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  1. I went a diferent route last year with the pumpkin face. I did the building projection. http://vimeo.com/31081454 This one the pumpkin shows up at the end... http://vimeo.com/31081982
  2. Thanks William... I miss you.... ;-)
  3. Mike it it a CCR star... Each point is 10 pixels.. Ed I use Adobe software. Production Suite 5.5 Thanks to all of you for the wonderful comments...
  4. I use Adobe After Effects to do the building projection... Mel
  5. The local TASL group came out this weekend for a great time...
  6. As you know a few years ago I am the one who added fire to my show. This year I have added a form of building mapping to my display.
  7. melwelch


    You do not call people who disagree with you names... Stop trying to scare new people into thinking their world will come to an end if they do not have GFICs... GFICs only work if amperage has gone to ground... All of you who have cut corners with lamp cord (SPT) the only way a person will trip a GIFC is if they become the ground... Being exposed to the Hot and Neutral will not trip a GFIC... Merry Christmas and Good will to all....
  8. I used a Canon camcorder... On the star each point is 10 pixels on the CCR... Works out nice...
  9. My star for me is the best... http://vimeo.com/8241366 I have several other videos of the star there on Vimeo This year I made 2 arches with one CCR..
  10. You mean something like these... http://vimeo.com/8241145 http://vimeo.com/7878857 http://vimeo.com/7879484 http://vimeo.com/8240795 http://vimeo.com/8240965 Complete show http://vimeo.com/8563881 http://vimeo.com/8553222 These were done last year to test out the CCR... The main thing on setting up the star outline is that each point of the star is 10 CCR pixels... I look at each point as if they were mini arches... I think I have some sequences over at http://christmascarolina.com/
  11. pokrplr wrote: OK if you want to bring up the background you need to pick the time of day... Twilight or just before complete darkness... Because you are shooting with the gain turned down you will get a look like you shot at night... Kinda the same in the movies when try shoot day for night.... Its not the camera that makes a good shot it has more to do with the user.... (I added this for the people obsessed with hardware)... I remember the old story from a famous photographer... He was at a famous restaurant and the Chef came out to meet the guy... During their talk the Chef wanted to know what camera he was using... When he showed him his high end camera the Chef remarked, "No wonder you take such wonderful pictures with equipment like that". Well the photographer was pissed the whole time he was there eating... Well when he finished he asked to be able to go back and see the Chef... When got back to the kitchen he asked the Chef what equipment he uses to fix the delicious meal... The Chef proudly showed him the top of the line pots, pans and knives... The photographer remarked, "Oh no wonder your food is so good with equipment like that "... Then he left.... Point of the story… It is the artist not the equipment…
  12. pokrplr wrote: Instead of adjusting your shutter speed look for your "gain" setting... Lower this down to -2 or -3... It is not a white balance problem.... It is all the blackness and a few lights.... The camera is trying to balance the extream black with the bright lights... The lights are washed out from over exposure... By turning the gain down you will compinsate for the auto exposure failures.... You get the same effect when you are inside a house and there is an open window... The window will be washed out... If you turn the gain down the window will become visable but inside will be dark.... That is what you want.... Your focus is the window the same is true with Christmas lights.... I have been taking videos of fireworks for almost 40 years now...
  13. Well if you got rid of the GFC you would not have so many problems... You do not need GFCs in your display... Just search the fourms of all the problems they cause... Oh if you are of the GFC faith and I have spoken unholy words... Go search how many people have been hurt or killed from Christmas lights...... GFCs are right up there with man made global warming... Science and facts just does not support either... But if you have cut corners on extention cords and have cracked insulation and think GFCs are protecting you.... Well good luck... Keep your equipment in good condition you will not have any problems... And NEVER wrap your connections in plastic, tape or anything... All you will do is hold in the moisture.... All you GFC holy rollers have a nice day...
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