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  1. Pentatonix

    any have "Mary, did you know" or "That's Christmas to Me"? my better half wants to add them to the show, thanks in advance.
  2. Needing a Christmas Miracle!

    I do owe you major props for helping me sorta out the tangled mess I had!!
  3. Needing a Christmas Miracle!

    they are playing that version on satellite radio, its from the guys that sing the Can Can song.
  4. Needing a Christmas Miracle!

    Just call me Mr. Universe!! lol
  5. Needing a Christmas Miracle!

    That's Billy Bob Thorton's Bad Santa, haven't you seen the movie!! You go there to get your dreams dashed and to be abused by an elf.
  6. Needing a Christmas Miracle!

    been running a week now with an abbreviated playlist, go live tonight with the full playlist, Friday and Saturday Mr & Mrs Santa arrive.
  7. has anyone done this one? care to share? chet68845@gmail.com Looking for faces and pixel tree.
  8. Believe by Josh Groban

    anyone have this with singing faces and pixel tree (superstar file)? care to share? chet68845@gmail.com
  9. Next Year 800 pixel matrix

    1) not water/weatherproof 2) easily stolen 3) won't fit in a four foot square picture window 4) if someone were to steal my matrix I sure hope they know xLights, linux, and Falcon Player because without those its a brick 5) you can't send xLights/LOR effects to a TV, only video 6) if I move and want to go big, you can't stretch a tv out for a bigger spot. you have to buy another TV. 7) one Pi can support up to 96 P10 panels using an octoscroller. Pi and octoscroller = $60, P10 panels are $8, you decide how many and configuration. 8) you never hear about anyone stealing one of those digital billboards (same technology) but tv's get stolen all the time. 9) try explaining to your insurance agent why you thought putting a new 55" tv in your front yard was a good idea, only legal in Alabama, West Virginia, and Arkansas. I have more!
  10. George's Face Lives On.... Oh Yeah!

    I will do something similar but where I will have it mounted it will need to be galvanized pipe.
  11. George's Face Lives On.... Oh Yeah!

    ok, there you go bragging again!! lol
  12. Next Year 800 pixel matrix

    you might want to consider P10 panels (build your own enclosure). There are a couple of suppliers of these items. Plus enables you to push HD content to the matrix. Mine is four foot by four foot (to fit in my picture window), 55,000 pixels but cost half of what you are looking at.
  13. George's Face Lives On.... Oh Yeah!

    If there is room in the club for two smurfs then my wife and I want to take the count to three. Don't have a big house to put the face on but what I can put together for next year is a 20ft galvanized pipe frame (I have the bases to keep that upright). From there the possibilities are endless!!
  14. George's Face Lives On.... Oh Yeah!

    and Happy Festivus!!!
  15. George's Face Lives On.... Oh Yeah!

    All Hail King George!!!
  16. My Latest Addition - Christmas Canon

    Still a work in process. Have a couple of new items that will make an appearance soon.
  17. 1 1/2" steal pipe

    that will work!
  18. 1 1/2" steal pipe

    is it one solid piece? How are you anchoring in the ground?
  19. 1 1/2" steal pipe

    I do, on my pixel mega tree I also strap my RGB strips before putting up and then straighten them out after the fact (I have them numbered on top and bottom).
  20. anyone have the pixel tree (superstar file) and/or sequence for this? I have the singing Christmas Trees. chet68845@gmail.com thanks in advance.
  21. My Latest Addition - Christmas Canon

    timing fixed, more tweaks to come.
  22. Rebroadcasting?

    does it run on falcon player?