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  1. I am new to LOR as well and have my Halloween show up and running. 32 channels, controlling lights, pneumatic pop-ups, even the headlights on my jeep. We have been doing Halloween for many years, seriously the last 7. I got tired of hand made motion detectors, and other switching devices and finally bought two 16 channel controllers. I have one inside the house in my fireplace, I run all the extenstion cords out through the clean-out chute, which happens to be in the front of the house. The other controller is on the roof (flat roofs here in Tucson), and the cords run out to branches of the trees and down as necessary. So no fear of theft. As for rain, one is inside, and the other I monitor the weather closely, although, again here in Tucson rain is not much of a worry. As for mounting, I just have them laying on their back. Happy Haunting! Dave ps. For great Halloween ideas, see the Monster List of Halloween Projects: http://www.halloweenmonsterlist.info/
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