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  1. Yes that does make sense, the test sequence i was using is assigned and the comm port from the computer is using the same network. I just don't understand this not working this year when it was fine last year. Maybe I'll just have to forget using it, I've spent about 40 hours over the last six days trying to get this up and running but to no avail. But thanks for your input. Loren
  2. Music sequence, I too will be running multiple networks (I add twelve ccr tree this year, but no luck on getting it started so thought i would just turn on my last year's show, which also does not work. Glad yours is working, I'm not sure what you mean by default network but it is set to the one with the regular controllers as is the sequence. Loren
  3. Comm port is identified, the same one as in the hardware configuration, under play menu the control lights box is checked.
  4. I tried the sample 16 channel sequence. the song plays, the grid line moves through it, but no effects outside, ran the hardware, it locates the controllers outside. I'm at a loss.
  5. I'll try this, but these are the sequences that I used last year in my show scheduler and everything worked fine, I was wondering if there is something in S3 that changed how it reads the sequences.
  6. also, it used the Hardware and located the controllers outside. When I test them the lights all work as they were planned to.
  7. I have the show on, just put in one sequence and enabled the show. Nothing is sent to the lights outside.
  8. I do have the controller and channels assigned. but when I run the verifer it says all channels are off.
  9. I was having problems with last years sequences and was sugested that I run the verifier. The message back was all my channels are off. Could someone tell me how to turn them back on. I assume that all my sequences from last year are going to have to be turned back on. I up graded to S3 with superstar a few months ago. Hardware IDs contoller units, when testing in hardware the lights work, but when in show scheduler and it's enablked, Nothing. Help
  10. I ran the verifier, it said all channels are off. Why would they be off because they were on last year (I assume) and how do I go about turning them back on so they actually are sending info out to the controller. Does this mean all the sequences that I had for last year must have resorted to the channels being off, because none of them work. Loren
  11. The show was disabled when I was in SE
  12. I loaded one sequence, control lights was checked, hit play, the song played, the grid moved but nothing to the outside lights, clicked on channel configuration and the units and channels are all set to the display set up outside, shouldn't they light even if I'm in the sequence editor? Went to show builder, then enabled, still nothing.
  13. Yes, the control lights is checked.
  14. I've upgrade to S3 with SuperStar, having problems with SS but thought I would just turn on my last years show using the simple show builder and then enabled the show. Nothing happens with the lights outside. Ran test the controllers are identified by the utility hardware, turns the different sections of lights on off, but once the sequence/song starts to run nothing happens with the lights. (the song tract is playing) Do I have to save my existing sequences differently to get them to play in S3
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