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  1. I'm stoked for CCR. I get to blow some tax money!!!!! The wife is so kewl.
  2. Your welcome make sure you read the tips post ast well...lol.
  3. To frame your windows I used 3M command strip hooks. Not expensive at all. SKU 0 51131 70533 3 Command Brand Damage-Free hanging. Good Lighting!!
  4. I bought really cool icicle lights from Big Lots (go figure). They are dimmable SKU 145 360023961 0 080 Icy Icicle Light. However as cool as they are they sometime are missing the actual icicle part and they sell fast. 25 lights, 12ft, 9-10 bucks ea. I was having issues not only locating but replacing the ones had missing icicles. I got fed up and called Big Lots coporate. After some crossed wires with a jerky store manager. They found some more for me since the local store was out. I had to drive 45min to get them so they sweetened the deal. Big Lots rocks with coporate customer care. Their store not so much.
  5. Sooooo. I figured it out. I had a feeling I screwed up the logic on the controller with my mucking about. I pulled the J10 jumper. Powered the controller. Let it reset itself. Killed the power, replaced the jumper and fired it up again!!. Wham-o works like a champ now. It's too bad I have to wait another 11hrs to get to enjoy it . So all I need is bunch more 16 channel sequences. BTW I have learned some important leassons that other newbies should consider. 1. Patience is not just a virture, it a requirement. 2. Label everything. 3. When it fails to work, it's moslty likely your fault. 4. Zip ties do wonders. 5. 3m Command strips make the world go around. 6. When at the store and your wondering if you need another extension cord? Yup you do! 7. If your wife says go ahead and buy it. It means you owe her one later. 8. Calling corporate HQ's to find LED lights will get you lots of lights, some free. 9. Neighbors do get ticked when cranking "Wizards of Winter" to test your lights 5-6 times at 10pm. 10. Drilling holes in your wall to shorten the distance your Cat5 cable has to go, is tantamount to marital suicide. Thanks Everyone for your support! Happy Lighting!:dude::dude:
  6. OK this doesn't appear to be working. I have verified, confimed Com port, found HW, confirmed ID, confirmed no popped fuzes and all cables/adapters are connected it just doesn't work. I have tried every suggestion given here and no dice. The program sees the box, recognizes it, but the box is giving me the middle finger.
  7. I think im going to reinstall the software and check both fuzes in the morning. i doubt i popped them. i'm running 90% LED and I leveled the load rather well.
  8. I may not be explaining this well. The first thing I do is go into Hardware and I scan for the controller. Wht It finds it I run the tests, both the streaming lights and and go into consol and try loghting them manually. Nothing happens. I run verfy and diagnostic with no errors. When I go into squence editor it shows that i'm conneted to the controller on the lower right side square. When i run the sequence it happily tries but the lights stay as black as night...lol. Thanks
  9. Check... however i'm confused why I can't even test the lights. when I run the sequencer it say that it is connectd to the controller. I will fart with it more. Fire more ideas I will certainly take any help i can get. Thanks
  10. I have a single controller with the USB485 abd s2 software. I ran my lights wich BTW was Greek tragedy in it self..lol. I connected the controller to the USB adapter with provided cat5 cable. i ran the hardware utility and programed the id and ran tests with it. It worked fine and even ran some sequences. I connected my stereo up to pump the music outside and now nothing. Hardware app shows the controller, the controller light blinks when I disconnet the cat5 but goes solid when I plug it in. I wont allow me to test or run a sequence. Major bummer. Any clues i on what I just did? Thanks
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