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  1. Leds for sale

    All the ge are sold. The only ones I have left are sealed ones from christmas-leds.com
  2. Leds for sale

    I have not been on here for a long time so I don't even remember what I posted. But I do have some led's I would sell what are you looking for?
  3. Singing monsters for sale

    Just sold them sorry
  4. Singing monsters for sale

    Selling my set of holiday coro singing monsters. I have all 4 paid $150 looking to get $75 plus shipping out of them. I have just the coro. They are 46in x 46in. No lights will be included. If you would like pictures just ask
  5. 12 mini trees forsale

    Message sent
  6. SPT Plugs

    Christmas-LEDs.com they have good prices and fast shipping
  7. Lor 1602w for sale

    All channels work this is a 30 amp unit in the metal lor enclosure. $190 plus shipping
  8. Leds for sale

    48 strands of blue m6 sealed 70ct used 1 season bought from CDI $10 each 40 strands of blue m6 sealed 70ct I bought these used for $7 a set and never used them. 30 strands of warm white m6 100ct GE. Bought from lowes used 1 season $8 each 50 strands of warm white c6 100ct GE new bought from lowes $10 each 30 strands of warm white c6 100ct GE used 1 season bought from lowes $8 each 10 strands of red m6 50ct GE new bought from lowes $4 each 4 strands of blue m6 50cf GE new bought from lowes $4 each 50 strands of warm white 100ct GE icicles used 2 seasons $7 each I also have some multi color sets for sale Pm me if Interested
  9. I am thinking about building a Ccr wall or tree, but I have several questions. 1. If I were to run 12-18 ccrs would I be able to run them on 1 high speed adaptor? 2. How far can the show computer be away from your first Ccr controller, my computer is at least 100 feet from where I want the grid to be in my display. 3. What spacing do you typically use between ribbons in a matrix? 4. Are you satisfied with your CCrs? Or would you turn back time and build your display element with something else? I just want to be sure I am not missing anything before I try to buy some on the next lor sale
  10. Christmas time Michael w smith

    Looking for this sequence I have a lot of channels but anything will help out at this point. My mom wants me to do this song and I just have not had the chance to even think about doing if lol
  11. The Grinch (Jim Carey Version)

    I am having the same problem :-(
  12. Roof line ideas for snow country?

    Bright lights that will show up through snow
  13. Lights for sale

    I also have a ton of lights for sale

    I also have 80 sets of white wire clear for sale. They are new bought for a project I'm not going to do anymore.
  15. Lor or wow lights sales

    Ok I have decided to order ccr's this year now I am going to wait for the sale. I know lor sells them for $180 on there sale I was wondering if anyone new the wow lights price. Wow lights also has a 12 ccr package deal. I was dreaming that that might be on sale as well.