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  1. mike yue

    Problems with show

    I have up graded to the 4.3.26 running from a desktop. I have found that it has shut down and then on channel stays on. Any help would be great Mike
  2. mike yue

    Problems with show

    Hey folks I got a new PC and created a animated display. Using a older version 3.0.4. I launch the schedule and everything works fine and then just shuts down. I have replaced the cat5 patch cable. And it will come back on if I do a hard reset on the controller. Or if I end the show immediately and re start. It might only last for 5min or 5 hours. Any ideas what could be the issue. Help desk said to do a new patch cable. Which I did. The status light stays solid even when the lights are off. Using windows 7 software. Let me know. Thanks.