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  1. I personally use 2 x 2 to frame out my coro props or at least the 4mm variety, 10mm seems to be rigid enough to withstand most.
  2. 50 pixels per strip, 150 channels. If only 17 are showing up then it sounds like a config issue with xLights or the PiHat. One place or the other you have it thinking you only have 17 pixels on that connection. IMO dollar for dollar the Falcon is the better controller, way more options than anything else. Bought a F48 this year because I like the idea of being able to run 250 feet from the controller to a receiver where I may need the lights to be (receivers are cheaper to build than adding yet another controller). As far as software S5 wasn't an option when I made the change and I was adding something that LOR didn't support (P10 (think jumbotron)) at the time. My wife wanted video in the show but we lived in a college town so putting a projector in the yard was NOT an option. Haven't fully evaluated S5 but xLights to me is written the way I like to think ("do a color fade and strobe on model/prop A" as opposed to "color fade light strand a thru z then twinkle"). Everything is at the model/prop level instead of strand, ten times easier than visualizer.
  3. if it's twinkle or shimmer then those are proprietary to the LOR dongle but if you can live without them then you should be golden.
  4. If you are using the Falcon PiCap it has jumpers with three settings, Renard, DMX, and LOR. Have never tested that but would be worth a chat with David Pitts to see if that's how it should work.
  5. In my configuration I am using the RS485/DMX output on my Falcon F16 to drive my LOR controllers.
  6. I could be wrong but I don't think it works that way. What PiCap are you using?
  7. as in power to the PiCap? IMO you have to have power on the PiCap to drive the lights, lights need power and data not just data.
  8. depending on the PiCap you should be able to plug a strand of something smart into the output.
  9. I could be wrong but I don't think it works that way. PiCap doesn't take the place of the dongle, DMX mode doesn't require a dongle. Only RS485 requires a dongle. Try it my way and then adjust to your way.
  10. are you using a switch? If it were me I would have the Pi to switch, switch on my network, switch to Pixie (location doesn't matter).
  11. Pi will run pixels off a PiCap and should be able to communicate with the Pixie but the Pixie will need to draw power from somewhere. If you are going to use the same power supply that supplies the Pi then everything has to be 5v. You have to have all the addressing correct so that they can talk, if that isn't done then you will have issues. Pi has to know where to find the Pixie (IP address) plus the Pi setup and xLights setup have to match.
  12. Earle, your shows will be missed, I for one looked forward to the videos every year. Your skills are second to none!
  13. that's easy, several different ways to do it. PM me your email and I will find/send you my singing face model. from there it's just left eye to left eye, right eye to right eye, etc.
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