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  1. version I have is TSO with singing faces, will send Ozzie.
  2. I have the ozzie version, might have the original too. email address?
  3. caniac

    CCR Tree Down

    I would have to agree also, I used it in Nebraska because I had cords running over sidewalks in front of our house and to our house. Was really generous with it and it handled the wear and tear plus snow and cold temps.
  4. caniac

    CCR Tree Down

    Had high winds in Nebraska so we went with galvanized pipe (mentioned above by Griswold) and I use tree bases (iron/steel) from Christmas Light Show Dot Com. I use 36" sections for the legs and with a pole pin I am 20ft high. Also put 300lbs of sandbags on the legs. That handled 70mph winds just fine.
  5. download button only lets you download the MP4.
  6. caniac

    Expert network advice needed.

    wow, I had a few of those I would travel with providing network support for a few clients (all to often you would ask them for the one you knew you left with them only to have them say "don't know where it is").
  7. caniac

    Expert network advice needed.

    yep, those were the days. When businesses had a choice of $800 for a token ring card and $150 for ethernet, well you know what decision most made. And lets not forget ArcNet (star topology).
  8. caniac

    Pushing LOR 5.25 gig sequence

    are you using a gigaswitch to connect it all? Will be interesting to see how it runs, that's a ton of data.
  9. caniac

    My 2018 setup

    The carnage of the horseless headsman: Peanuts gang: Ghost Tree: Graveyard:
  10. caniac

    Last minute projects, why?

    and this is a problem why? you got to love a woman like that!!
  11. caniac

    start up Halloween

    started last weekend.
  12. caniac

    Lynx express controllers

    conversion process is not so bad if you separate out the AC elements from the RGB. I pulled in the AC elements first and then went looking the SUP files for my RGB stuff. Made for a more manageable conversion as well as quick rendering. If you try to bring in the RGB stuff straight from LOR SE then xLights tries to convert it pixel for pixel for pixel which can be painful but if you bring it in as a SUP file then it attaches the "effects" to the model. Cleaner and faster.