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  1. Luckily, I work from home... popping a batch of popcorn right now!
  2. Jeff, I had the "admin approval required" set on for ALL new users. We were getting hit by a lot of bots so I made the forums admin approval needed to cut down on the spambots.
  3. ChuckHutchings wrote: Works for me too. But then I have the LOR directory structure setup EXACTLY the same on both machines. I use three machines actually, Lappy, sequencing computer and my show computer. My main two are the sequencing and show computers.
  4. Shubb wrote: It ain't what it once was.
  5. Surfing4Dough wrote: CCD's? I am excited already. Is that something new? How much will they cost? When will they be released? Is there a manual yet? Sorry, couldn't resist. Are we having fun yet? I am so pumped about the upcoming release of Cosmic Color Drums!! Soon! Where's the "like" button?
  6. I do not trust everything I read on Facebook
  7. Dan, Can't I change it in the hardware utility? Will that work or will it totally screw things up?
  8. I powered off, spun dials then powered on. I thought of the .lcc idea as well. I may just do that.
  9. Nope. I'm going to have to pull it off the roof and run some more tests on it.
  10. I have a CTB16D (blue) that I have set for unit 7, when I run the hardware utility, it shows as unit 27. I have upgraded the firmware to v 4.32. to no avail. Any ideas?
  11. stanward wrote: Terry couldn't resist!
  12. I use one, I have it above my door it and it shows through the window. You can see mine from several hundred feet.
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