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  1. Roverdish, I would love to check out your work on this. Please email to JoshuaLowe@gmail.com
  2. I'd love to take a look. joshualowe@gmail.com Thanks!
  3. I'd love a copy. Thanks for sharing. joshualowe@gmail.com
  4. Would love to check these out for my Halloween show this year. joshualowe@gmail.com Thanks!
  5. Hey, I would love a copy. Thanks for sharing! joshualowe@gmail.com
  6. Looks great! Also, very clever way to address the different pixel groupings. Look forward to a video!
  7. Nothing wrong with going 5v or doing a mix. I have some of both in my display. Just have to make sure you don't connect 12v to 5v pixels. You shouldn't need to worry about power injection if your "arms" are relatively short and the controller is close by. But you will need to be comfortable doing some soldering for the connections on the strip.
  8. Correct, most 12v strips are controlled in groups of 3. Depending on the density of the strip will determine size. (30 led/meter with 10ic's would be about 4 inches.) You will save a lot of money by building it yourself, but, you have to decide whether the cost savings is worth the time lost. It depends on your level of comfort with soldering and building boards. I consider myself a novice, but I have built a few controllers, including e682's. So, I had another kit to build and I did it in a few hours while watching football last weekend. Just depends on your comfort level. You could also buy an assembled e682 and then figure out case, power supply, pixel connectors, etc. It's always a case of balancing cost and time. But, you should move quick if buying pixels from Ray, as time is running short and with protests in Hong Kong and other customs issues going on, packages may be delayed.
  9. Here's how I look at it: this whole hobby is an off-shoot (or expansion of) traditional Christmas LIGHTING. No crowds would come by to just listen to your music selections while the lights stayed static. I love classic Christmas tunes, but the slower ones don't showcase the light display well. Therefore, I tend to avoid them. Doesn't mean I dislike them, just that they aren't a great choice for animated lighting.
  10. So, the error occurs when running a demo sequence, but, in xlights, are you ONLY using the test tab and clicking them on/off? Could you try importing your sample sequence into xlights and see if it runs as expected? This would eliminate whether there's an issue with transmitting plenty of data vs. sending one channel. What is your actual hardware configuration in S3? Like, how is your network being sent? How is it knowing what port to send the dmx data vs the lor data? Are you sure all of that is set correctly? To take screenshots, open your network configuration, and, if using windows 7 or 8, run Snipping Tool to take and save a screenshot of the LOR tab and the DMX tab. In addition, click Advanced for both LOR and DMX and and check to see how those are assigned. Also take and post one of xlights. (If you are using an older version of windows, use CTRL+PRTSCN, then open Paint and paste and save the image.) What are the actual COM port settings? I assume you will know these if you have xlights working correctly? I just have to think the most likely thing is something wrong somewhere in settings.
  11. Could you post a screenshot of your network setup in xlights and in S3? If the hardware works as expected in xlights, then it seems most likely there is a software issue, not hardware.
  12. Ron- I remember reading that as well. As soon as I saw that bit about the arrows pointing in, I figured that's what happened. Al- the advantage is that I think data comes down the middle wire, so, you probably only put power down the ground line. I *think* your pixels will still work.
  13. If you can get to your 682's web page, does it show a test pattern is active? If so, then your pixels may be wired wrong. Wire color doesn't mean anything. You should be able to look at the chip on the pixel and see which is power, ground, and data. Then, make sure those match with your e682. Also, when you talk about the "arrow", that's indicative of how the data travels. It should point AWAY from the controller, not towards it. Also, only plug in one strand. Just in case there's a wiring issue, better to fry one than fry all.
  14. Get you a 50 pack from Radiant Holidays. Here's a link to the male plugs: http://radiant-holidays.com/radiant_holidays/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=7&products_id=128
  15. I looked at doing it. The biggest issue for me is that it really is not a fully developed song. The beginning has a lot of talking vocals and is very "thin" musically. The middle is pretty good, and I really feel like the "tick tock tick tock" would look great alternating left and right halves of my display. But, then the end quickly goes into something really sad and could remind folks familiar with the movie that it's a depressing point where the girls' parents die. Not sure that's something I want people to think of around Christmas. I tried editing it down, but, then it becomes quite short. If I leave in the beginning and middle, but edit the end, it would work, but it just didn't seem like a better choice for me over just doing Let it Go. But, I'm sure a few people are doing that song.
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