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  1. Halloween Preview

  2. Halloween Preview

  3. Halloween Preview

    will post a new video later, gotta find a song that YouTube won't block. lol
  4. Dying Pixels??

    Not as a rule but had fuse related issues last year on a controller only 6 months old.
  5. Time for the Mega Tree Tower

    wow, can't wait to see the finished product.
  6. chinese knockoffs - monoprice.com Good stuff - partsexpress.com
  7. anyone done this one?
  8. STEVE AOKI Soundgarden Spoonman Remix ?

    I agree, anyone?
  9. outdoor speakers

    you think like I do!! our home back east I had four four-outlet boxes put on the outside of the house plus ethernet and audio connections that all ran back to my family room where the show computer was. each outside outlet has it's own breaker (increased the size of the breaker panel).
  10. Dying Pixels??

    looks like I am in the same boat, half my strips on my pixel tree are gone as well as the ones for the house. Good news for me they are still under warranty with HC until the 19th of October.
  11. Top reasons why things don't work

    #1 bites me every time!
  12. Whip Nae nae

  13. Firestarter by Prodigy

    no one? This is a LOR sequence.
  14. Firestarter by Prodigy

    anyone done this one? Care to share? chet68845@gmail.com
  15. Another Halloween item

    Coming Soon by Caniac, on Flickr