunner wrote: Thanks Denise! Yes I do but I have been doing a very good job of filling it up. I really have to plan better before building these extra large display props.
  7. And the 28' LVL 4x4 posts with attached CCR's that the stars are mounted on are hung from the loft floor. Attached files
  8. Tear down has been done for a while but not everything was stored, especially the new builds. As of today, both 9' RGB exploding stars are mounted on the barn wall. Attached files
  9. geronc wrote: Looks great! Are the fuses supplied with the kit?
  10. tonyski wrote: Truer words..... Dan said quite some time ago they were working on new tutorial videos but so far nothing.... I've been at this for 5 years and I'm still learning new tricks and tips all the time. After helping a few people learn some of the basics of using the sequence editor , it would be so much less painful of a process with some updated videos to help step new users through the process. Even some veteran users could benefit from seeing some of the new features put into practice... Patiently waiting....
  11. LightORamaDan wrote: Excellent news! It will save me the hassle of having to use the xLights show player....
  12. I'm not a computer "guy" but shouldn't the LOR installer make the default directories the same on all machines regardless of what the OS is? It would make things so much simpler.... Reading this thread, changing the directory structure is something that I clearly need to do... I'm not exactly sure how to do what you describe but really need to figure it out...
  13. And I thought you knew better... You won't find S3 on my show computer until after the season...
  14. MikeH wrote: I know how you feel, I missed it by 10 days. MikeH ...Sigh... I missed it by 4 years. :?
  15. Tim Herberger

    DMX Newbie

    Zman has excellent DMX / LOR info on his website. http://www.woodinvillewonderland.com/images/Zman%202010%20DMX%20Primer.pdf
  16. Don Gillespie wrote: Tim what did you use for your base for the canes? also it looks like they fold in half how did you build these and what are you storing them in it looks like an attic?? The base is made with a 2x6's and there is eight 15' long sections that fold to 7.5' long. I used 4" door hinges for the joint where they fold and to lock each section to the next .They stack together and are stored in the loft of my barn. I spend time during the summer building props with easy-up and easy-down in mind.
  17. Jeff Millard wrote: Tim's YouTube Channel Jeff Thanks Jeff. The Amazing Grace sequence has a close up of the fence near the end.
  18. Knocked down and ready for storage. Attached files
  19. Jeff Millard wrote: My fence is actually 3 colors, Red, Green and White candy canes, all from Walmart. There is 64 of each color for a total of 192 canes. The over all length is 120' and uses 48 channels, 16 for each color. It's a crowd favorite and one of mine too. :cool: Attached files
  20. Surfing4Dough wrote: I guess all the bugs must have been found and fixed -- looks like it is time to release the software then.
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