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  1. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    not for today
  2. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    anyone out there
  3. You Need These Pliers

    your a trusting man letting your wife have those tools. If you wake up one morning missing a kidney don't say you weren't warned!!
  4. Controllers and pixels/rgb for sale

    contact me mid June if these are still available. I can always use spares.
  5. glow in the dark paint from Hobby Lobby or Michaels is your friend.
  6. I would like 2-3 sets of all of them. I am with you and have seen too many of the RIP ones so I have always tried to go a different route on those, would like to add some of your decal ones to this years show. Have you looked at glow in the dark paint to slather them with, leaves an after glow when the lights are out.
  7. I would interested in two sets of those, have thought about using the RGB tombstones but couldn't get past the plain black. You have kicked it up a notch. email me at chet68845@gmail.com
  8. where did you get the decals for your tombstone
  9. if there is enough of an interest and no one attempts it then I will sequence it and have it available for the masses.
  10. and you thought "What does the fox say" was irritating!!! lol
  11. LOR XLights Pixcon and/or Falcon

    I have used LOR for years but when I started tinkering with Pixels I just had issues with it. In simple terms the LOR software is all about strands of lights (though it supports pixels) and as long as I was doing LOR AC only it works great. xLights lets you program at the model/prop level as opposed to strand of lights (do a color fade on model one starting with green and ending with red), for LOR you have to do that a pixel at a time (I have not used Pixel Editor or S5). xLights has the ability to configure the Falcon controller, function not available with LOR or Pixcon. whether you switch to xLights or stay with LOR has a lot to do with what direction you are taking your show. Last year after the OKC mini I wanted to add a P10 matrix. At that time it was only supported in bridge mode on LOR and I wanted to do more with it than that. xLights was my answer, have not looked at S5 to see how it would handle it. Also I was able to import all my LOR sequences into xLights so I lost none of my hard work.
  12. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    ruptured my spleen
  13. I had the same problem but reduced the intensity on the elements that had ican. The problem you run into on LED rope light is the 30inch cut mark (no way around it). Now having said that if you got your singing snowman from Doug at WireFram D'Lites than ChristmasLEDLights has his templates and can custom make your LED light strands (M5 and MM6). Don't know the cost, waiting on a reply. Now if you are interested in boldly going where no one has gone before then there is an outfit in China that makes a super thin (1/4 inch or less) rope light than can be cut every inch. Haven't personally worked with it but have seen props made with it, bright and pretty slick.
  14. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    felt a disturbance
  15. I would recommend Novelty Lights on the LED rope light, they have the stuff that can be cut every 30inches and they sell the end connectors too. 1000bulbs may or may not have those markings, have had mixed results buying from them. Personally I would stay with ican for one reason only, you can cut those every 18inches.