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  1. Thanks, Dan..... Great advice..... Problem solved. Appreciate your help.. Merry Christmas! ...Timothy Howse
  2. Perhaps I do need a driver. I have a new computer and cannot find driver software but will look around.
  3. Great idea...sounds like you have some great experience. I assigned the port to COM1 via the LOR hardware utility. I have two X-10's is pluged into the same outlet as the interface module...inches away from it and they still will not trigger. Then I plugged a manual x-10 controller into the same outlet and it works fine. So then I plugged an old serial mouse into the com1 port to test it and that works okay proving the port is good. So I'm not sure what to try next.
  4. I'm having trouble adding X-10 modules to my display. They do not seem to function with LOR software as documented. (I'm using LOR S2 software, and the basic X-10 Computer Interface Model CM11A plugged into the COM1 port using Windows 2000.) How do I diagnose the problem? Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Can you explain how you made the angel move up and down? That was a really neat effect.
  6. tkhowse

    LOR Issues

    My dad and my brother put together the LOR 16-channel controller kit that includes the box...and we are now trying to get the controller to work properly. While doing so, we ran into several problems: The section for “Assigning a Unit ID” has missing instruction on how to set the Unit ID on the board. Can someone provide instructions on how to do this? When we power the unit, we cannot get the LED indicator to blink as it is supposed to once we plugged in the unit. We checked the diagnostic procedures, and everything seems to be okay. We checked the voltage on both sides of the fuse and it registered 110 volts. Thanks.
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