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  1. I had the same thoughts on the one I ordered.
  2. http://lightupbellevue.org/
  3. I searched it and found all sorts of pics. didn't find that particular video but will check.
  4. search Bellevue Christmas Lights on youtube, the guy that created that has a couple on pixel trees. he also did a "stacked" pixel tree, awesome work.
  5. there is a wiring diagram built into the model in xLights.
  6. you have to really look, here I got to some of the out of the way places in smaller towns.
  7. so far I have the skeletons, pirate flag, will build cannons over the next couple of weekends.
  8. it will go to the right side of my house and have a pixel sail.
  9. what kind of clips are you using?
  10. Nope, what I did was buy a $50 projector off of Amazon and took it outside. It looked ok so I borrowed a high end unit from a local audio/visual store. OMG what a difference!!
  11. Tinkered with this last year, spend the money on a good projector. My first test of my evil angel was ok but when I upgraded the projector it even scared me!
  12. Get to do it again with a P5 and reconfiging my P10.
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