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  1. FYI, I received a response from Light-O-Rama support. I think i will just plug them into timers or something to they are powered only when the show is running. At least I won't have to worry about my garage door when I normally need it. Here is their response: Though I would post that here so others would know. Jeff
  2. I'm not sure I can change the channel on the garage door. One person commented on CCR's. I had CCR's over my garage last year with no problem. That is why I'm suspecting the CCPs. Yes the problem occurs even when the lights are not being used. If there is power to the controller, and the lights are plugged into the controller, then I have issues with the garage door. That is how I eliminated the controller from the equation. It must be the string of lights. I'll send a note to LOR just to see what they have to say. Jeff
  3. Well I did some additional testing and here is what I have found. I unplugged 2 of my 3 CCP's so I could perform the test easier. It didn't matter which one I had on. All them them interferred with the garage door opener. I tested them one at a time. So the next step, I unplugged all 3 and everything was fine. I plugged the one in closest to the garage door and I couldn't use my opener. I started experimenting with different metals in front of the box to see if I could eliminate the interference as some here suggested enclosing the controller in a metal box. Unfortunatly, the items I tried did not work. So I decided to keep the controller plugged in but unplugged the two light strings attached. Viola! The opener was working fine. So it appears the interference is coming from the circuits on the light string. I guess I could enclose each of those in metal:-) Of course you would be able to see the light bulbs. I have no idea where to go from here. It is going to be a pain every year not being able to use my garage door opener during Christmas and Halloween. I used CCR's in many of the same locations last year and didn't have a problem so I know it is related to the CCPs (and I'm assuming CCBs). Jeff
  4. Finally getting back. I see others have the same problem. I will have to see what I can do. The controller boxes are "fairly" far away from the garage door opener. The closest one is located to the right bottom of the garage door (2 feet but near bottom). Next one is up high above the garage door near the roof line (12 feet). The last one is further to the right and in the middle of my 2-story house. I'll see if I can shield it to see if it works. Jeff
  5. Has anyone had any issues witht the CCP's interferring with the garage door openers? I was having trouble at halloween but didn't relate it to the use of the CCP. When I stopped the show for Halloween, I left the lights up (using them for Christmas) but didn't have them plugged in. I have everything plugged in for Christmas and now I'm having issues opening my garage door. This happens, even though the show is not running. The CCP's are just plugged in. I had CCR's over my garage last year and did not have this problem. I'm outlining my house with the CCP's this year and they are the only difference in my layout this year. I'm going to try and extend the wire for the antenna on the garage door opener but thought it was strange that the CCP's would be interferring with the opener signal. Jeff
  6. Nevermind! It was user error. I had the visualizer setup wrong for my CCR's in the Super Star. It works as expected. Jeff
  7. I'm using 3 CCR's for my Superstar. I have them folded in half at the top (left some room to allow this without cutting the ribbon) with the controllers on the bottom. When I try to have a simple morph from the top line to the bottom, it is doing something strange. It looks fine in SuperStar while editing but when I export the sequence to LOR, I'm getting different results. The odd lines (1, 3, 5 - first half of my 3 CCR's), are morphing correctly (from the top down). The even lines (2, 4, 6) are morphing from the bottom up. I've used this software last year and I don't remember having this problem. Am I doing something wrong? Missing a setting somewhere? I could program each line individually and have it do the opposite for the even lines. That would fix it but would be tedious. Jeff
  8. Well unfortunatly no I don't have extra chips laying around. I will talk to LOR once the holiday season is over. I wonder if we can construct something that we could put before the CCR that would be a saftey circuit like whatever is on the LOR 16 channel boards. They seem to have some type of protection from this issue. Basiclly the bad cable is sending voltage down the wrong wire which causes the CCR controller to go bad.
  9. Well I saw in another post where you can order just the ribbons so I looked around and found where I can order just the controllers. They said in the support ticket they have a 7-14 day backlog. Hopefully they can get it out soon. I'm still checking to see if they can only charge me 1/2 price. BTW, anyone know what on the CCR controller board would get fried? Maybe I can repair what I have so I can have extras. Jeff
  10. Be VERY careful with the cables you use with you LOR CCR controllers. I think I had a bad cable that actually fried 2 of my controllers (the red light won't come on now). I had 1 go bad like this 2 years ago. That is why I test my cables now. Apparantly the cable tester that I have still doesn't quite test the cable completely. I made sure lines 3,4,5 and 6 were all the same on both ends of the cable using the tester (tester can test 8 but I'm only using 4 with a RJ11 telephone plug). I should have tested the cable between two 16 channel controllers first. When I do that, the 2nd controller's light goes out but they have something on the board so it won't fry. The CCR's do not have this safety feature so now I have two fried controllers. I opened a support ticket but I think I confused them some and they closed it (I reopened it). All I need are 2 controllers. Hopefully I will be able to get them. I don't need the ribbon lights as they are fine. Anyone else have this happen? Anyone have a couple of CCR controllers to sell me? Looks like LOR is WAY behind and they don't have any in stock according to their online store. Hopefully they will get back to me on my support ticket so I can get the controllers only (don't want to pay full price plus if memory serves, they do take back any controller and you only have to pay 1/2 price for a new one). Good luck and DON"T FRY YOUR CONTROLLERS! I may be without my arches this year because of it:-( Jeff
  11. I look forward to that release! I know it may be a while but I'm glad it is at least being considered. Thanks! Jeff
  12. I have had this issue since I started programming my first CCR 2 years ago. I'm wondering if there is anything in S3 that now helps this. My main problem is that I have my own "White" settiing on an RGB channel. I set Red to 100, Green to 42 and Blue to 4 to get my "Warm White" which matches all the other white lights in my display (close to a VERY dull yellow). Anyway, in the sequence editor, and on the visulaizer, these settings look more orange then the warm white I'm looking for. I used Brian's SuperStar software last year and he made his own calcuations in the program so when you play back the sequence in SSEdit, it would be closer to what you would actually see on the CCR. It doesn't appear that the software for S3 (the regular sequence editor) has changed in regard to this. I also have similar problems with my Yellow (Red 100, Green 22) and Orange (Red 100 Green 10). Creating a "Yellow" color in the editor (Red 100 Green 100) does NOT produce Yellow on the CCR. I've been reading a little about the Dimming Curve. Is that something we could setup on the CCR's that would allow us to pick Yellow (Red 100, Green 100) in the editor and we would see Yellow on the CCR? This has been the hardest part of sequencing the CCR's that I have had. Thanks! Jeff
  13. BrianBruderer wrote: I have mine attached to PVC. I will get a picture of that tonight and upload it. I'm using velcro to secure the CCR to the PVC. Jeff
  14. I'm pretty sure that is exactly what he is working on. Can't wait to see it! Jeff
  15. I'm impressed with the import of LOR Timings and 3 Channels I've been beta testing for him. Can't wait to see how this feature turns out! May need to expand SSEdit to allow other channels to be controlled:-) Jeff
  16. If all you have is the serial adapter that connects to a serial port on your computer (not the USB adapter), then I must report that I had one of those go bad a couple of years ago. I purchased one of the USB versions and haven't had any problem since. I also have a couple of backups now jsut in case (bought 1 extra for sequencing work and just acquired another when I bought someone else's LOR box they didn't want anymore). Jeff
  17. Yeah great job! Too bad I have two kids getting ready to enter college:-( Won't have much disposable income to buy 12 CCR's (still might get a couple more though to add to the 2 I have).
  18. JeffBlan


    I mounted the CCR's onto PVC pipe to form the arches. I applied the ribbons to the arch using velcro so I could remove them in the off season. The velcro didn't stick to the ribbon so I had to use silicone to attach the velcro strips which worked quite well. As for programming, it isn't too difficult. I made my ribbons a resolution of 25 so it would cut the number of channels in half. Still that means there are 75 channels to program if you are not using the macros. The hard part for me is when I was mixing the RGB values to come up with the colors I wanted. That was a little tedious. If you use the macros, the programming can be MUCH easier. I used a combination of both. Once you understand how to use the macros, I thought it was rather easy to get the effects I want. When I couldn't get what I wanted, I used the 75 channels individually to get what I wanted. The bad thing about the macros is that you can't see their effects in the animation window so you have to have them plugged in while you are sequencing. If you use the 75 channel route, you can easily setup your animation to have the three RGB channels split into 25 segments to see exactly what it will look like in your display. Anyway, now that I've gone with CCR's, that is the direction I'm heading for the future. I'd like to outline my house with them so I only have to use one string of lights instead of 6 (I currently have red, blue, green, white, yellow and orange lights outlining my house). It would cut down on the number of extension cords I need. I just hope they get the extension cables soon so we don't have to use so many CCR controllers.
  19. JeffBlan

    8 Foot VU Meter

    Thanks for the idea! I've been playing with it today and I've had some success. I found a plug-in for Meida Player that will play the input in the visualizer and it controls the lights! I couldn't get anyhing the line-in plug to work on my Vista machine (LORVis worked fine!) but I was able to install it on an old laptop running Windows 2000. I had to install Windows Media Player 9.0 (what the plug-in was written for anyway) but with everything hooked up, I was getting results. The problem is the visualizer was "pausing" alot so it really loses the effect. I may try to run it on some old PC's I have laying around to see if it is any better. I couldn't find any LOR plugins for iTunes or WinAmp.
  20. JeffBlan


    May I dare suggest using a CCR? That is what I and many others did. I used two CCR's to create 4 arches and I could make them any color I wanted:-)
  21. JeffBlan

    8 Foot VU Meter

    I played around with the LorVis. Does anyone know of a plugin of some kind with iTunes? A club I belong to that supports youth programs is having an '80s dance on March 6th and I've been volunteered to be the DJ. I thought it would be cool to use one of my controllers and lights dance to the music but obviously don't want to sync each song. I'd rather use iTunes then Media Player as I'm playing the music. Jeff
  22. I just played around with your demo software and THAT IS COOL! Once you get a hang of it, it's pretty neat with what you can do. I'd love to see how the output is inserted into a LOR sequence but I see the potential. Keep up the good work!
  23. From the lack of replies, I assume most have had great success with the CCR's. It's always a risk to be an early adopter but I love Light-O-Rama's support which is why I buy their products. I recieved my replacement ribbon today and all seems good again! Now time to save up some money so I can make a Super Star! Jeff
  24. Now I understand. I didn't think about it that way. As Gilda would say "Nevermind.":)
  25. Just a quick question. Is there a reason why the macro modes 2, 4, and 8 do not use the "Submode"? They are the same as 1, 3, and 7 but in the reverse direction. Why not support the same when going from end back to controller? Thanks! Jeff
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