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  1. SKRILLEX Scary Monster's Halloween Mix

    Got it, thanks James.
  2. Anyone have this? Most used it during the 2013 Halloween season, was part of my show but can't locate the sequence (have the audio). Would love a copy.
  3. Got it, thanks James!
  4. Anyone have this? Most used it during the 2013 Halloween season, was part of my show but can't locate the sequence (have the audio). Would love a copy.

    That helped to a degree when I was new here but nothing beats being able to meet with fellow lighters to see how they do it. First met with William Bottemley and talked for hours about minimum requirements, gotchas, prop building, et al.
  6. depending on how much information you are looking and where in NC you are, I moved back here two months ago and brought both P10's with me.

    Amen to that, so many of these folks have a LOR "veteran" living nearby and don't know it.
  8. Suggestions for backup gear

    In the coffee show area you will see mini's pop up near you (sort of like mini conventions for locals to get together and share ideas). There is a couple of guys in Madison, WI if that is near you.
  9. On This is Halloween do you want the regular version or Marilyn Manson version?
  10. Suggestions for backup gear

    what he said, always a good thing to network with other lighters. They may need you and you may need them.
  11. Connecting P10 LED panels to LOR?

    that would be great, adding a few new things to what I have done before.
  12. Connecting P10 LED panels to LOR?

    not sure the amperage but it's a 350w 5volt power supply.
  13. Singing Face design

    It comes down to what you want to use for your frames. Doug at WireFram D'Lites has an awesome selection of singing wire frames for Halloween and Christmas. For those you would most likely want to use rope lights (or you could clip standard LED's to them). He does four foot square variations as well as six foot square. If you are set on pixels then Holiday Coro and Boscoyo Studios has more than a few options for push thru pixels.
  14. House Shopping

    Number 2, mamma found a house she loved in a location she loved so I made 5lbs fit in a 4lb bag! That is where I got the idea for the P10, had a four foot square window that needed something. First year we centered our inside Christmas tree but it didn't have enough pop. At the OKC mini Mark Maranda brought a four panel P10 setup in addition to other goodies. Spent an hour talking to him and his wife about how it work and needed to be setup. How I have two of them!
  15. House Shopping

    had that feeling in reverse, when we moved to Nebraska I had to choices. 1) move to somewhere where all my props would fit but no one would see the show. or 2) majorly condense my show and make use of what little yard I had the best I can.
  16. Square vs bullet pixels

    unless you are set on bullet pixels for your matrix, you could look at P5 and P10 panels. Less expensive to build and only slightly more DIY.
  17. Uptown Funk Faces Pixel Matrix

    well bless your heart!!
  18. Uptown Funk Faces Pixel Matrix

    I'd like to take a look, chet68845@gmail.com
  19. didn't use them but did something similar using white/frost landscaping fabric. Turned out nice.
  20. Alphapix vs Falcon?

    what he said, I have used both and the Falcon by far is the better of the two. And you don't need a 1400 watt power supply!
  21. 32 channel Halloween

    what does your setup look like? (props, etc.)
  22. My P10 Panel Singing Bulbs

    beyond awesome!!
  23. Colley Christmas 2017 Lightshow

    Really awesome work, particularly like your treatment of Imma Lady.
  24. Movie Conversion

    have you tried googling it? I have needed to convert youtube to AVI/MP4 etc. and have found several sites that can do that for me.
  25. Pirate Halloween

    Pirates of the Caribbean music would be good, I might have a sequence or two.