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  1. images are drag and drop, tree is 16 x 150, will post video at Halloween. Have to figure out how to add this:
  2. I agree, Ray stands behind his product. I have never heard anything bad, I also use HLE and WiredWatts - they are top notch vendors. in my 13+ years in this hobby I have only had issues with maybe two vendors.
  3. Murder Hornets are on the way!!
  4. like shooting fish in a barrel
  5. it was on the interweb so you know its true!!
  6. same here and I am really moving to pixels, got most of what I need this year. Mostly dependent on what Halloween/Christmas props I add.
  7. its Maroon 5, what did you expect. thought it would be appropriate this Christmas.
  8. my Halloween sequencing is done, Christmas sequencing is done, two other projects in the works. next week I start to work on The Black Pearl.
  9. asking me specifically? or all that responded?
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