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  1. would love a copy if you are sharing. awesome work, still having Peanuts envy.
  2. Thunderstruck

    anyone have this?
  3. Connecting P10 LED panels to LOR?

    the guy that built mine for me ordered it from Ray Wu.
  4. Connecting P10 LED panels to LOR?

    no shortage of help here for E1.31, went that route when my wife bought me an AlphaPix 16 for my birthday last year. Then at the OKC mini I got a sweet deal on a Falcon 16 V2 (with a 16 output daughter board for a total of 32 outputs). The previous owner bought a V3. Next year I will move it all over to its own isolated network (it's running now as is and I don't believe in changing anything mid show). Did the pictures help as far as how the hardware is hooked up?
  5. Connecting P10 LED panels to LOR?

    it should be no different than configuring a RGB/E1.31 controller. It is my understanding that S5 was written by one of the many folks behind xLights (screen shots I have seen show the same look and feel), so if that's the case there shouldn't be anything to it. I have always been told that it can be used in S4 as long as it is setup in bridge mode. You can have the Pi on your P10 drive your entire show, lots have done it but I didn't feel that brave. I bought a second Pi and have them running Master/Slave.
  6. Connecting P10 LED panels to LOR?

    you may be right on the BBB, if memory serves me correct it has two 20 pin connectors whereas the standard Pi only has one 20 pin connector. It cost $10 more but for that difference you go from supporting 36 panels to 96!! There is no shortage of info on building these plus lots of us that have done it. Wasn't on my radar this year until I went to the OKC mini hosted by Santa's Helper. Someone brought one plus xLights, I talked his ear off. I am the King of 20+ questions.
  7. Connecting P10 LED panels to LOR?

    them and crocketts are good sites for stuff. buying an assembled Octoscroller at this time of year might be challenging but if you send a message to the folks at those sites they might be willing to build it for you. I think an un-assembled Octoscroller is like $20 and an assembled one is $30. first of the year the sites do a bulk buy which is the best time to purchase at the lowest price
  8. Connecting P10 LED panels to LOR?

    It doesn't but in my case I left it on the home network while I was trying to figure out the communication part (it isn't that complicated, I am just old and slow). I have it configured in xLights as a E1.31 device.
  9. Connecting P10 LED panels to LOR?

    sorry for the delay in answering, afternoon staff meeting. 11" are overkill, just need the 3" ones between panels and the 11's to connect to the Pi.
  10. Connecting P10 LED panels to LOR?

    nope, you would want to talk to these folks depending on the config you are building. https://www.boscoyostudio.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=36&zenid=5sv7heh7ham23eeoko4r5u1h65 also these folks are helpful: https://www.crockettfantasyoflights.com/product-category/p10-panelsaccessories-2/
  11. Connecting P10 LED panels to LOR?

    yep or at least that is what the metrics converted to. I have seen them local at $12 to $15 but Ray had them at $8, of course I bought them last May so that might have been a factor. You could save money building your frame out of 1 x 6 but that would add to the weight which may or may not be a factor depending on where you put it.
  12. Connecting P10 LED panels to LOR?

    your numbers are off by a bunch, my panel is 48 inches square and cost $400 (including power supply, cables, mounting brackets, P10's, Pi, PiHat, and frame). Mine took 32 panels at $8 each. What are the dimensions of the window? Height? Width? you might be looking at waterproof outdoor panels, those can be pricey. Don't know of anyone using those for that reason. A frame and two sheets of plexi (and some silicone) can be had for much much cheaper.
  13. Connecting P10 LED panels to LOR?

    Ray Wu had the panels. you can do both and then some. you can send pics, gifs, movies, or any other RGB effect you so choose.