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  1. what they said, use that site alot.
  2. we had a crew here, you would have thought it was a NASCAR pit stop. They prepped the area the night before and then bright and early Saturday morning boom! An hour or so later they were gone. They weren't here for no longer than 10-15 minutes when the cement trucks showed up.
  3. the projector above has the brightness to handle that, no covering needed. When in doubt go to a store that has professional audio/video stuff. Borrow or rent one short term.
  4. short answer is NO, you can never have too many strobes. GSMITH37064, I run my LOR controllers off of my pixel controller so I can have the best of both worlds.
  5. https://www.digitalpressworks.com/product-category/videos/christmas-videos/
  6. Optoma EH200ST 1080p 3000 Lumen DLP Short Throw Projector with 20,000:1 Contrast Ratio
  7. high end and short throw (brightness matters). I started out with a cheap $50 one to get an idea of how I wanted to incorporate and then pulled the trigger on a high end one ($800). Spending more made a big difference in brightness and crispness of image.
  8. I had the same thoughts on the one I ordered.
  9. http://lightupbellevue.org/
  10. I searched it and found all sorts of pics. didn't find that particular video but will check.
  11. search Bellevue Christmas Lights on youtube, the guy that created that has a couple on pixel trees. he also did a "stacked" pixel tree, awesome work.
  12. there is a wiring diagram built into the model in xLights.
  13. you have to really look, here I got to some of the out of the way places in smaller towns.
  14. so far I have the skeletons, pirate flag, will build cannons over the next couple of weekends.
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