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  1. Look around at glass/window companies, you can get lexan in any size you want. In my case I had to drive a couple of hours but I was able to get what I needed and they cut it for me (needed it 54" x 54"). you can find raspberry Pi's at Amazon for $35. FPP is a free download and there is no shortage of help configuring it.
  2. there is a Facebook group dedicated to all things P10 and P5
  3. WiredWatts is where I have gotten mine. Crocketts is currently out of stock. If your going big you might also want to check with RayWu.
  4. pixel matrix is something I am building this year for a different application. No real difference in sequencing, to the software its the same item (only difference is the spacing). Tighter the pixel spacing the better the video looks. All a tv really does is display a video on a much tighter pixel grid. Pixel matrix is currently put away. Video needs a device that supports its resolution, doing patterns and designs is low resolution graphics and plays well on pixel matrixes.
  5. at that distance I would stick with P10, no benefit to use P5.
  6. its not a tv but a P10 panel running 720p video. Big difference is the spacing, the hanging panels I posted are one inch spacing which is the tightest you will find with bullet pixels. P10 is 10mm spacing.
  7. somewhere I have pics of my P10 build. It was 8 panels high by 4 wide. Cost me $400 to build, a lot of bang for the buck.
  8. my show using a P10, located central in display
  9. should just use the video widget for that and tell it what video to play on S5 or use video for your audio on S4.
  10. two factors to consider when building a matrix, 1) viewing distance and 2) content resolution. you have two methods to use based on this. If your viewing distance is 100ft+ then you might look at the pixel "nets/panels" that are currently out there. I have used the Boscoyo products with great success. Only down side I see is pixel density, they are 1 inch spacing and depending on the size you have to push the pixels. First ten pixels are fun to push but when you get to pixel 10,000 your thumbs might hurt a bit. Because of the one inch spacing there are limits on the resolution of the content you send (might be ok with cartoons and standard definition). P5/P10 (the 5 and 10 signify the millimetres distance from one pixel to the next) panels offer another option if your viewing distance is less than 100ft. They are purchased by panel and start at $11 for one 6" x 12" panel. The beauty of this product is that you can clip 96 of these together and they can be controlled with a Raspberry Pi (costing $35) and running FPP) and a color light board ($25). P10 panels can handle 720p content and P5 panels can handle 1080p. Panels are cheaper than bullets and IMO easier to setup config. One strand of bullets (50 pixels) is around $19 of 38 cents a pixel and you have to push into a panel. One P10 panel is $11 and has 512 pixels (at a cost of around three cents per pixel), either plug into your colorlight board or into the next board depending on your configuration. One P5 panel is around $17 and has 2,048 pixels in them for a cost of around a penny per pixel. I currently run two P10's and a P5. They work great and are easy to setup. Only issue with any matrix IMO is how and where to mount, weather and your location can be a factor.
  11. images are drag and drop, tree is 16 x 150, will post video at Halloween. Have to figure out how to add this:
  12. I agree, Ray stands behind his product. I have never heard anything bad, I also use HLE and WiredWatts - they are top notch vendors. in my 13+ years in this hobby I have only had issues with maybe two vendors.
  13. Murder Hornets are on the way!!
  14. like shooting fish in a barrel
  15. it was on the interweb so you know its true!!
  16. same here and I am really moving to pixels, got most of what I need this year. Mostly dependent on what Halloween/Christmas props I add.
  17. its Maroon 5, what did you expect. thought it would be appropriate this Christmas.
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