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  1. We have Menards here and I always get a couple of boxes of LED C9's and C7's (for use in inflatables). I keep a stock of them so I am not rushing out at night hunting them at WalMart, etc.
  2. needs pixels, lots and lots of pixels!
  3. not how things work, remember back in the day when we discovered fire and it was all we needed for our Christmas show (that and Ugg after he consumed fermented grapes).
  4. been there done that, got the shirt. And if you get them real mad they post your emails and voice mails on FB because after all that is the adult way to handle your customers.
  5. agreed but didn't feel right about it for some reason.
  6. she had me at the horse pooooh aroma, she would never be able to sneak up on me.
  7. I agree, up until 6 years ago I ran my own company. Paid my employees generously plus perks when things were good. Biggest issue I had was with the one's on salary, they would come in late and leave early. When told they needed to make up the time I got every excuse under the sun. One learned the hard way to dare me to fire them, 2 mins later they were turning in their keys and leaving. When you dare someone you have to be prepared for all results. Don't get me started on the interview process, my ad clearly stated tech skills (computer) but had all sorts coming out of the wood work. Everything from GED's to PhD's for a support position. Appearances were all over the charts to, on one end high heels and mini-skirts and on the other was the lady that had just finished mucking her horse stalls (sweats and rubber boots). As an employee I now know why most companies have a loss prevention department, the things people will do to get an extra dollar ahead. If it can be done by automation and done efficiently then I am all for it, the masses just need to retool.
  8. when the world changes you have to change with it..
  9. it's no longer cheap labor that is moving stuff elsewhere, it robotics. Take pixel strips, if they were made by hand and made here you would be looking at $100 per strip (manufacturers here would want to recoup their startup cost). They can be made overseas in a climate controlled robotics lab for pennies on the dollar. Even textiles are robotic, back in the late 80's I worked for a company that invested heavily in overseas plants and robotic cutters (could lay out fabric for jeans on a machine. the fabric was 100ft wide by 500 yds long). we would stack the material 30 layers high. a laser pattern would be laid over the entirety and in 20 minutes that machine would cut 1200dz pair of jeans (all the components(front leg, back leg, etc)). It would take two weeks to do that by hand. Those type of jobs will never return. Take the coal mines, that job is fading and fading fast. Power companies have shuttered over 75% of all coal fired plants. New plants are natural gas (because its cheaper), nuclear, and wind. Lower maintenance cost on those thus higher profits. Coal miners don't want to mines to be opened back up, they want help with the tourist industry. A coal miner can make more money in a week taking tourist into the back woods to hunt and fish then they made in three months mining coal. WVa has some awesome outdoor areas. in a few more years this hobby will migrate to projection mapping.
  10. Early on I had mostly good luck with those folks but as time wore on it headed south. I think it started the year he got the truckload of bad strips but sold them anyhow. Had read on here that most of the people that had bought them had almost all fail and didn't discover it until they were out of warranty. I got lucky that time and mine still were but I could tell in the phone conversations and emails that he really didn't want to replace them. He insisted I prepay for the replacements and he would credit the amount back once he received my damaged product. When he got them back he complained for hours how the strips were not back on the spools, when you know its damaged product why would you want it back on the spool (unless you planned to send it out to some other unsuspecting customer). Had a similar experience with pixel nodes.
  11. welcome to the club, have done that twice myself. But be careful, HC has trolls and they will hunt you down, shout "fake news", blame it on something you must have done. Good news is there are only three of them. I have started using Wired Watts and so far so good.
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