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  1. caniac

    How do you store your pixel tree ?

    then you would be really mad at me, already had two sheds out back (10 x 10 and a 12 x 10) but we built a 12 x 16 so we could have a workshop (with a work bench) and even more storage.
  2. caniac

    Central Oklahoma Mini 2019

    put me down for the 18th
  3. caniac

    Central Oklahoma Mini 2019

    Road Trip!! SouthWest and Frontier are offering cheap flights!!
  4. caniac

    Help Re-positioning Mega Tree

    if it were my choice I would move it here: gives you the beauty of the mega tree but opens up the house for additional smaller props.
  5. I am looking forward to the videos of you power sliding/drifting that fine piece of equipment!!
  6. too late, I found these leaked photo's.
  7. caniac

    Where is everyone one from???

    bet that was a culture shock!!
  8. I did that for four years. Only limitation I had was not being able to add extra outlets on the outside of the house. Had to think thru what was there. Was still able to do a few bad@$$ shows though.
  9. awesome video collaboration.
  10. but then tree size won't matter, could even haul more than one!!
  11. make sure it's a 5v or you will fry the panels. The pi-hat will power the Pi. you can pull that off the PS. See picture below: blue block on lower left is power in and it powers the PiHat and Pi.
  12. caniac

    TSO Parody - sound familiar?

    you have email.
  13. caniac

    P What panels?

    would need a closer pic but probably something predating a P10. I would look at what you are trying to cover rather than the number of pixels. P10's are six inches high by twelve inches long and have 256 pixels per panel (I think). For $4 more per panel the P5's have 2048 pixels in the same space. Other consideration is do you want to weatherproof or pay the extra for outdoor panels. CFOL and WiredWatts are two places to look as well as the infamous RayWu.
  14. got my cables at Boscoyo Studios but I think everyone pretty much has them.
  15. it all depends on the number of panels, less than or equal to 36 use a pi-hat and pi, greater than 36 but no more than 96 use BeagleBone Black and octoscroller. A picture is worth a thousand words, they use the same pin count cable but you may need different lengths.
  16. Raspberry Pi to first connector is accomplished with a pi hat or octoscroller (depending on which Pi you use and how many panels). https://shop.cfolights.com/product/pre-sale-matrix-pihat/ they do have some in stock (15), I would buy this now if you are starting anytime soon and your P10 will be less than 36 panels. there is a good supply of all other components (might have to search for P10/P5's).
  17. caniac

    TSO Parody - sound familiar?

    I have the MP3 and MP4!!
  18. caniac

    TSO Parody - sound familiar?

    Now for the bigger question, who will be the first to sequence this???
  19. caniac

    Happy New Year

    awesome as always!!
  20. caniac

    TSO Parody - sound familiar?

    Not sure which is funnier, the video or most of us sitting here going "ok, I know who's that is and that one and that one"!!
  21. caniac

    DMX moving heads

    its changed alot over the last year or two!!