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  1. I had to set everything up on a new computer. Is the Lame_v3.99.3_for_Windows encoder still the file to use or is there a newer version for the newest Audacity version? Is the LAME encoder even needed anymore? I can no longer find any info on setting up MP3 files on Light-O-Rama or anything besides the LAME source code on Soundforge. All of my documentation and files are several years old.
  2. You can ship mine when you get around to it. Not like I need it tomorrow or anything. LMAO You really need to work on that instant site to site transporter to ship your stuff.
  3. Ed P wrote: That is why I concentrated on only one item. Put it in the cart, update quantity and shipping and struggle with Paypal. Going to another page to add something takes to much time.
  4. friskybri wrote: It is a clearance sale. They said that stocks would be limited. Geeze Just cannot please some people.
  5. Really sucks when Paypal takes so long to process.
  6. Tim.Barr wrote: Too bad. Time for a trade in?
  7. Your first step should probably be to get a meter and measure the current draw on each type of string/display element you are using. Then you can calculate how much juice you will really need so you can balance the loads between circuits and controllers. Better to know how much you are pulling than to guess and troubleshoot when setting up.
  8. So your staff tried to save a few buck using one length of 3 conductor for both circuits instead of 2 conductor for each circuit ? I was always taught to keep it simple and your circuits separate. Getting fancy gets you electrocuted.
  9. Thanks Jeff. When you start talking digital input and digital output that is when my eyes start to glaze over. Bought some electronics books and stuff and am slowly getting up to speed on what you are talking about and am starting to comprehend.
  10. Thanks. 5 positions for the mouth. wow. Think I can figure it out now. Halloween far away? OMG, I am behind on projects already!!!!!! Had that attitude last year and ran out of time.....again. Need to start NOW! I have so many things for Halloween and Christmas I want to do. May have to scale back. Still have half finished projects in the garage!! Then there is all the sequencing to do. I need to retire and just do projects. hahahaha That is quite a jump in views!! I blew up your pic and was able to follow the traces. Thanks
  11. I was looking at the Trackskull software for input. Not sure how one would get it into LOR. http://monkeybasic.com/TrackSkull.html
  12. Where did you get your 3 axis skull? How hard is it to program with LOR? I have seen some of the others using different software and a joystick to program.
  13. How many mouth positions are there? Could you supply a quick sketch of each? Hard to follow in your video.
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