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  1. Movie Conversion

    have you tried googling it? I have needed to convert youtube to AVI/MP4 etc. and have found several sites that can do that for me.
  2. Pirate Halloween

    Pirates of the Caribbean music would be good, I might have a sequence or two.
  3. Time to start

    I have two for Halloween and three for Christmas but have stopped for the time being, we are moving from NE to NC in two weeks so I will be packing my sequencing computers for a week or so. When I get setup back east then I will start cranking stuff out.
  4. Time to start

    What songs did you do?
  5. Powering a pixel mega tree

    Setup is easy, once you set the IP address then you can config everything else from your browser. I bought a Falcon V2 from Mark at the OKC mini last year and it's been one of the best purchases I have made. The big thing about the Falcon V3 is all the pixels it can push and the number of expansion boards you can add (plus you can go LOR dongle free with a cable from HC). Fully loaded it can support 48 outputs on one controller with each output supporting up to 1,024 pixels. That's a lot of blinky flashy. I may be wrong but I think the Falcon V3 also has built in wifi.
  6. New to Pixels

    Some do and some don't, it depends on what your idea of "out of the box" is. When I started I bought my setup from WoWLights, I was ok with how they had there setup done so from that perspective it was worked. BUT after my first year I wanted to do something different and that is when it became less "out of the box". You would need to define what you consider "out of the box" and then see if anyone has anything close to that (WowLights, HolidayCoro, et al). If not then at least which one is close, use that as your starting point and expand from there. There are also options that incorporate your raspberry pi, this past year I used three in my show.
  7. Tennessee Mini 2018

    one thing I found is that I had to setup a map for everything I was bringing across from LOR, tedious to do (especially if you forget to save and have to do it again). it's one of those one and done drills so not too big a deal. Initially I was importing lms (with RGB props) straight into xLights, took long to do and even longer to render (you are pulling in every single pixel effect as opposed to an effect on a prop). My sequences were huge. what I found that worked better was setting up my sequences as AC props only and pulling that in, then I would import the SuperStar file in (xLights will support both formats). xLights would then end up with "native" effects coming in instead of stuff down to the pixel. Smaller sequences and faster rendering. When pulling in a superstar file you do have to tell it what it maps to (LOR pixel tree = xLights pixel tree). There are folks on here that have done this and I will try to be at the mini if you have any questions.
  8. Tennessee Mini 2018

    what kind of issue? Maybe I have been there done that. Made the switch last year because of performance issues with S4 when you loaded up your show with pixels.
  9. strobe light strings?

    Nice Job!!! What song is this?
  10. strobe light strings?

    anyone have video, can see this adding some "pop" to our shows and not as huge as the xeon strobes we use.
  11. strobe light strings?

    do regular "strobe rules" apply (only on or off, no fades)? anyone have a video of these?
  12. Powering a pixel mega tree

    also remember if you reduce the intensity to 50% you can power up to 170 pixels per output with no power injection.
  13. Tennessee Mini 2018

    I may be interested in going, will be back in NC so it wouldn't be too bad a drive. Will you post hotels, etc.
  14. You know you're addicted when...

    spent a small fortune at Lowe's yet I have never done any home renovations or repairs (the things you can build out of pvc and galvanized pipe)
  15. I think those are in the EULA of both xLights and LOR. Plus it's a crime against nature!!
  16. that's what's fun about this hobby, no rules!!
  17. It can be done, just a tweak here and a tweak there!!
  18. Connecting P10 LED panels to LOR?

    my videos are limited by the quality of video I was feeding it. I pulled my video content from YouTube so that isn't exactly the greatest source of HD content. Cost-wise a P10 is cheaper to build than a strip or node matrix (there is little traditional in this hobby) and has a higher concentration of pixels per square foot. There are others that have used effects, GIF's, and other images on those and the result is awe inspiring. Don't base your opinion on my videos, this is my first year using the P10. For what I built it for it did exactly what I wanted it to do.
  19. Connecting P10 LED panels to LOR?

    Lots to learn young Jedi!!
  20. How do you keep it fresh?

    what he said plus I try to add something new each and every year. Last year was a P10 matrix (tighter pixel arrangement than using a pixel strip or bullet pixel arrangement), in the coming years I will move my singing faces to the P10 with the big benefit being changing the type of singing face by song (singing pumpkins for one song then singing monsters for another then singing ghost (options are endless)). Likewise a P10 matrix is cheaper and easier to build then trying to do the same with bullet pixels.
  21. Connecting P10 LED panels to LOR?

    so mostly for pushing video content a distance from the P10? you lose effects and everything else?
  22. Connecting P10 LED panels to LOR?

    what is the colorlight card?
  23. Going Dark sorta . . .

    my show here in Nebraska came to an end as of the end of 2017. Kinda sad, was a great run. No one does anything like my show here but I think they will kick it up a notch going forward. But good news is we are heading home where we have more yard to work with so we will have an all new show and a few new props. Will attempt to do something relatively new (or new to me) in that I will have singing faces but they will be on my pixel tree and P10 in addition to my traditional ones. Had done some preliminary stuff prior to packing stuff up but should have it unpacked and start back in March.
  24. Connecting P10 LED panels to LOR?

    so is it something I should add to mine or overkill?