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  1. I have four singing Christmas trees . When the sequences are playing, two of the Christmas trees are singing but nothing from the other two. The ones that sing are on channels 1-8 but the other trees that are not working are on channels 9-16. I am using two controllers. Any help appreciated.
  2. renniek12

    newbie help

    Is there anybody who lives in central new jersey who could give me some one on one lightorama help?
  3. renniek12

    New Jersey

    Anyone from New Jersey that has Lightorama that I can converse with and maybe see their display?
  4. I have eight Halloween songs that are sequenced to pumpkin faces. They come already sequenced to the music.This takes up 16 channels. I want to add a second controller to add animated skeletons. The skeletons do not come sequenced to music. They will take up 16 channels.When I do the second controller am I setting up the second controller for 16 or 32 channels. Do I only add animation sequences to the second controller?
  5. renniek12

    Error codes

    I keep getting this error. Shows cannot be enabled because of an error. Open of serial port has failed. Error (8002) open of serial port has failed. Error of (8002) comport error. While; open Com 1 params baud = 56000 parity=ndata=8 stop=1 xon= off odsr = off dtr = off rts = off idsr = off Trace; Init Light-O-Rama port/LOR channel 0. I wish I knew what this means. I do not have a clue what to do or where to start. Help!
  6. the lights and music play in sequence editor but when I go to use in a show the music only plays
  7. I can play animation and music in the sequence editor but I can not get it to play when I load show from on demand or .simple show builder . what am I missing?
  8. I enable the show and the music starts but no lights. I ran verifer and that says channel and sequence completely off. What do I do?
  9. When I run the songs and animation the verifier program says channel and sequence is completely off. Why and what should I do.
  10. Can someone offer a step by step checklist for running my show so I can see if I missed any steps.
  11. I am able to play music and lights in sequence editor but when I load and enable from simple show builder I get music but no lights.
  12. renniek12

    animation file

    How do I add an existing animation file to the music animation in the sequence editor?
  13. I tried loading 3.1.4 onto my laptop. It shows that is on the computer but I can not access it. I tried to delete the software to start over but it would not let me do that either. I keep getting the message (Windows can not access the specified device path or file. You may not have the appropiate permission to access the item). Any help would be appreciated.
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