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  1. Plugging away.. Last video til next week!
  2. Its all lit. I have a piece of garland that is covering a pixel. I don't wanna crawl on roof to fix.. s
  3. Another one.. I will try to upload 2 more tonight
  4. Finally got around to making a video. This year, I am having a lot more traffic.. Which is good, but as you can see in the video.. I have people walking IN the display.. Next year I will fix that.. But the show must go on!
  5. Since I am a drafter.. I use what I know best. Cad. Plus when I come up with an idea its easy to figure out.
  6. Well, today I got a lot done! All the roof elements are up and ready to rock! I posted a Video of just the pixels running.. I wanted to see what they actually look like! And the neighbors think I am a little nuts now... The video should be ready around 1115 CST today..
  7. My roof stuff goes up this weekend! Looks great Don!
  8. Now, that is a tree! It beats my 12' mega trees in a heart beat!
  9. Well, I couldn't wait for Thrusday to test these pixels out on my wreath. The wreath still has 200 of red, blue, green and clear LED lights on it. But last year, my biggest complaint that there was not a lot of action on the roof line area. So, thanks to Jeff for helping me get my feet wet in the pixel arena I added 200 pixels to this bad boy.. I got to admit. ITS BRIGHT!! I am excited to see what the pixels on the roof plus this will look like! Come-on Saturday! https://vimeo.com/52435936 BTW, I need to remember which plug goes to what.. I had 1,2, 3,4 mixed up when I made this video.. I fixed it, just to lazy to redo the video...
  10. Can't attach my wreath picture.. I croped the living daylights out of it, also compressed it.. 9.28k seems very small personally.. Anyways, I am focusing on getting the wreath done. I have redone the garland on it, and fixed the exiisting lights as needed. I also started adding my pixels to the wreath.. I am stoked to see how this looks! I can't test til Thursday, as my controller is being used for my halloween display. Roof lights go up this weekend! I hope the weather holds! Arnold PS. Ill try to attach picture in a few days, with everything on!
  11. Jim, maybe do half the column.. Not all the way around.. I was thinking that one could wrap the columns, then like half way you add a leaping arch between the columns. Can you take a straight on shot of the house? I'll sketch up my ideas for you..
  12. Would be cool to use them as firesticks.. then maybe a leaping arch on top? Along with that, add snow tubes to fill up the empty space.. Tons of ideas.. great pallet to work from!
  13. Thanks.. Trying to hurry up and get these knocked off the to do list.. I'm so far behind this year.. Partly due to the late arrival of lights, and a small Halloween project that I wasn't expecting to do. It gets bad when you blow off dates to work on Christmas stuff! As it stands, I am about 3 weeks behind.. I will finish 2 more trees tonight, and the last 2 tomorrow. Next week, I need to focus on my redo of the wreath, I have a lot of pixels that go on it.. Since I start putting up the roof elements in 2 weeks, I need to get my rear in gear.. Once the roof stuff is done, I start putting things on all the non-grassy areas. then the weekend before Thanksgiving, I put everything else out.. the to do list as of today 4 more trees 16 tomato trees 2 3-d stars wreath 4 controller stands and need more beer!
  14. These are the trees that I am replacing from last year.. I had many issues with these.. the final straw was the outdoor trees are not really outdoor.. I couldnt take the bloody things apart after the season.. Even with WD-40! These are the trees that I am replacing from last year.. I had many issues with these.. the final straw was the outdoor trees are not really outdoor.. I couldnt take the bloody things apart after the season.. Even with WD-40!
  15. There are several reasons that people use garland.. In the case, I wanted to hide controllers.. And the garland does a great job of that.. Plus, I don't like the look of a bunch of wires at night or daytime.. So the garland also hides that. Its all preferance. These trees are 5' tall x 2 1/2' wide at base.. I redid them and have 300 of red white and blue.. Honestly, the white seems to be lacking.. Course, Im using LEDs for everything but white... that's the difference. I also have tomato cages that sit about 4' in front of these.. Now those Im just using lights.. No garland on those.. Here are 2 of the 6 trees that have been completed. I am a lot happier with these than the first one. Arnold
  16. After taking a fresh look at it, I will probably add another strand of each color. Right now there are 200 of each color.. I figure 300 of each should do the trick.. Easy enough to unwrap and redo.. Got 5 more of these to do... Fun times!
  17. Finally made progress lastnight. I have all the trees wrapped in garland. It took about 175 feet of garland per tree. Lastnight, I stripped the lights off the old trees, and started to put them on the new..
  18. Yea, with all the new development going on, we are a dark hole. And to be honest, I'm the only one who decorates for Halloween and christmas. Happens when you're the youngest one around here! But doing that, kinda makes us visible again. I will say this, when I move no hoa for me!
  19. Lmao! We really do not have any kids here, last year we had 2 yes 2 trick or treaters.. If there are more kids I'll go all out. But Christmas is my fav. Thanks for the complements guys! Arnold
  20. I was asked by the HOA to do a Halloween display again this year. We do not have any kids really to make Halloween a big deal.. But this is what I threw together. I am using a E681 running 40 pixels (yea, small like I said! but testing everything out before I really load up the system for Christmas!) Also, just 4 channels of LOR running my lanterns I made last year. The video should be up in about 30 mins from the time of this post. Arnold
  21. By the way, I did paint the tree, however I left the base alone for now.
  22. A few days late, but I finally got to these trees. The tree is 5' tall, 2 1/2' wide, used 163' of garland. This is one of six. I must say, it doesn't look bad.
  23. Well I'm finally back to these darn trees! I picked up about 800 feet of garland last weekend.. Lastnight, I pulled 2 of the 6 trees out of the attic. The plan is to paint the PVC black and start wrapping this week. I want ato know how many feet I actually need to do each tree. I will take pictures as progress is made. I spent today glueing the remaining loose pieces that I thought I could keep loose, but in Texas heat, plus attic, most of them came loose.. Tomorrow, I will clean the trees and start painting!
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