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  1. This one is making full use of a full matrix display... 18323 Stanislaus St Fountain Valley CA 92708 They met up with some complaints from the neighborhood though... http://www.aol.com/video/christmas-clash-over-homeowners-huge-light-show/517621489/
  2. Where did you get the audio from NBC for "Opening"?
  3. I purchased S3 Advanced this past year (in order to use RDS). I purchased 2 controllers last year. To date I have yet to get a show up and running! Not the software/hardware fault! I've decided to sell it all. Am I allowed to sell or transfer the software license? I remember seeing something about that last year, but can't find it. Dino - KX6D
  4. Right click...save image as...
  5. scubado wrote: How many people scrolled back up looking for the purple panties?! Be honest!
  6. I don't mean to hijack the thread, but I too am running 3.1.4 with a new EDM transmitter w/RDS. I have the Standard license. Following the instruction on the EDM/LOR setup found online I see I have to use Window Command...but, its GREYED OUT! UPDATE! I see as I write this that I need the ADVANCED version of the software to "Execute Windows Shell Commands". I was hoping I wouldn't need the advanced software until I went past 128 channels. :X I wish they would have made this available for the STANDARD license as well! Looks like a single standard RDS message for this year! :X Dino - KX6D
  7. http://www.edmdesign.com/orders.html Dino - KX6D
  8. jimswinder wrote: only 2?!?!?! Come on... think BIG!!!!! Besides...Dan needs a new pair of shoes.... Dan can't even deliver enough THIS year! Aren't suppliers wonderful?! Dino - KX6D
  9. k6ccc wrote: Hey Jim! Good to see you out here! Dino - KX6D
  10. Did you know the opening to YYZ is in Morse Code? Y = dah di dah dah (-.--) Y = day di dah dah (-.--) Z = dah dah di dit (--..) Although the song was written for a Canadian Airport. :-)
  11. Nice job with the audio feed to the remote van! Inspirational for sure!!! Dino - KX6D
  12. There had to be almost 2000 people there last night! Even with a small technical difficulty, the crowd stayed patient. Kevin, if you want to borrow my EDM transmitter for the rest of Halloween, let me know. I can bring it by tomorrow to get it all set up and test it. I PM'ed you my contact info. Give me a call. Dino - KX6D
  13. Cracker wrote: Where is the LIKE button?! Attached files
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