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  1. Went to your Vimeo page, and all I can say is WOW! Haven't been one the forums in a while since the fb page started, but your show looks AWESOME!
  2. I have started on their "Little Drummer Boy" but not finished yet.
  3. I know this season has just gotten started, but I'm trying to plan for next season already. I want to make a mega tree R/W/G, and for sure want to make the whites "spin" around the tree. I might be satisfied with the R/G each being all on but also want to figure the option of having all 3 "spin". I also have thoughts of making the R/G straight up/down and spiraling the whites. So in short how many segments to most of you use. I plan on making the strings/channels go up and over. Also I might be able to get a free aluminum flag pole, would that be able to support the lights if I make a hook head to fit it. It is approx 3" at the base and 2" at the top. Thanks for any info.
  4. 3rd year with 48 channels. The first video of the year is up on my facebook page. The video quality isn't good (I used my cell phone) but you get the idea. Also please like my page while your there. Thanks, and Merry Christmas! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Christmas-with-the-Clappers-Light-Show/300944303259497?ref=hl
  5. Our show started at 7:00 tonight and had our first watcher at 7:20! Thanks everyone for the help, the snubbers worked perfectly on my LED's and the show is running fine. Good luck to everyone else this season.
  6. Ok, so I have a pack of resistors from Radio Shack. They are 47k - Ohm Resistors, 1/2 watt, 5% tolerance. If I take a 2 prong male cord end, and run the resistor, from one screw to the other(Hot to Neutral) that would make a correct snubber right? Then do I have to plug it into the end of the series of strings(hopefully not cause it's 16' up a tree) or can I just plug it into the first string(piggybacked into the light cord where the lights plug into the extension cord? I just reread your post. You said a "1" watt resistor, the ones i have are "1/2" watt. does that matter?
  7. I have a tree full of led's. 9 strings of 25ct c9's per channel. One channel Red, one green, and one white. They all worked fine last year, but 3 strings of white went bad over the summer. I replaced those 3 strings with the same brand of lights (from Ace Hardware) but now instead of fading they blink a few times on the fade down or up. I've heard of people using snubbers. Would that fix my problem or would it help if I used a c7 style night lite. If that would work can I plug it into the piggyback of the first string or do I have to put it at the end of the strings (16' up to the top of the tree). Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Thanks, Don. I let it run for about 2 hours last night and the channel went off. I did a test run through the entire show this morning and everything worked fine, so I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed. If it acts up again I'm gonna try a reset, but hopefully I can get through the season without it.
  9. Ok I started a post during my halloween show. I think I have a bad triac on one of my 3 controllers. It was purchased fall of 2010. Channel 7 will not turn off. It runs fine during the show, but never shuts all the way off. I reconfigured my christmas show to use only 47 channels, and left this channel empty. Ran my first test run tonight and now have another channel doing the same thing. Someone responded to my previous post about performing a controller reset. I'm not sure how to do that. Can anyone help me with this. I hope I can get through the season without any more going bad so I can send the controller in to LOR for repairs.
  10. The one acting up is the oldest of my three. I started in 2010 with 16 channels, and up'd it to 48 last year. I bought this one in fall of 2010. I'll have to get ahold of them pretty quick I imagine.
  11. Ok with Halloween on the past schedule I didn't have time to mess with it. I just ended up switching the item to an unused channel. However the day before I swithced it the light stayed on all day long at a lower intensity. I assume that means it is a triac. I'm not sure how to do a controller reset but if it did this now do I even need to waste my time? If it is a triac what is my next step. Send an e-mail to tech support? Also I'm not sure I'm comfortable soldering it in myself so anyone have an idea what the cost would be to send into be repaired? Or anyone know of someone in Nebraska (Omaha area) that could do the repair? Thanks.
  12. Sorry for the typo. I have one channel that is acting up. I first noticed it after changing a sequence, but it is doing it with other sequences that I haven't changed, and it worked fine 2 nights ago. It doesn't stay on all the time, just a few seconds after that channel has been on, and slowly fades to off.
  13. Ok I don't know much about these controllers or the electronics in them so I'll put it in my terms. I have on channel acting up on my oldest controller (2010 fully assembled CTB16PC) I have two other controllers purchased in 2011 and they work fine. My problem is that the channel doesn't shut off with the sequencing. I have five singing pumpkins each with a single incandesant c-7 bulb night light. It works along with the sequencing but doesn't turn off right away. Most of my sequencing for them it short on and off, and this one channel will start to turn off but drops to 40-60% and slowly fades to off. Not sure what to do. I have restarted my computer and the show builder. I have also tried different sequences but it still does it on one channel only. Any suggestions? I'm probably gonna switch the controller out for the remainder of my halloween show (I'm only using 2 controllers), but I will need it for my christmas show. Thanks for any info.
  14. 120 and 105 channels!! Well if either of you are willing to donate $1600 to my display to purchase the 8 new controllers I would be more than willing to make mine that many!
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