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  1. Im a Mac user, I have a $200 netbook that I use just for LOR. It gets the job done.
  2. This thread is great, im just starting to look into my options for adding some RGB / DMX control for next year. There is a lot of helpfull information in this thread.
  3. It's that time once again for the Herman Festival of Lights. It's my second year with Animated Lights, my third with lights in general. This year I am at 7000+ Lights and 42 animation channels, a 20' Menorah, a spinning dreidel, and an 11' bear. From Gangdam Style to Candlelight this years show is an eclectic trip through our music tastes. New this year: 2 new 16ch LOR boxes, 3 total. 1500 LED Menorah 18' by 9', MiTS presale lights 1500 LED Roof line made up of Gold, Blue, & White LEDs zip tied together, MiTS presale lights 600+ LED 6 section main tree 100 Purple & 100 Pink LEDs in the Trellises for my little girl. 5 Snowflakes, Target 1/2 off last year after xmas 3' Drediel with 100 lights, 1/2 off at Bed, Bath, & Beyond last year after hanukkah 100 Blue LED x 3 hedge, Target 1/2 off last year after xmas, replaced incandescents Cut internal light wires to the bear and rewired them to a show circut. 1km of SPT-2 & 100 plugs, WLC Ventures, they are great, fast shipping. External Speaker powered by old JBL Creature Speaker Amp, now people can hear the music driving by. First Video, Gangnam Style Other videos to follow soon.
  4. Almost done with prep and I have a good chunk of 2012 sequenced. Adding 32 more channels and 2000+ lights this year. Big thanks to the LoR community for all their help this past year.
  5. Gangnam Style video made the news in Los Angeles, California today. Congratulations on the first viral light video of the season.
  6. Voted for you. You can Vote once a day. My house didn't make the cut, Good Luck.
  7. You can get the bear from the the awesome folks over at Yard Inflatables Their site now says he is 7' and not 11'', I'm not sure if this is a smaller version now, mine is 11' tall for sure. -Brad
  8. My Display has made the news: (patch.com) How I stopped being a Christmas grinch and learned to embrace Hanukkah
  9. That's an EPIC CCR Mega Tree, is that 8 or 16 CCRs? or more?
  10. Next two videos online for you to checkout Jerusalem Is Mine http://vimeo.com/33224862 Jerusalem Is Mine performed by Cantor Lonee Frailich with Music and Lyrics by Kenny Karen. I Like to Move It http://vimeo.com/33266118 I Like to Move It, Move It from Dreamworks Madagascar.
  11. That's Pretty Awesome. You are on track for viral light video of the season.
  12. I received my two "option 1" controllers and tested them out. Everything works and is as advertised. Thanks for the quick turnaround Will.
  13. So that makes 3 of us that are looking at sequencing that song. Is there any good way to collaborate on sequencing? The wind here hit 40mph last night, at first we just deflated the bear and put bricks on him, when we the guts kicked up I shut down the whole show for the night and dragged the bear inside.
  14. Bob: I run the lights from thanksgiving to Hanukkah or the end of December whichever is later. Jim: That song is the TOP of my list for next year. I'm also expanding from 16 to 48 channels.
  15. Second Video is Online! Wizards in Winter by Trans-Siberian Orchestra. This sequence was created by Light-O-Rama and I adapted it to my show. I think It really shows off the power of the system. I'm working to be able to sequence this well on my own. It's hard to have a light display and not include this song. http://vimeo.com/32752509
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