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  1. Me too james please jasonbeaty@charter.net
  2. Add me to the want list please jasonbeaty@charter.net
  3. I call it dubstep but also looking at techno or mash-up
  4. Still looking , if anyone willing to help, THANKS
  5. Looking for ideas and help for Christmas dudstep songs
  6. may I get it also PLEASE and THANK YOU jasonbeaty@charter.net
  7. me too please jasonbeaty@charter.net thanks
  8. james can u please keep the giving going, love to have it also jasonbeaty@charter.net
  9. saw it friday night with the famliy, it was awesome!!! got some ideas for 2014, thanks to everone who had a hand in the show
  10. can anyone give me any info on this .Does this really work, and can you use any projector
  11. thank you guys for helping me out with three boys (8,6,4) and a hundred different remote control cars i should have a 9 volt plug. Surfing4Dough you dumbed it down just right 4 me
  12. can someone dumb this down for me how do i wire a 9 volt plug to my director to plug into my timer to get it to come on by it self to run my show when im not at home or can i put one of my controllers on the timer then plug my director in to that controller
  13. EARLE This is my first year with a spiral tree, I sure would like to look at your awesome sequencese also THANKS
  14. any update on a summer sale I missed spring sale so I really cant miss this one .
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