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  1. Looking for “science fiction double feature” from the opening of the rocky horror picture show for the singing monster faces. If you would like to share, send to giacomo_v@verizon.net Thanks
  2. Sorry haven’t gotten back to you. If you would, please send to giacomo_v@verizon.net. Thanks.
  3. Does anyone out there have a sequence they would be willing to share for science fiction for the singing monster faces?
  4. Looking for MJ’s THRILLER for the singing monster faces. Anyone have this sequence and would agree to share? jdpugliese@verizon.net
  5. Hello Bill, Would it be possible to get a copy of the Halloween singing monster sequences also? Also, do you have or do you know anyone that have visualizations for the singing monster faces? jdpugliese@verizon.net Thanks
  6. Very Nice. Would really like to see how the pegboard will look. Might save me from welding.
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