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  1. Chad, I am having the same issue... I assigned unit #, followed screwed up directions as best as I could and only one string lights up during the testing mode. I noticed that you had your "eureka moment", so I am guessing you figured out what went wrong. Could you please share this with me before they drag me to the loony bin? Your prompt response to my request will be greatly appreciated! Abby Normal
  2. I own the LOR Sequence Editor (v3.8) Advanced with the Visualizer, SuperStar, etc that comes with software. I have just started reading the Cosmic Color Floods User Manual ( page 6, under Assigning a Unit ID/DMX Address) and it states "If you have not installed the Light-O-Rama Windows Showtime Software, do it now." Is this a distinctly different software from the Sequence Editor, or is it one-in-the-same just with a different name? OR is it named differently in the Sequence Editor software package with SuperStar? I am sooo confused at this point. I looked at all of the software components that came with the Sequence Editor, but could not find that exact name on the lists... Please let me know what exactly is the "Windows Showtime Software" and if it exists, where can I find it? If I already have it, under what name and where. Thank you sooo much in advance. Happy Thanksgiving to all!! Sincerely, Abby Normal
  3. We have two of the Cosmic Color Floods that we purchased earlier this year. I need to know exactly how to program them into out show. We have the 1602MP3 controller plus 9 - 1600W controllers. We have the Advanced license with SuperStar and the most current v. 3.8.0. I use the Simple Show Builder. I have them placed in the Visualizer as "flood" lights and configured as follows: Level: 1(background) Channel Type: Normal Assigned Channel > Device LOR > Net/Iniv: Regular I have not yet connected to my PC to give it a unit number via the Hardware program because I need to know all the steps to do it. ( I know how to do the regular controllers). How do you control their colors How do you daisychain to the rest; are there special things you have to do the program? How to program it - EVERYWHERE!! Please, if someone out there has used them and know how-to do it all for CCF (floods, NOT ribbons), please help me before they take me away in a straight jacket... Your help will be greatly appreciated!! Sincerey, Denise
  4. DevMike wrote: Thank you so much! I hate when "flakiness" happens!
  5. Today when attempting to turn on my Sequence Editor Advanced (v 3.2.0), I got the following messages: 1. LOR Sequence Editor (box): vba1DTab6 Run Time error 440. When I "X"d out, the following occurred: 2. LOR Sequence Editor (box): Automation error. vbalExplorerBarLib run time error "0". 3. LOR Sequence Editor (box): Failed to load control vbalEplorereBarCTL from vbalepBar6.ocx. Version of vbalEspBar6.ocx. Version of vbalEspBar6.ocs may be outdated. Make sure you are using the version of the control that was provided with your application. I first went to the troubleshooting area of this forum and downloaded the new version 3.3.0. And it worked! The Sequence Editor came back up and running. What I want to do is make sure that by updating to the 3.3.0 version fixed the problem. Please advise me if this was the correct way to do it, or if there is another problem that I may not be aware of that may cause this issue to re-occur. (and yes, I have backed up my sequences prior to this so when something like this happens, I'm covered.) Please help me understand what the error msg was trying to tell me... Thanks in advance!
  6. just received the Cosmic Color Floods and need to know the following: 1. How do we place them in the Visualizer. Do we just use the generic 'draw flood lights' icons or is there a special one for these CCF's? If so, where?!?:shock: 2. Under Device Type, do we choose "LOR controller"? 3. In the program: How do we place them in the program and how do we tell it what color to show, how long, etc.? (We have the Advanced program 3.2.4v; with SuperStar license) If there's no icon at this time, will LOR be adding them in the next version? When? HaaallllP!!!
  7. I purchased the Cosmic Color Floods and am waiting for delivery. In the mean time, I need to know how do we place them in the Visualizer. Do we just use the generic 'draw flood lights' icons or is there a special one for these CCF's? If so, where?!?:shock: Under Device Type, do we choose "LOR controller"? (We have the Advanced program 3.2.4v; with SuperStar license) If there's no icon at this time, will LOR be adding them in the next version? When?
  8. Surfing4Dough wrote: Thank you soooo much! Looks great. I appreciate your assistance. Thanks again. Abby Normal
  9. I just received the notice of the March 2012 sale and they have two new (to me) items, the COSMIC COLOR FLOOD and the COSMIC COLOR PIXEL. I can't find any info on them and want to know more, specially on the CCF's! Is there a place in LOR that I can see it in action? Manual? Anything!!
  10. I plugged in my 1602MP3 unit (purchased and used in 2010) to power, then I connected the RS485 adapter to the unit and then to my PC (Windows 7 professional). I have LOR Sequence Editor v3.1.4. Then went to Hardware Utility>Firmware, (which shows v3.1.4. But when I opened the Hardware Utility, I got a window stating the following The serial port (comm1) assigned to LOR has a problem. You may need to select another port. Open of serial port has failed. Error 8002. I cannot find anything on how to choose serial ports. And I cannot find the driver that I am connected to with the RS485. I have tried other USB ports but the PC is not recognizing it. The Unit's 2 plugs are plugged it, turned on and now a red light on upper right side of the unit is blinking. Please HAAAALLLLP! I don't know what I'm doing wrong!! Your prompt attention to this matter will be greatly appreciated.
  11. CKSedg wrote: To you and anyone that want to know amperage: Purchase a " Reliance Controls THP103 Amwatt Generator Appliance Wattage/Amps Load Tester" at your local hardware store, or from Amazon. They average around $30-40. Amazon is having a sale on them for$24.95. It's a/ blue short cord with the tester at one end. On the side there is a sliding button to choose between amps and watts. Our electrician used one and told us where to get one. It's simple. Plug it in to an outlet or extension cord. Then plug the fixtures, light strings, etc. for each channel and it will give you your amps. Then once you have them outside with the hundreds of miles of extension cords, test each channel again to see if it changes, and make any corrections as needed. When I created our mega tree, all I had to do is plug the light strings, 9 per color per channel. All of my fixtures were done the same way so we could figure out how to divide them between the channels.
  12. pikadroo wrote: As they say, size doesn't matter. It's what you want your tree to do. Some displays use way more than 48 channels to one tree! It all depends on how you want it to "dance" to the music. The more channels, the more "dancing" effects you can create. Go to "Showcase" in LOR website and watch some of the spectacular shows with tons of channels and you will understand what it can do to a tree - no matter what the height is.
  13. Linda McDonald wrote: Although I liked the idea of wrapping the spouse and kids... But I have used them on walls of the outside of the house; covered the roof; laid them on the ground under armatures of dolphins (blue for water); polar bears (white for snow), you get the idea. It all depends on how many you have, and what you want to cover. Windows would be great too. You can also create small Christmas trees by wrapping the nets around a pole and fan the bottom. Good luck!
  14. fhuggins98 wrote: Since you have 16 channels, you can use 16 different colors... Use one channel for the star on the tree. That will leave you with 15 channels for the rest of the tree. But since there are not 15 different Christmas colors to choose from, you can use like red, green, blue, yellow purple, pink and white; then stripe your tree according to how many colors you are going to use. Make sure that you will end up with even number of colors and stripes. I currently have a 20' flat tree up against my barn; using 11 channels with 3 different colors of mini lights that I striped: (from left to right) blue, purple, gold, blue, purple, gold (center), purple, blue, gold, purple and blue. Each color has 9 strands that are 21' long = of 99 strings. You have to keep a watch on the amps for each channel. Since I am using 9 strings each color, each set of 9 is about 1.60amps per channel. That left me 5 channels open for the animated drummer boy (3 channels) and 2 for the star. (Read the manual on amps per channel.) Hope this helps you a little. Check out PlanetChristmas.com for further help on amperage and how-to's if you haven't already. Good Luck!
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