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  1. I think they go for about $200ish. You save around $50.
  2. I also like the vent pipe. I use incandescents on my arches and you can see the gaps between each of the bulbs. Also each of my arches has 1200 lights and is almost too bright. I am gonna use the vent this year. Thanks.
  3. ny_yankee_25 wrote: I want to buy white/clear rope lights from 1000bulbs.com. What would you recommend for brightness design? I only need 2 wire. But I cannot decide between clear, or white. I know I don't want led. I love their prices, what So many to choose from and I have no clue on the quality! Please let me know your experiences! I too am about to purchase some rope light and have been calling distributors regarding the clear vs. white. They all say the following almost word for word. The white is the same bulbs as the clear, it is just a white sheath or piping instead of a clear one. They say the clear is great for PROVIDING lighting (to light something else up). While the white will look better if you are looking at the rope light itself, like in my application which is a snowman. Also the 3/8 in bends better than the 1/2 in. Nick
  4. shfr26 wrote: She clearly doesn't understand your dedication and sacrifice.
  5. CKSedg wrote: Good call on the shower curtain. I was thinking that you could twist the 3 strands together and run it vertically thru the center of the tree. That should give you even distribution and cut down on shadows. I like the shower curtain liner idea too. I hope in the weather it stays soft and pliable and doesn't get brittle very quickly. I think if you run a single string down the middle, it will look much brighter at the top and then gradually get dimmer as the tree flares out going down. I think more lights will be needed as you go down. I can't think exactly how to do that right now. What if you run that strand vertically, but only run it from the ground to about 2/3rds of the way up? It will probably get a little brighter midway up, but it may be acceptable. I think the opaque material is gonna be the key to making it look good. I will try and pick up some supplies and try it.
  6. shfr26 wrote: Good call on the shower curtain. I was thinking that you could twist the 3 strands together and run it vertically thru the center of the tree. That should give you even distribution and cut down on shadows.
  7. This is a great idea! Just need to find some sort of thin, flexible, yet durable vinyl or similar material. I know that in the past I have cut up garbage cans, heated them and then molded them to the shapes that I needed. You could probably do the same with tall white garbage cans by cutting them, wrapping the cage and then zip tie them together. I just went and took a white trash can that I had in the shop turned it over with some blue LEDs in it and turned it on in a dark room. It glowed amazingly well. It looks like the trick is to keep the bulbs away from the cans surface like CK said. The only problem that I saw is that it gave the illusion of soft edges on the can. So your mini trees will probably not look very sharp and crisp as they do with the bulbs on the cages. It created a glow around the can. The also may be so because I was in a 10 X 10 room and it lit up the whole room. I am gonna dig out some more lights and play with it. I will post results.
  8. CLARIFICATION: Sorry. Still very new to alot of the terminology. I was talking about the CCB's CCR's etc. Also the strings that response-box.com has. I like the idea of being able to do chases within a string or chase a wall wash across a house, but don't want to break the bank in doing so. The strings seem great for a mega tree (cut down on weight and infinate color and patterns) also. It just seems like the way to go if it isn't TOO complicated or expensive. [line] PS: I saw the demo video on Greg's webpage and it looks great. Greg what is your recomendation for coverage (units per feet) The front of my house has about 90 feet to cover (YIKES)!!!!:shock:
  9. Thanks Greg, A chaper alternative to use DMX would be nice, but I know that ball is out of your court. It seems like your led stuff is pretty plug n play. You cleared some things up for me for sure. I am looking at whether to go with something like RWRs or RGBs but when these guys start talking about how RGBs hook up to LOR I get lost. So everyone... bang for the buck is RGB or DMX/RWR the way to go? I keep hearing that RGB frees up channels, but I don't understand how.
  10. I think it would look great. I am doing a bit of research on similar products for a wash effect as well. Your garage doors will look good for sure. Phillips Color Kenetics is another version of this type of lighting, but I believe is going to be more expensive to incorperate. I was looking at the rainbow wall runners also and purchasing the rainbow brain assembly that Lights On Manor sells. The price isn't too terribly expensive, but there are some questions regarding this product that someone can answer. I know the product is a DMX product, so an addaptor will have to be added into my LOR network, right? The "brain says that it has 5 ports and that each port will support 5 RWR's, so that's 25 total per board. But does that allow me to do chase sequences through the ports (all lights on port 1 do the same effect always) or can the DMX signal control all 25 lights individually? I am very new to the DMX concept.
  11. Kevin, You are saying that everyting for 4 channels (power and signal) could go through 1 SPT2 extention cord? I'm not that tech smart to understand, but that would be pretty cool. It just seems like you would need some type of special cord to make it work.
  12. Ron Amedee wrote: And if you wait until the summer sale the 100% complete PC controllers went for $195 last year!
  13. SWEET! I am gonna try the trash bags tonight! Right now they are all sitting across the attic floor because I was worried about breaking bulbs by stacking them.
  14. NickByrd

    Donation Box?

    Just look at these responses... there is no right or wrong answer. I have been struggling with the same decission that you are and I have about 90% settled on not doing a donation box. The one experience that tipped my scale was that I was at another display (which had a donation box) and I didn't have any cash. I left feeling bad about not donating and felt obligated to leave money to watch. I watched his display several times through the season so I paid everytime. I don't want people leaving my display with that particular feeling, so I am probably not doing a box (at least for now). What I am thinking about doing is making the display in honor of a charity. I may do an announcement to honor that charity and try and raise awareness for the charity. Then they can look it up or not, but the box in they yard felt a bit pushy (just my opinion).
  15. Spindler, I actually purchased my first 4 controllers from WOWLIGHTS.COM. It really depends on which package you get from them. Some of the packages come with a music CD, some with a sequence or 2, etc. The package that I purchased had 4 of the CTB16PC controllers, all the CAT 5 cables, the USB 485 booster and the Advanced software. If you are NOT buying from LOR during a sale... and you only want the PC controllers, then its a pretty good deal. I can tell you that the service was good, the product was well packaged, all my controllers were labeled and numbered out of the box ready to go. I would not recomend their sequencing. It is WAY expensive for what it is. Besides you are already sequencing. The extra decorations that they sell are also a bit high, and you can fabricate them if you have a little know how. Nick PS: This year I am waiting for the big JUNE sale to buy all my new controllers from LOR direct.
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