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  1. not that hard to do, Just start with one prop at a time otherwise it will get overwhelming.
  2. I have been doing it on my P10 panel and trees for the last couple of years with no one saying anything. My thoughts are if you are using it for personal use then no harm no foul BUT commercial use would be prohibited.
  3. mine is done in xLights so unless you are familiar with how to migrate it to LOR it might be a challenge.
  4. what about dielectric grease? Works on my extension cords, haven't tested it on a socket.
  5. noveltylights.com still has incandescent as well as LED rope lights. Ican is cuttable at 18inches and the LED cuttable at 30inches.
  6. have the Greatest Showman done as my new add for this year, plus one by a local artist.
  7. and noveltylights.com
  8. local pickup ONLY, lives in North Dakota. You will have to really want those.
  9. those come with a wiring diagram
  10. caniac

    windows 10

    I like that the "other" software runs natively on Linux too. I work on big iron that uses a big iron OS but what most don't know is that the big iron OS runs on a Linux kernel!!!
  11. in the past just moving props around gave the show a "new" look. I wouldn't worry about what you have and haven't done, only person that knows that is you - your audience will still love it. After being gone a year to them it will be "new".
  12. I like that, would love to see what you do with it.
  13. once the dust settles on our new house I will start on this one.
  14. I wood! would make for a bad@$$ Halloween sequence.
  15. caniac

    windows 10

    that wasn't the application I needed it for, needed it for something NON-LOR.
  16. caniac

    windows 10

    all my stuff runs off a quad core Raspberry Pi, handles it all nicely and I don't have to dedicate a PC to it.
  17. would think there is an inherent risk eating something that was once a gator and we know that McDonalds nuggets aren't really chicken but a "chicken-like" product (**cat**).
  18. so gator nuggets begat gators and all was right with the world?
  19. I have two tickets for Saturday to the Christmas Expo, we can't go so PM me if you want them.
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