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  1. I should tell you that I tie a short piece of parachute cord around the end of the rope light, and cinch it down pretty tight. (the cap covering the end is large enough to keep the rope from coming off) I put one screw or hook in the top base of the column on the backside towards the house. On the open end of my string I tie a loop and hang it on the hook. I then wrap my poles from top to bottom. (I've tried wrapping from the bottom up and you ned up going up and down the ladder a hundred times) I sort of take my time on the first one getting my spacing... then the other one is easy, because I just set it to match first column.
  2. I have two columns on my house, (not quite as tall as yours). I use 2 total channels for my columns. I wrap each column at an angle like a candy cane in red, and leave enough space to wrap green in between the red. I use LED rope light. You can plug them end to end with power plug at ground level. The red is one channel, the green is the other channel. It's a pretty neat effect if you are alternating between the channels from beat to beat of the music... especially when you get a get the a wizards in winter crazy shimmer back and forth... works for me. :-)
  3. I did the bounce my second year (2010) purely by accident. I used C9 and had a string of red, a string of white, and a string of green. My first year (2009) getting all three color strands across my roof took a million clips and was incredibly time consuming as I had to run all three colors at once. Taking them down was like an avalanche... once the weight built up... off they came. Lost a lot of bulbs, but oh well. In 2010 I decided to experiment with different clips. So one color was mounted a few inches above roof line with some clips I found at Lowes (haven't seen those kind of clips since - they were sort of "L" shaped with the foot of the "L" sliding under shingles clipping on gutter) The second color I ran with regular clips right at roof line. The third color I hung off the roof line color using zip ties. The bounce effect was an unexpected kinda cool factor. I don't thang them that way anymore, but still cool.
  4. Thanks to everybody for their help. I was going crazy! But all is well, now back to my work of getting my shows updated.
  5. SUCCESS !!!!!!!! My LOR computer is a Windows XP machine that it's sole purpose in life is to run my shows... the rest of the year it sits quietly in the closet. I did a clean install of XP a few years ago... and besides Office, and Adobe reader... LOR software is all there is.. This machine is clean. Well tonight I installed CCleaner and uninstalled 3.8, cleaned registry etc. Rebooted and installed fresh copy of 3.14 and it worked just like it did before... nothign on second string. So I repeated I used CCleaner and uninstalled 3.14, cleaned registry etc. Installed 3.5 and everything works! So I don't know if 3.8 was the culprit, or if was just a bad install or what... but 3.5 gave me the option of second string and the lights are now responding. So I will stick with 3.5 for now.
  6. Still frustrated. Control lights was checked under play menu. I can use the Hardware Utility (Test console) to manipulate the Color Bulbs. I close Hardware utility and opened sequence editor. I select create a new animation, and then I insert the Device -> Insert Device Above. No matter what I am trying to do, the lights will not work (whether I insert as 1 string or insert as two strings) I had been using software version 3.14, and recently updated to 3.8. Under version 3.14 I was able to make the lights work albeit only one side or string. So that's why I updated to 3.8 based on another thread... explaining how to insert both sides. :-(
  7. Thanks. I will try your suggestions tonight. I've never had to turn on the control lights... but I just recently upgraded to 3.8, maybe the default was switched. I do see the 2 CCD xx s1 and CCD xx s2 groups... and haven been trying all kinds of things within each group tryign to get it to go. Thanks
  8. I have 3.8 Advanced. I have 3 different sets of CCB100. All sets behave the same way. (I am only connecting one set at a time) It has to be a setting or something I am not doing correctly? Under the Hardware utility - Test console I can make the lights do whatever. In Sequence editor I insert the CCB and I leave as 1 string (yes I am picking the correct Unit ID) I can make the one side work. In Sequence editor I insert the CCB and set to two strings I cannot get anything to work. I have not yet tried two strings each with their own ID.
  9. I was able to test my ccb100 with the hardware app but when I create a test sequence only the one strand of 50 lights works. I read another similar post in the forum... I had software 3.14 and did not have the options to select adding CCB with two strings. So I updated to software version 3.8 Now I do have the option of two strings, however neither string works now. I have been following http://lightorama.com/Documents/CosmicColorPixel_Man_Web.pdf Under the Hardware utility - Test console I can make the lights do whatever. In Sequence editor I insert the CCB (yes I am picking the correct Unit ID) and I cannot get anything to come on. :-(
  10. So I have version 3.14 (which is the lowest acceptable version?), and I do not have those options either... I bought 3 strands of these bulbs... and per Brians reccomendation I paid the $29.95 software renewal fee to upgrade to 3.14. I am NOT happy right now... please don't tell me that I will have to pay MORE for updated software.
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